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  1. the editor also doesn't like extinct teams being brought back as i found out when i tried to expand the scottish leagues hopefully this will be fixed in due course
  2. Would be great if he does complete it as there is a lack of lower league Scottish databases William Nicol made one last year which was available on Sortitutsi but so far he's yet to do one for this years game
  3. any time frame as to when this will be playable looks like a great db
  4. wow this looks amazing cant wait for it to be released very ambitious and expansive scottish database it even has my local league in it the lothian premier league
  5. FM 23 pre game editor isn't working for me when i download anything from the workshop then open the editor it doesnt show up even though its in my editor data folder
  6. the pre game editor isn't working for me when i download db for fm 23 on the workshop it wont find them when i load up the editor its says the editor data folder is empty
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