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  1. Yeah I was thinking it might be something graphics related. Turns out Sega posted this as a known issue on one of their support pages a few days ago and for some reason disabling the wifi pre-match seems to fix the issue. Thanks anyway.
  2. Does anyone know why this error message occurs every time I try to play a match? I’ve never had this problem before, been playing the game for years without a single error, now for some reason this crashing has appeared out of nowhere and happens on every save I have. I’ve cleared all the caches, removed the graphics and custom skins, clean installed all the folders etc but nothing makes a difference or resolves the issue. Game was working fine a week ago, now suddenly it crashes every time. Any help and advice is much appreciated thanks.
  3. Basically I want to start a new custom save where Fulham have essentially become "RedBull London" as part of the latest edition to the RedBull Group, but I'm not sure the best way to go about this. I'm not looking to start from zero with no staff or players in Sunday league etc, I essentially just want to "re-brand" Fulham as if they had a RB takeover, add in the relevant RB affiliates, staff, club vision, club colours/kits etc - all the general stuff you'd expect from a custom RedBull save. I've looked around for guides on the best way to do it but can't seem to find the real 'how to' of what I'm after. If anyone could advise best practice or point me in the direction of resources for making such a custom save it would be much appreciated thanks.
  4. Yeah I've heard of the FMRTE thing but I'm sure I read somewhere using 3rd party things can possibly damage the save (somehow?). I've not tried it myself, so I'm not sure what it's like, but there does seem to be a lot of reports on Steam of people buying the IGE only for it to disappear after purchase or for it not to work. Not exactly a wealth of editor options out there, especially for an older game.
  5. I'm a casual player who is quite a ways into a fun save on FM22 version however I'm starting to get a bit bored of watching the same colour dots zip around my screen each season (I only play in 2D mode) so I was wondering if I can still purchase the IGE, would it be possible to change a club's kit colours so I can have different coloured kit dots each season or is this something the IGE does not do? Thanks in advance.
  6. Excellent, thanks for the info. I'm pretty sure my saves are all 22.4, is there a way I could check what version they were started on before deleting?
  7. Does anyone know if it is ok to delete older/obsolete databases prior to the latest version of the game being installed? I occasionally play FM22 on an older MacAir with the last database being v22.4.1 so in theory should I not just need the '2240' folder, not the other ones which are taking up ~1.5gb space? Not a lot I know, but if I can delete them and free up some harddisk without causing current or future games to crash it would be preferential. Any info on this is appreciated, thanks.
  8. I want to start a new save with a takeover at some point being added to my club (it's not a club that typically gets one in the FM world), but I can't seem to find an option to make this happen in the editor. Does anyone know the best way to do this, so at some point I can have a new board/owner installed and perhaps a post-takeover budget increase? Thanks.
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