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  1. This is very patronising. It’s not odd to look at it that way if I DONT want a Netflix subscription but do want FMM. What he is essentially saying is the game has gone from being 8 quid of whatever it was to £5 a month but you get loads of Netflix shows too. Not everyone sees that as a benefit for all the reasons stated in this thread and others
  2. All in all, good news for those with Netflix, bad news for those without. Personally this is no surprise, the days of ‘buying’ a game and playing it appear to be dwindling. Constant income is clearly the winner here and Netflix will have paid a tonne to get exclusivity of this, seeing as it is always in the top 3 in the paid game chart (on Apple devices and in the UK). I don’t have a Netflix account and won’t be getting one for FM, the game alone is not worth it
  3. Not sure the withdrawal of FMT on Apple Arcade is true, announcement on other platforms will be following soon
  4. Is there a way to start unemployed with the lowest possible reputation and work up from there? It appears locked to automatic when selecting 'start unemployed' and I am certain on previous years you could start with nothing and work your way up. You can still do this on FM Moblie this year, but not Touch, unless I am missing something?
  5. Hard to describe but currently on FMT on iPad, when I am searching for players, I have to individually select each player one by one (by pressing on the little circular tick to the far left) and then scout. On a very old version FMT18 I think you could select one player, drag down and quickly highlight multiple players. To be clear this is in the search function and am aware there is a limit to scouting 50 players at a time. Sorry if this isn't clear, but it was certainly a timesaver!
  6. Any update now the features have been released Desmond? Thanks!
  7. Me too! I nearly bought a new laptop last month too, definitely NOT just for FM, but glad I didn’t!
  8. Thanks Ollie. I too assumed 3 for iPad as was on 21. Xbox I believe is 5 though so maybe the PS5 will match that?
  9. Sorry if I have missed this but how many countries and leagues will you be able to run on iPad and then on PS5? This could sway my decision on which one to go for. Thanks 😊
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