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  1. Hi, I can do this, move Kazakhstan to Asia and Kyrgyzstan to Europe
  2. Hi, I have an update I changed to continental Cup National to each other and work and don't have time now to simulate more if you can please test? For international squad, the ,remain in their original place. Files is here: mexico to liberta.fmf
  3. -Greenlandic Football Championship(18 teams) -Greenlandic 2 Football Championship(11 teams) -Greenlandic 3 Football Championship(10 teams) -Greenlandic Cup -Greenlandic Super Cup -Moved Kazakhstan to Asia, Greenland is ok to play WC, Euro, and Nations(To work download complement file) -RB Nuuk( Greenlandic team on 3.Divison of Denmark) -All Logos download on this link -Nations League base file credits to Rainbowz Download
  4. hi Iam in a job to make Greenland , i use your file to understand how to put in nations league and euro qualifiers , but for WC qualifiers i can add new greeenland m u can help me?
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