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  1. On 17/01/2021 at 08:16, joe5p said:

    The pack worked really well. I did not use the attached files, but only the database one from @Robbles Quin ®™on this post. The only change I made was to place a '1' before the file name in the editor 'Title' field. I also used twenty additional editor files and it still worked without issue. @Robbles Quin ®™, would it be possible to include a leading 1 in the title and file names of the next database file? I am pretty sure that doing so will help everyone get the facepack to work regardless of which additional files they use. Thanks for all of brilliant work @Robbles Quin ®™ and for the facepack work @belajariman . Not long until it all comes together.

    My only observation was that Shinji Kagawa didn't have an image but I am not sure if he is in the game or was re-added as part of this database as a free agent. He is selected for the national team at the point the game is loaded. 



    the faces work for me i also have additional editor files enabled over 60 of them when will J2 and J3 be ready

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