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  1. Did the deal include a 'mandatory future fee'? If so, you will have to negotiate a contract with the player before the loan deal
  2. Haha that's quality. They've got the whole of last years squad as favoured personnel
  3. This might be more a of a bug than a data issue but Harry McKirdy at Hibs has English and Irish nationality but is also eligible to play for Scotland somehow? As shown in the below screenshot. Once he declares for Scotland he then becomes Scottish. I've tested it in 2 different saves and both times he has turned Scottish. The first one I was managing Hibs and the second I was unemployed so had no involvement. 12th July (Before he declares for Scotland) https://gyazo.com/b3b368041c0a19cc218cace7173445b124th July (After declaring for Scotland) https://gyazo.com/14de3cc5e56043c70de3405094f622b4
  4. You might be right Michael. It just seems a bit unfair for Charleroi, in this case, to be paying considerably more than the player is on at his parent team. But what is fair and what is correct aren't necessarily the same thing. I can't say I noticed how it works on FM22 in a similar situation but I thought it better to flag up in case it isn't correct.
  5. Hi, I offered Geubbels out on loan and Charleroi offered 80% wages (17.5k), after accepting this offer I then gave Geubbels a new deal on 10k a week, however when he went out on loan Charleroi have still ended up paying 17.5k which is still showing as 80% even though he signed the new deal before the loan was finalised so they should only be paying 8k (80%). You can see in the above screenshots that the new contract was signed before the loan deal was finalised so Charleroi are now paying 175% of his current wage rather than the agreed 80%. I have tested this and 3 times it has ended up in the same way with the loan team paying more than they should. The attached file should start on the 5th July with the transfer and contract either happening on the 6th or 7th July if you continue forward.
  6. This hopefully fixes many issues. I done a journeyman save where I left a club at the end of the season. before I left I let the goalkeepers contract run down as he was 35 and not up to scratch, the AI manager that replaced me just never bothered to sign a new keeper and ended up with a 16 year old regen who had 2 star potential in the Polish First Division playing. I finished 3rd and next season they finish 13th conceding double the amount of goals. Obviously not the only reason but watching AI teams just not fix glaring squad issues through the transfer market is frustrating. Hopefully this will address issues such as that
  7. It seems like they are struggling to add "Headline" features now. Of course there is things that they are adding such as the supporters profile section which will hopefully add more realism for saves as clubs progress. The real way they can improve from FM22 to 23 is by refining areas such as scouting, tactics, maybe new roles and a better working of certain roles ie the WCB that was introduced which has been a bit of a let down from what it was described as at launch of FM22 and improvements to the data analysis and making this data actually useful when signing players as currently if someone has poor data but good stats you can still sign them so you can basically ignore the data. Making the data more important would be a big step. FM doesn't really take huge strides between games and it seems as the years go on those strides are getting smaller but it makes sense as the ability to add more "good" features get reduced as you add more across previous versions. SI must know that graphics are a huge sticking point for many and I'd hope that they are at least exploring options to get things moving forward from FM24. I will still buy FM23 as I will get circa 2000 hours out of the game but I have to say it's the least excited I have been for a new FM.
  8. GamesPlanet currently doing a "flash sale" for £33.89
  9. I've spent my lunch break reading this thread and decided I would like to recreate it in some way in my current save which I'm already using the 4-3-3 shape. Would this sort of idea work?. Any feedback is much appreciated. PI's FB-d sit narrower IF - a stay wider
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