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  1. That's definitely worked for that error. Everything else seems to be running correctly now. I'll make sure I re-do the asian cup too. The only other issue i've got now is getting teams to qualify for the world cup. I've run through a few of the options but i can't seem to get the teams to actually qualify. They can win the qualifers and look like they qualify, but it doesn't push them through.
  2. Hi all I've tried recreating the world cup qualifiers so there are no more intercontinental qualifiers and it allowing for better qualification for places like Oceania. When i'm trying to verify, it gives a ranking level information error for the asian qualifiers. I've googled and messed around with it for quite a while and haven't had any luck. Would anyone be able to give it a look over to see where i've gone wrong and how i can fix it? World Cup.fmf
  3. It definitely is, however for that you'd need to move Australia back to oceania within the editor, they would also be very over powered too
  4. i'm still working on it, this is just the first version for all the files. I'll update it as time goes on
  5. You can yes, it'll take the top 12 ranked teams and put them in the qualifiers. I'm still working on figuring out how to make it all 16
  6. i've done 2 subleagues that fall under 1 league, top team in each league has a playoff at the end
  7. I made all 15 teams in Oceania playable with a relatively high amount of realism. I've changed up the Pacific Games so it takes place every 2 years with 16 teams. I've also move the Northern Mariana Islands to Oceania to round it out to 16 teams. All teams are eligible for the world cup. I haven't been able to rewrite the world cup qualifiers so all teams have a shot at participating. However all countries are complete, all have proper league structures and added levels if any teams are left over. Also rewrote the champions league in a very basic manner, top 2 teams from each country qualify for a total of 32, top 2 go through, then knockout from there. If any additions are wanted let me know. If there are any questions too, feel free to ask. And if anyone can lend a hand with world cup editing please let me know. I'll also upload this to steam. Enjoy the pack. American Samoa.fmf Champions League.fmf Cook Islands.fmf Fiji.fmf Kiribati.fmf Micronesia.fmf New Caledonia.fmf New Zealand.fmf Northern Mariana Islands.fmf Pacific Games.fmf Papua New Guinea.fmf Samoa.fmf Solomon Islands.fmf Tahiti.fmf Tonga.fmf Tuvalu.fmf Vanuatu.fmf Wallis and Futana.fmf
  8. is this done every year? or every 4 years like the actual world cup?
  9. I've tried to verify it for 22.4, but it keeps saying that the african cup of nations qualifying has 55 teams instead of 54, how would i fix that?
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