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  1. On 30/11/2023 at 19:48, phnompenhandy said:

    Yeah, it's not in Preferences.

    I've just gone the long way round by finding my UID, putting it in the config file and title of my photo, remembering to add the "r-".


    <record from="r-2002091888" to="graphics/pictures/person/r-2002091888/portrait"/>




    This no longer works either, since the most recent update. Between the last update and the one where they removed the option in options, this worked fine. Now it doesn't.

  2. 26 minutes ago, rusty217 said:

    Not just China, like the OP you seem to be missing Iran too. Some of the countries being different make sense due to changes in qualifying places. Both China and Iran are highly ranked and should be getting multiple places though.

    I'm using my own personal China file, here z China.fmf I'm also using my own Iran file here z Iran.fmf

    IIRC I only changed Chinese prize money and player registration from 2025 anyway, so that shouldn't really affect 2023 ACL qualification.

    I'm such an idiot, I had to scroll down. Apparently my name fix mod changes the names of China and Iran too. Didn't realise that at all.

    So there is no problem here, all is fine it seems. Your fix with the Japan files also works fine.


  3. 10 minutes ago, rusty217 said:

    Strange. Here's my result from my last test using OP's file with the fixes:


    4 teams + the reigning champions for 5 total correctly qualified from China, as well as the top 4 from Japan (Gamba won the league/cup double, so the cup place went to 4th instead).

    Although I am running a custom Chinese league file, but that would mean the issue is with the default Chinese league rules?

    The 2023 file or the 2022 file? I tried it with the 2023 file. I am going to test again with the 2022 file (of OP).

  4. 4 hours ago, nicholas.shen said:

    I have tested it by removing those settings.

    But it is drawing more teams than expected. The correct rule shall be 3 group spots and 1 playoff spot.


    I tested it too, removing the 2 parts that was mentioned above with this file. I got a similar result. No Chinese teams at all. But 4 Japanese teams, 3 groups, 1 play-off.

    No clue why there are no Chinese teams.

  5. I noticed the added and modified leagues/cups just use the ABBA penalty system if a match is undecided. In reality that has been abandoned a few years ago. Also it skips extra time, which is not correct. On top of that I believe the away goal rules have been abandoned last season, for the play-offs as well.

    It should be Extra time + regular penalties. Except the Johan Cruijff schaal of course, which goes straight to regular penalties.

    Also may I suggest adding all the amateur teams that are attached to a professional team to the "Not allowed to promote" list in the Tweede Divisie? Such as Ajax Amateurs and SC Feyenoord. So if they do suddenly end up in the Tweede Divisie, that is as far as they can go because it is the highest amateur tier.

  6. 12 minutes ago, Wolf_pd said:

    Rebuilding a lot of competitions.

    So from the top of my head that means;

    • AFC World Cup qualifiers. Just tested, this one already works fine. The changed country is already playing here automatically after my 1 change.
    • AFC Asian Cup. Same as above.
    • AFC Champions League
    • AFC Cup
  7. Hi. I was wondering if it feasible to move a nation to the AFC, thus having its national team play in the Asian qualifiers for the WC and the clubs playing in the Asian continental competitions.

    So far what I have done is move said nation to "Asia" as continent. But I am a bit unsure what the next step is?

  8. 2 hours ago, joe5p said:

    Thanks TD, I had a look last night, I managed to get about two thirds to work easily. However, there were two issues. A group of players seem to be +2 IDs over the standard change that is making Nakamura etc work. I need to manually figure out which ones this applies to but I don't know who every player is. Does anyone have a list of players against the IDs in the 21.4 pack?

    The other is that the first 74 players have IDs that are 'standard' i.e. those people were in the SI games FM21 real database. Some aren't in the FM22 version and some are, which means in some cases there will be no change to the IDs for some of those players, whereas others have changed. I need to check individual IDs for those 74 using the editor, but don't know their names to check. The names I need for that part are the first 74 people in the JLeague facepack (IDs 775004 to 91190209). 

