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  1. This no longer works either, since the most recent update. Between the last update and the one where they removed the option in options, this worked fine. Now it doesn't.
  2. I'm such an idiot, I had to scroll down. Apparently my name fix mod changes the names of China and Iran too. Didn't realise that at all. So there is no problem here, all is fine it seems. Your fix with the Japan files also works fine.
  3. Alright I tested the 2022 file too. Same issue, no Chinese teams. Seems there might be an issue with China somewhere. Which China file are you using?
  4. The 2023 file or the 2022 file? I tried it with the 2023 file. I am going to test again with the 2022 file (of OP).
  5. I tested it too, removing the 2 parts that was mentioned above with this file. I got a similar result. No Chinese teams at all. But 4 Japanese teams, 3 groups, 1 play-off. No clue why there are no Chinese teams.
  6. I noticed the added and modified leagues/cups just use the ABBA penalty system if a match is undecided. In reality that has been abandoned a few years ago. Also it skips extra time, which is not correct. On top of that I believe the away goal rules have been abandoned last season, for the play-offs as well. It should be Extra time + regular penalties. Except the Johan Cruijff schaal of course, which goes straight to regular penalties. Also may I suggest adding all the amateur teams that are attached to a professional team to the "Not allowed to promote" list in the Tweede Divisie? Such as Ajax Amateurs and SC Feyenoord. So if they do suddenly end up in the Tweede Divisie, that is as far as they can go because it is the highest amateur tier.
  7. So from the top of my head that means; AFC World Cup qualifiers. Just tested, this one already works fine. The changed country is already playing here automatically after my 1 change. AFC Asian Cup. Same as above. AFC Champions League AFC Cup
  8. Hi. I was wondering if it feasible to move a nation to the AFC, thus having its national team play in the Asian qualifiers for the WC and the clubs playing in the Asian continental competitions. So far what I have done is move said nation to "Asia" as continent. But I am a bit unsure what the next step is?
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