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  1. best way I can think of is to have a Competitions called "NCAA Bowl Games" and in the advanced Rule, give each SuperCup it's own stage. In each Stage, you can pick the specific supercup using "other competition to use" Not sure how that would work for Competition Histories. Would have to play around with a few options to get what you're looking for.
  2. I just tried both versions and both work. What error are you getting?
  3. I'm bringing this back for another year, but I've taken the feedback and adjusting the Database so that it provides more league fixtures to aid player development. Basically, Irish Domestic football is traditionally very weak. It's gotten better and experiencing a moment of renewed interest right now, but maybe you fancy something different This Database acts as a Total Conversion, and somewhat of a United Ireland Mod. I've gotten rid of the League or Ireland, Provincial and Junior Structure and replaced it with a 32 County model where each traditional county has a First Team, Reserve (Intermediate) and U21 (Junior) squad that competes in a Domestic, Provincial and National Championship. There are currently 36000 changed in this custom database including: Here is a Rough idea how this Database works as a Domestic Season. Each team is automatically entered into 3 competitions: The Allianz National League, The Provincial Championship and The All-Ireland Championship. Allianz National League (Division) 4 x 8 Team Divisions (Top Division seeds UEFA Competitions.) Each Team plays each-other once. It's best to think of this as a UEFA Playoff League to determine who plays in Europe. The Provincial Championship (Domestic Cups) All 32 Teams are filtered into their Respective Provinces to play in a League path feeding into a knock-out Finals series. All-Ireland Championship (Secondary Division) All 32 Teams play in each-other once. Sam Maguire Cup (Main Cup) All 32 Teams compete for a European; Fourth and Third Division Teams contest the First Round with Second and First Division Teams entering in the Second and Third Rounds Respectively. Tailteann Cup (Reserve Cup) All 32 Intermediate (Reserve) Teams contest the First-Fourth Rounds with Fourth and Third Division Senior Teams entering in the Second Round.
  4. I had this same issue a few years ago. Sadly never found a fix and it seems like its exceptionally rare and no one's seen it before
  5. Perfect. Thanks for that. I wanted to make sure it was possible before wasting my time beating my head off a brick wall to nowhere.
  6. So I'm experimenting with having Teams in different stages, but one of the stages hidden so that Only Stage 1 appears on the League Table. but i want Stage 1 to have fixtures between teams in Stage 1 and Stage 2. Anyone know if this is possible, or do ye need me to add more details for what i'm trying to do? Stage 1 = 10 teams Stage 2 = 10 Teams. All teams in Stage 1 and Stage 2 play each other once for a Season of 19 games; but only the Teams in Stage 1 are in the league table, but the league standings are for all 19 games.
  7. I didn't come across anything like that in testing. Ill have a look when i get home
  8. This is a Quality of Life Update for the Republic of Ireland. Essential if you like playing with the most realistic game experience. Note: This Database contains no National Rules. It's compatible with the Base game and does not change the vannilla competitions. Added in this Database Created 49 cities with Geographically accurate details Created 69 Stadiums with Geographically accurate details Added Latitude and Longitude for all Stadiums and Cities Used Google Maps to assign stadiums to all clubs Adjusted Attendances for all lower league clubs (they were set to 0) Set the Regional Divisions for all Clubs (Useful if you ever play with a lower league database) Rep. of Ireland - Quality of Life Update.fmf
  9. DOWNLOAD HERE version 1.0 (11/11/2023) - Rep. of Ireland Lower Leagues (Lv7) Winter League v1..0.fmf version 1.1 (12/11/2023) - Ireland (Lv7) Lower Leagues + Winter League v1.1.fmf
  10. The Republic of Ireland is an under developed location for Football Manager saves. The League both benefits and suffers from it's proximity to the English game; being an open training group with no foreign player restrictions; but also a siphon for all the young talent off the Island and into English academies. It's not unusual for a Republic of Ireland squad to not contain a single player playing their domestic football here. Ireland can be more, oh so much more and this Database is for those who want to rise the reputation of the Irish leagues and have the full structure there to play with. As Faith-full as I can be, this will be a 1-to-1 recreation of the Republic of Ireland Football League structure going as low as my sanity permits me. Domestic football in Ireland is broken into Two Categories: League and Non-League Football League Football comprises the League of Ireland (Lv.1 and Lv.2) Non-League comprises the Provincial Senior Leagues (Lv.3 - Lv.5) and the Junior District Leagues (Lv. 6 - Lv.13) Cups Sports Direct FAI Cup (League of Ireland + Provincial Senior Clubs) EA Sports Cup (League of Ireland Cups) Coca-Cola Intermediate Cup (Provincial Senior League Clubs) Coca-Cola Junior Cup (Junior District League Clubs) Munster Senior Cup (All Munster Clubs) Munster Junior Cup (All Munster Junior District Cubs) Leinster Senior Cup (All Leinster Clubs) Leinster Junior Cup (All Leinster Junior District Cubs)
  11. It should transfer fine, I ported my Ireland Re-imagined Series from FM22 to FM23 and that didn't have any issues. I'm just choosing to put my time into expanding the database and doing rules in FM24 to make sure it runs fine since I've put too much time into it for it to crap out on me :P
  12. Not a bother mate. It's slow progress since i had most of it done and lost it to a HDD failure so I've been slowly recreating it. I'm trying to mirror the Irish league structure closely, and many of the intermediate, and Junior clubs have B and C teams littered lower down in their leagues so I'll be creating those where possible. I don't have plans for Underage football yet but might get the Database to create a generic U19s filtered by region just to provide some sort of youth football it shouldn't be; i can merge changes and it should come over just fine. I've deliberately just been expanding the Database and available teams so that I can have at least each Junior League Population (Lv6) with real Teams and create the Nation Rules on FM24 to make sure the Leagues run correctly. Aye, it will be. I've no release date as of yet but i'm working on it. moved House and got a new job - real life getting int he way of FM once again :P
  13. Good spot, I actually missed them because of how the tables were displayed on the league website - will add Glenhest Rovers and Straide & Foxford United
  14. This is a Quality of Life Update aimed to provide a more realistic game experience when managing in the Republic of Ireland. Download: Ireland QOL Update.fmf Database Used: 23.4.0 Number of Changed: 2990 Stadiums Location Updated: 138 Media Added: 13 Cities Added: 39 Added cities to all active Clubs in Rep of Ireland, set Latitude and Longitude for Cities and Stadiums that don't have any. Locations of Stadiums matched with Google Maps to be as close as possible to real life. Created New Cities to give local clubs a more personalized location rather than relying on generic regional city names Added Irish Specific Media (RTÉ, Virgin Media, Off the Ball, ect.) to give a more familiar feel to press conferences. Most of the Irish active clubs beneath the League of Ireland have 0s for Attendance, and Facilities. Randomized attendance between 80 and 300 for clubs without attendances. Randomized facilities between 2-8 for clubs without facilities This is part of my Republic of Ireland Overhaul Database where I recreate the Irish football structure down to level 14. You can follow this project here:
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