    It is 100% doable if I can get a list of who everyone in that pack is. I am sure that there was one at some point.


    This would be very helpful indeed.

  9. 16 hours ago, asapas said:

    Great news!! I think I found it very fast! It was 'clashing' with the New Players editor file from Pro and FMTU!!! Thank you sooo much. What an amazing job you have done!!

    Tip: if you want new players and wonderkids (that aren't in the standard DB), and that is compatible with the Japanese data. Use the  FM21 Data Tweaks file (FMscout), the full premium version isn't free, but is cheap and lifetime for any updates. The FmScout version is free but irregular with updates.

  10. 5 hours ago, fselika said:

    Does anyone manage to use this method for facepack?,, (https://github.com/atelierkarin/fm-j-league-facepack-converter)

    I have tried on my side but unfortunately I can't do it. :confused:


    Tried my hand at it using google translator, couldn't figure it out in the end. I can somewhat follow what is supposed to happen with extracting the ID's to a custom .csv. But it seems it's missing two .csv files that I am unable to find. "Karin ID 2.0.0.csv" and "Karin ID change.csv".  Nothing happens without that for comparison for the Python utility I think.

  11. I never played in this league before, so only just noticed it. However, I see that in the player Career Stats, they are counting the matches played for a state championship in the Serie A category. Why's that? Is that due to a hardcoded engine  limit? I can't imagine that being normal otherwise. My guess is that having 2 competitions in one year is the reason for FM not being able to separate two categories?

  12. I think I went a bit overboard with the added modded leagues (by Davie), I added all of them, and the ones in the 4th tier (as per your hidden list) I only did as view only. But the game explodes itself. Meaning when I save, and try to load later "Can't load the save game". I think I'll have to cut off many of the added modded leagues, haha. Will try it again that way.

  13. 3 minutes ago, Daveincid said:

    In terms of realism/cpu-power? All Nations playable with at least the 1st + 2nd division?:lol:

    This is why I made a list (hidden) in my thread prioritizing Nations from 1 (most important) to 4 (least important) :brock: I would play with all Nations playable from 1-3 and 4 I would set as view-only with adding players via the advanced db.


    In terms of realism you actually can't load enough. But just an example. Did you know that in Iraq they pay up to 100k for their top-players? This is a reason why so many Iraq-players don't move to Europe or more known Nations, because they got decent money there. Same goes to Bangladesh. Foreign players earn more than in Australia. We could argue how "important" this is, but for me personally it matters:D



    Ahhh, I didn't even notice that hidden list. Now that is really useful, thanks! Alright, I'll think I'll do what you said and not deviate from that. Appreciated.

  14. Hi @Daveincid. Great and useful thread. However, I am also stuck in the endless obsession with the perfect balanced setup. And I tend to overdo things, as I always load too much (without much benefit I guess).

    What would you recommend for me in my case?:

    • 5800X CPU
    • 3080 RTX
    • 32GB (3660MHZ)  DDR4 RAM
    • I'd prefer a setup where I could technically end up in any continent in the game, but probably will start a South-American (Brazil league) game for the first time ever. But not rule out moving out to another continent in the game at some point if things go well.

    Also I got a lot of realism mods loaded and almost all extra leagues by Davie added. But I don't think it's really useful to load all of the primary leagues of nations like Turkmenistan (even though I have a hard time NOT loading too many nations playable).

  15. A few duplicates still slipped the cracks. Wu Shaocong is duplicated for example.  Don't know if the Japan fansite (which one is that?) fixed it.


    Edit: Found the website. They added this in the new version (translated):

    2020/05/09 2.0.2
    ・ Reflects the transfer update found on May 8
    ・ Complement regional league data (Shikoku in general; Hokushinetsu, Tokai and parts of China)
    ・ Modified part of the J League rules
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