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  1. Sorted it! Thanks so much! Just needed to create another folder before efl called eng. So panels/match/comps/eng/efl Cleared cache and reloaded the skin and it works perfectly now Without the skinners and help from this site, I think I would have given up ages ago, thanks all
  2. Thanks all for the replies. @Tyburn tried that but it still stays the same. I'll contact OPZ and see if he knows how to keep the scoreboard like the pre-season one as it's much cleaner Cheers
  3. Hey Anyone know why the scoreboard suddenly changes after pre-season to the first game of the main league season? Much prefer the pre-season scoreboard with shows the names and colours properly. Is there a way of keeping the pre-season one? I've attached two pics. The game against Leicester is the pre-season scoreboard which I love, the other is the opening day game against Portsmouth. Any help will be really appreciated. Thanks
  4. OPZ Elite is a great one as well for showing stadium backgrounds. With a transparency button to set how transparent you want it or not
  5. Hi Can anyone tell me what this bit is called during match day? Also, can it be removed or at least resized so I can increase the width of the scoreboard and it doesn't overlap? With of the scoreboard is 750 at the moment from 650 but if I do anymore it will overlap. Would like it to go across the top as far as it can go Thanks
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