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  1. Am seeing a lot of goals on corners, even indirect situations following throw-ins.
  2. I made the two replications here years ago, FM 17 and 18, as mentioned earlier in this thread. I don't know what happened to my Ji-Sung Park account, whatever. Link to FM 17 version. The problem back then, with the ME, was that wingbacks couldn't really participate in the buildup play as they can now. Ghoulam was like a wingback playmaker together with Insigne further forward, they both had massive amounts of touches across a season. Insigne was by all accounts a wide playmaker IRL, however that role was severely impotent in the game back then. The game plan was to play out from primarily Albiol or secondarily Koulibaly, on to the left hand side where Ghoulam and Insigne made triangles with Hamsik and then have runs from Mertens/Callejon to finish it off. The trick is to get the Callejon role to be closer to Mertens, while having the mechanics in place for him to fall back into the right sided midfielder when losing the ball. At the time RMD was the best choice, although I'm not sure now as I think a winger could well behave the same with the right PI's. I think the midfield three is self explanatory and it's only a question if they should all be in the MF strata or not. Hamsik, Jorginho and Allan was unbelievable back then, especially Hamsik's timed runs to arrive in the box. The back four was similarly easy to define. Hysaj was a good right back, but had different tasks than Ghoulam and Rui on the left. The two CBs were by 2017/2018 both involved in the buildup, but Albiol as the right sided CB was the main outlet.
  3. How are the results in-game? Looking at the roles compared to the latest IRL games they've played and touches/avg position etc, the left back is not a CWB on attack. It also makes the left side very exposed by having two players on attacking duties plus a playmaker. I would see how it could work with a WB(s) or even FB. United are very good/solid in the wide areas IRL, even with AWB and Malacia playing, translated to FM it would make sense to be more conservative. I would also play Antony as a winger just for the optics; left footed right wingers and vice versa will yield some very nice football and results. It will also probably provoke underlaps with the IWB more often. Supporting or attacking, not really sure what would work best in this system. I am really not that versed in assigning striker roles, IMHO it needs work from SI. However it's easy when Weghorst is playing; PF(a). When Martial plays, which is like 10% of the time, it's an advanced forward. With Rashford, looking at IRL performances it's a complete forward that roams. The team instructions makes a lot sense and appears to be logical.
  4. For me now the takeover process started in September 2025. I'm in early Dec now and still no new owner, I assume it will be embargo in the January window and then a new owner in place before Easter...
  5. Can one use the official in-game editor to get the Glazers to sell the club?
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