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  1. @anitamui: I am giving @matkingwill my unlimited permission to use my files to update them for FM24.
  2. The next update is out too! All files are now available in 23.1, 23.3 and 23.4. Next step is CONCACAF and the rest of the extra files. Cheers, Dave
  3. I am very sorry, but I have to **postpone** the release for one hour! The new time is now **12:00** and NOT 11:00. ☝️ You can thank one of my friends, whom I now have to pick up somewhere after an evening of drinking. 😅
  4. +EXTRA+EXTRA+EXTRA+ Release of 23.3 is on Saturday, 11:00 am CET. 🥳 Because it took me so long, I have a small surprise for you: The update includes all files of Oceania. 😉 We are going right to finish the AroundTheGlobe megapack. Stay tuned! 😏
  5. Hey mate! Here is an updated version of the file of you want to start again. Unfortunately the FM plays dumbed, if the transfer window ends a bit to early. Because why not.... Sorry for the inconvenience! Cheers! Dave Thailand_by_Dave.fmf
  6. I have also had another look and everything fits. Please check the other files to see if there have been any adjustments. In any case, everything is correct from my side.
  7. THE WAIT IS OVER! V2 of the AroundTheGlobe Megapack is finally available for download. Africa, Asia and the amazing Atlantic Cup are now ready to be conquered and to be trophy cabinet. Let's go! The starting post has been updated!
  8. I am very sorry. Google gave me the wrong abbreviation for the Philippine time zone. It is PHT and not PST. I hope no one planned the release for Pacific Standard Time.
  9. The Austria file will NOT available with V2. It will come out after V3, because my time resources are nearly exhausted.
  10. Can you already hear it? IT'S TIME FOR A RELEASE! V2 of the AroundTheGlobe megapack will be released on Saturday, 18th February 2023 2:00am (PHT). You can already count down the hours until Asia, Africa and The Atlantic Cup are finally available to you. Who of you can find out when it will be released in your time zone? Philippines was the result of a random generator.
  11. Thanks for the link! I can adapt it for V3, but to be honest I don't know how the teams get selected. It makes sense that the champions of both leagues plays in it, but why the 10th place of Japan, but on the other side the runner-up of Thailand? Weird. Also the format for 2022 is weird. Japanese teams get 2 games and the Thai only one?
  12. @Mediocre_Jake @Wolf_pd Me and Daveincid had the same problem with the finances of Iraqi clubs in FM22 (don't know if in FM23 too). So this is more a bug from the game. Everything else worked fine.
  13. It depends. There are still two files who make problems... Sure, you can request any additional file. I will take a look and maybe add it for V3.
  14. I have another good news for YOU: The V2 of my #AroundTheGlobe megapack is already in the test phase and will be released soon. Not long now, you will have Africa, Asia, as well as a small pre-season cup at your disposal. 🖍️ Let the hype begin! Cheers Dave
  15. 1.) Yes it is! 2.) Yes, down to D10. It is normal that they get played by U18, because you cannot select U17 teams in the editor/FM. Thanks! Fixed and coming with Update V2.
  16. A little info in between: @Daveincid and I also have a Discord server. So if you don't want to miss anything around our files and want to exchange with people around the globe, we can only advise you to join. Discord server: RealismMod FM
  17. Small Hotfix: 1.01 North Macedonia: The FM had problems to recognise the foreigner regulation in D2 and D3, now everything is correct. Also, the referee category has been removed. Gibraltar: The deposited Brexit rules have destroyed Gibraltar, these have now been correctly changed. There is no Iceland file after all, because I noticed that more doesn't suit there, or I don't have the time at the moment to make it with this quality as I want it. It will come with V2.
  18. The biggest difference is mainly that my files are matched with @Daveincid's and therefore the finances are correct and that the file is from me and not SI - The final table looks different for me, because SI always does the split of the league within a stage, but I find that ugly and always create new stages for it. Makes no difference on the whole. Also, the squad rules for the second division at SI are wrong, I dug up a document somewhere. ^^ I got info on Iceland, I will implement it after work and then update the file.
  19. @Daveincid also knows this bug. It doesn't have to do anything with my pack, it is an bug/error in FM. Damn Work Permit, but thank you very much! - I fixed the problem and will update the pack soon.
  20. The wait is over! V1 of the AroundTheGlobe Megapack is now officially available for download. Have fun! We'll hear you at the release of V2.
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