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  1. Can I be informed automatically about a vacant national coach position?
  2. I've been playing FM since 2005. It's by far the best, but unfortunately also the easiest. I've won the Vanarama N/S championship three times with different teams and their original squads from the midfield with over 100 points. But the really negative thing for me is that I have extreme problems extending contracts due to absurd salary demands....
  3. Sorry if I'm jumping in here, also sorry for my bad English. This story with the "missing" leagues - is that an error or is it cosmetic? I would be grateful for clarification, as I would really like to start my save with this great file, but without any bad feeling because a competition might still be missing?
  4. I had a look at how many entries they 22/23 had: There were quite a few... However, they didn't put up any money for this and only received 3 million for the departures. It is up to you to set your own goals and restrictions. If you play the way the game allows you to, nobody will blame you - except yourself, it seems
  5. What scotland league files do you guys using? Any Recommendations?
  6. Game: FM24 Type of Game: Career Age: 61 Timezone: Germany When can you play: Evenings Steam Username: Conardo Looking for a LLM Job. Looking for a long time save without instant results... contact me :)
  7. As I wrote before, this is not possible.
  8. I think that wasnt the question. He means, that oppostion instruxction are per default by players .... you cannot change this ... If you call up the opponent instructions under tactics, they are always set to "Player". So you have set Position, but you still have to switch to "Position" because it is set to Player by default.
  9. @trviggostaff-responisbilities-advice (playing on german, so sry ...)
  10. Players on the shortlist are kept up to date per se. But you can switch that off. In any case, if you add players to the list, you will be asked exactly that. Unless you have "switched off" this question at some point
  11. Difficulty as you describe it is in the eye of the beholder. For people like you there is the challenge section
  12. You have to press the button "update" / "download" - it will not start automatically ...
  13. It seems to me that the whole thing is somehow mirror-inverted. As you wrote, the player-specific instructions are active by default, but they are never actually known. If you want to implement tactical philosophies beforehand via the opponent's instructions, you always have to "switch". Annoying. But it works very quickly for me. Less than 5 seconds - although every opponent's "position" has an instruction by default, which I also use. For example, all wingers on the wrong foot, all those playing in a chain (defense/midfield) are pressed. Would be nice if this could be changed, or someone here has another idea :).
  14. If you click on opponent analysis in the match report about the next opponent, you still end up in your own team overview.
  15. With a Journeyman Save you actually increase the value before the start, but later it only increases if you work in different countries/clubs. You only have a proactive influence on the value when you create the trainer profile.
  16. Hell, the DFB Cup winners list has been updated ...Leipzig has now officially won the 2023 Cup against Frankfurt :)
  17. The question is, disappear they only in the overview or completely....
  18. First game which is completly broken, but i have fun and i enjoy it. Maybe one reason is, that i play more the game than reading here.
  19. GK: 2 Loanies out of game. 1 of them 3 injuries in 1 month. Playing with youth goalie. Last i have. These GK injuries are well postet here during beta. Why isnt it yet fixed? What happened with our reported bugs?
  20. I can also confirm this error. (I was just about to post it here). I think it was not present in the beta.
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