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  1. because it too hard and anyways i was wonder are you going to do editing in FM Editor is when Nations and ECA Breakway from UEFA And FIFA in FM 2024
  2. hey dude i was thinking but frozen in time file is not working 2023-2024 season was start and it never start qualfying rounds
  3. so what is your chances for you get promotion
  4. well i try doing some non league to legend challenge so anyways what is the rules
  5. hey dude anyways is this non league to legend challenge
  6. hello guys well i going to start an new save named Portuguese non league to legend the first club i will manage is forense and hope i will have great sucess here
  7. wait so AFC will have 3 tierd AFC Club Comps and what will happen to AFC Cup and there is some countries can play in AFC Club Comps
  8. now it's official Abrantes e Benfica rose to the Second League for the first time in history this is the third time that Abrantes e Benfica have moved up to Divisions we beat Porto B by 1-3 and now we will face Lank Vilaverdense in the final of Liga 3 I hope we win against them and become champios
  9. well we got promoted back to back again we got Abrantes e Benfica promoted to Liga 3 for first time in history this is two times that Abrantes e Benfica gets promoted and now the next step is segunda liga and we almost reached to Primeira Liga
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