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  1. Hi all, Wonder if you can help me. I created a new joint league called the British Super League, with teams from England (with England being the main country for the league structure), Scotland and Wales. From the front everything works fine. I then created a new FIFA Club Word Cup to have more teams. The issue that I'm facing is that, I've allocated England to have 7 teams participate, however the teams that qualify are very random lower league teams from England, Scotland and Wales. In advanced setting, under teams I've added the option "Pick best teams from division" which normally works. Interestingly, I've created similar joint league structures, i.e. Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway (with Denmark being the main country for the league structure) and they pick the correct teams. Any ideas?
  2. Hey thanks. So instead of merging you copy it? How?
  3. Hi all, In previous versions of the game, I was able to merge league structure in advanced rules, which meant I could make changes to just one file instead of doing it individually. However since FM23 I have not been able to merge leagues structures even though the option is there? Has anyone run into this issue?
  4. Hi lads, I created a post season 'world club cup', however most players from participating teams go on holiday in the summer instead of participating in the cup. How can I ensure all players are available?
  5. Hi bud, I've this exactly but still having issues where I get stadiums way below capacity. "8. Activate the "Capacity Requirements" box and add your entries. This should be pretty self explanatory. From top to bottom, the game will choose stadiums based on these entries." I didn't quite understand that. I notice for capacity requirements you have 2 entries. Does that mean the system will be pick stadiums with capacities between 40000-60000?
  6. Thanks mate! I've tried exactly as the screenshots but still getting stadiums with lower capacities. One of the finals was held in a stadium in Luxembourg with around 9000 capacity etc. Under Stage, then final, round, do I put stadium as host or stadium 0?
  7. Hi @Carlito85, quick question if I may, appreciate this thread is a few years old. Exact same scenario whereas losing teams from CL joing the Europa League group stage. What if, I want all of the remaining losing teams from the CL qualifying stage to drop into the EL? In the sense that the EL does not have any teams, it gets all its teams from the CL dropouts. How would I do this?
  8. Hi all, So I've got an issue whereas when I create leagues in the editor, verify them, create a new game, then save and load it's gives me the "this game cannot be loaded" window. This happen even in last years version, more so this year, specially after the latest update. After many trials and errors I've been able to pinpoint the issue. Whenever I try to edit the stadium capacity of teams in newly created leagues, it causes this issue. Specially for China, India, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia. European, S. American, N. American, African leagues seem to be unaffected.
  9. Thanks for that. It's so strange that it does this, because last year's editor I didn't experience these issues. It's like a step backwards.
  10. Hi bud, I merged them using the "merge editor data" option under files. That's how I've always done it.
  11. Hi Zach, Is there any update regarding this issue? Loads of my files, that I've spent months working on, now to do not load, even though they all verify normally.
  12. Hi lads, Basically, I'm having this issue where some of my created files (that contain new league structures etc.) all validate successfully, but when I have save and load it, it just doesn't load. I have tones of files that work fine, others, once I save it, it simply does load. This started happening after the latest update. The same thing last year as well. Could someone try to load it to see if it works? China (NU).fmf
  13. Hi all, I'm having an issue where I've edited the Australian League and Chinese League in 2 different files, both in advanced rules. When I merge these 2 files, in "Show Rules For" I can only see the Australian Leagues I created but not the Chinese. Even though all the files from the Chinese League files are in the database. This has never happened in previous editors. Does anyone have any ideas why? I've tried with other files, and even done it with files with no changes but to no avail. Has anyone experienced this?
  14. Thank you. Just to clarify, you deleted every reserve team in a separate database and then you merged it with your current database? How did you delete the reserve teams? Because under clubs I cannot find an options that filters clubs by type. Thanks bud.
  15. Thank you so much buddy, I will implement this and let you know if it works! Strange that SI didn't see this.
  16. Hi all, I've encountered a strange issue. Basically, I've created a few new leagues files in the editor, all verify fine with no issues. When I create a new game, select the editor file, save the game... everything goes well. When I try to load the game I get the dreaded: "The save game could not be loaded" Keep in mind, these are just newly created games. This has happened to quite a few of my editor files I've created, specially since the latest update. I've attached 2 files. Can someone help me? China (NU).fmf India (NU).fmf
  17. The only way I've been able to get around this is, you guessed it, deleting the Icelandic Cup.
  18. Hi lads, I created a whole new league structure by combining the Portuguese and Spanish league pyramids. I've used the country of Andorra as the host for this new football pyramid. My question is... How can I ensure the referee's for the leagues are not Andorran, but are Portuguese and Spanish instead? Thanks in advance and as always...happy edditing.
  19. Interestingly, this only happens when I try to very the file in advanced rules. Nation rules works fine.
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