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  1. Our only competitive fixture in January is the Munster Senior Cup Quarter Final at home vs Cork City:
  2. The starting squad only lends us 3 players with non-Irish nationality, so don't expect many nations to be ticked off in this first year. However, the squad isn't horrible, so promotion should be a 1-2 year aim. I'm going a bit off the walls tactically, because we have about 7 first team strikers:
  3. With my Vancouver save becoming a little unenjoyable, I thought now was the time to start a Build a Nation save in Ireland. Along with trying to make Ireland the top league in the world, I'm going to try and get a player from as many nations to score a goal, get an assist, and get a POTM award as I can. I've already done a save like this with Finn Harps on here before, and got 2 seasons in before the save ended. I'm determined to try and complete this challenge.
  4. Final match of the 2023 CPL regular season:
  5. $70 p/w is a lot for a team like ours, but I only cut 4 players from this intake. Some of them will feature in this next game. I forgot about registration rules Being an American, I love the draft. My favorite part of every NFL/NBA/MLB/NHL season is watching highlights of players in college or coming from leagues like the Euro league and the QMJHL/OHL/WHL
  6. The biggest match of the save so far...
  7. An extremely weak lineup for the rivalry match, as we have Toronto in 3 days. We were good enough to get the win.
  8. Youth Intake Player Previews: Max is the highest PA player from this intake, according to star ratings. He's really poor. Pullen could be something, but he has a lot of work to do. No pace, which is a theme. Decent grifter striker. 3 crossing Terrible. He's okay actually!
  9. Youth Intake: @_Ben_ Hope this will give you a preview of what to look for, although our facilities are terrible compared to Halifax's. Welp. That is a big sucker punch. Even Pullen is terrible. Not that I put too much stock into star ratings, but 3* max is bad.
  10. Match vs Halifax: We finally dropped points, and mostly due to Cantave's red in the 20th minute.
  11. Our match vs Montreal is here: Just hoping to keep it close. Well, it wasn't close. We won 5-1, and put up a more dominant performance over an MLS side. Erm...
  12. Away to Cavalry FC: A heavily rotated side, as we host Montreal in 3 days time.
  13. Match 24 away to Valour FC: Goals: Fisk (12), Vazquez (10), Rea (6), Diaz (10,11)
  14. Match 23 vs Atletico Ottawa: Another great win, we just seem too good for this league at this point. Goals: Johnson (3,4), Diaz (9) Assists: Diaz (5), Amadin (3), Rea (4)
  15. Patiently waiting for the youth intake, really excited to get stuck in.
  16. Match 22 vs Forge FC: A really good performance, even if the referee didn't want us to win! 2 goals ruled off for offsides and 2 handball penalties! Goals: Vazquez (9), Didic (1,2) Johnson (2) Assists: Simmons (3), Fisk (6), Cantave (4), Johnson (4)
  17. Match 21, away at York United: Goals: Diaz (8) This win puts us 12 points clear, although the other 4 playoff teams all have a game in hand.
  18. Our QF Draw is brutal, a match which could end up being a true drubbing: That being said, they're 13th (out of 15 teams) in the Eastern Conference, and only 23rd our of 29 teams in the MLS. This is the friendliest MLS draw we could have gotten.
  19. Canadian Championship Qualifying Round away to Atletico Ottawa: Collier's been dropped due to some average performances, plus an off-field event dropped his professionalism. I was hoping to mentor him to Model Citizen, but now he's just fairly determined. Also I'm absolutely loving Malik Johnson on the right wing. He's averaging 6! successful take-ons in his first few matches with the club. Finally, a true marquee performance from Sean Rea, our highest earner. He's made me consider his place in this side this year, but his class was on full display today. Johnson with 4 key passes and 4 clear cut chances created. Goals: Rea (4,5), Fisk (11), Diaz (7) Assists: Rea (3), Gee (5), Johnson (3)
  20. Might have to buy a kit depending on how long this save lasts! I'm also interested in the youth intake, should be able to play through the season more today! Also, very excited to see how Marcus does in Halifax!
  21. 1st vs 2nd in a pivotal match 20: Back to what I feel is our 1st team in this match. A very hard fought victory, we go 9 points clear of Halifax, but teams are still pushing us for first. Goals: Vazquez (8), Tahid (2) Assists: Amadin (2)
  22. Appreciate the support! Interesting with them not being in Vancouver, North American sports seem to do that a lot
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