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  1. Here's an updated tactic for my second season with Rennes with a few adjustments, most notably trying the 'offset' of the AM and ST. I was initially hesistant as I was concerned it would make the pairing more one dimensional, but going to give it a go. I also 'widened' the width a bit to try and get the two wingers more involved, as well as moving the DLF to attack. This seems to allow the striker to play a solid double role of attacking in behind but also dropping in to link play.
  2. Originally I was using a AM (S) and it did possibly work better, was trialling the AP (S) & AP (A). The link up play between the front two was pretty good, both are two of my best players really. I found an attack role for the AM made it harder for them to link with the two DMs and you can get roasted. Currently working on an update in my second season that involves the offsetting of the AM/ST which I was originally against as it limited flexibility in movement, but should hopefully stop the two players getting in each other's way, which is compounded by the narrow shape.
  3. This is what I've been working with and it seems to do a decent job of emulating how they play, not sure how effective it is in game but we managed to finish 2nd behind PSG in Ligue 1. WB: Sit Narrower, Shoot Less Often CB: Dribble Less DM & VOL: Dribble Less, Tackle Harder, Mark Tighter IW: Take More Risks, Stay Wider AP: Move into Channels If you have good 'wrong' footed wide players with the 'cut insides' trait then you can try them as Wingers.
  4. Currently trying to implement a de Zerbi approach to my Rennes team but it's proving to be pretty challenging. If it goes well I'll post the process on here. Key points to me seem to be: Possession derived from playing out from the back in numbers - Play out of Defence/Short passing mandatory, distributing to CBs and FBs as well Wide players holding width and attacking space aggressively - IW/W on A with 'stay wider' Double pivot to drop deep in build up but also engage in attacks - two in DM strata on a support role Wing-backs versatile in staying inside in build up, and sometimes going on overlap but occasionally under-lapping. Offsetting the AM/ST? Watching Brighton play I'd consider them to be both on support roles, but worried that would lead to a lack of penetration up top
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