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  1. Hornchurch Season 9 | 2032/33 Into the promised land League / Cup / Trophy Schedule Results Squad Overview Tactics Manager Profile Club details Goals & predictions:
  2. Hornchurch Season 8 | 2031/32 Back to back champions League / Cup / Trophy Schedule Results Squad Overview Tactics Manager Profile Club details Goals & predictions:
  3. Hornchurch Season 7 | 2030/31 Happy days League / Cup / Trophy Schedule Results Squad Overview Tactics Manager Profile Club details Goals & predictions:
  4. Hornchurch Season 6 | 2029/30 A fantastic season League / Cup / Trophy Schedule Results Squad Overview Tactics Manager Profile Club details Goals & predictions:
  5. Hornchurch Season 5 | 2028/29 Back To Back League / Cup / Trophy Schedule Results Squad Overview Tactics Manager Profile Club details Goals & predictions
  6. Hornchurch Season 4 | 2027/28 Light at the end of the bottle job League / Cup / Trophy Schedule Results Squad Overview Tactics Manager Profile Club details Goals & predictions:
  7. Hornchurch Season 3 | 2026/27 League / Cup / Trophy Schedule Results Squad Overview Tactics Manager profile Club details Goals & predictions:
  8. Hornchurch Season 2 | 2025/26 Recap: We were predicted 14th by the media to win the league. Our hopes & goals were high with a good transfer window, with better fitting players for our tactics (I thought.) But things never went according to plan, as we ended up on 10th spot at the end of the season, 12 points lower than 1st season. Vanarama National League South: Slightly unlucky, as we are statistically supposed to be a top 3 team judged on XG and many other statistics and performance tell us, that we do well, but somehow drop to many points. Though, also at least 2-3 managerial mistakes dropped us points to be fair. FA Cup: A decent FA Cup run earning us around 100k overall with away ticket sales, when we lost to Peterborough in the first round. FA Trophy: We had 2 draws in a row against midtable national league teams, and on top of that, against 1st spot Solihull Moors in the Quater Final, who finally got the better of us. Very successful run, looking at the draws. Schedule Results: 1: 2: 3: Squad Overview: Only 8-10 of the boys will be around for the 3rd season, unless someone makes an offer to good to refuse. Fan's Player of the Season: Deon Moore Signing of the Season: Lorent Talla Key Player: George Quantrell Key Player: Dennis Kelmendi Manager profile: From National C to National A coaching badge within one season. Happy days. Finances: Were stabilized, and we ended up with a small plus. A key goal for the season was reached. Staff: We got a decent staff, while also being dirty cheap. We are spending £500 p/w in total. Surprised by how well this turned out, from only using adverts and staff meeting recommendations. Hornchurch overview: The Club had a board takeover in the pre-season, one that didn’t matter much in terms of finances, embargoes or structural changes, but they decided, without notice or us asking for it, to give us a National B licence badge the day after the takeover (haven’t ever seen that before - so I like our new board.) Silver lining for the overall status of the club - Keep doing what we do, and we will be successful. Tactics: 4-3-2-1 SpursyHorn (AsyV4) - 28 starts (A high line, all guns blazing gegenpress. Typically applied against mid table / similar quality opponents sides, where our weakness is not getting exploited directly, and we attack by running with the ball and underlap in the half spaces. Often good against other control based teams, tiki taka, fluid counter attack or route one with 4-4-2, 4-3-3 or other narrow formations with single pivot.) 4-3-2-1 MidHorn (AsyV3) - 18 starts (A mid block counter press with more structured marking, specifically designed to counter top teams and to stop them from exploiting our defensive weaknesses, while we counter more directly with through balls, rather than trying to control or run with it, often with crosses and set pieces being key to success going forward. Often applied against other gegenpress tactics and wing play styles, with 4-2-3-1 or 5-2-3 formations that want to play wide with a double pivot.) 4-3-2-1 ControlHorn (AsyV2) - 6 Starts (Almost the same tactic as TheSpursyHorn, but rather running with it, we try to control the possession more, work the ball into the box, play out of defense, play for set pieces to pin in weaker teams in their own box. Applied against teams we should be dominating, and can easily play through from the back, typically having lower engagement lines, without much threat to our backline.) 4-4-1-1 NarrowMidHorn (AsyV1) - 3 Starts (Late season, the Midhorn developed, and we experimented with it, to improve it for next season to be better against gegenpress / good wing play teams.) Strength, weaknesses & comparison: GK’s: I value agility, handling, passing & 1on1 very highly as we play with SK’s. Room for improvements in the transfers as we lost our key GK mid season, leaving us with an old cup keeper, who was not exactly a Sweeper keeper. Squad Physicals: DNA is Acc, Pac & Sta. (Balance is the outlier, and something of an underrated attribute, one working really well in our transition play on the counter, while also making up for poor attributes in tackling and marking defensively, as we are one of the better teams winning the ball and keeping it. A norther thing to work on, is jumping, which is a weakness.) Squad Mentals: DNA is Ant, Cmp, Cnt, Dec, Wor. (Decisions are a big outlier, one we got to work on in the transfer window, along with Anticipation, concentration and positioning need to be higher.) Squad Technicals: No specific club DNA. (While not a DNA, our technicals are overall above what I could have expected from my signings. The high crossing, technique & passing, is surely a key benefactor to a good amount of our goals in tactical approaches we use. Heading is one of our big weaknesses, something leading to points either lost or not won, on both ends of the pitch. Tackling and Marking, also need to slightly go up. Goals & predictions: 2nd season goal - We stabilized the finances, but delusional far from pushing top 2. 2nd season prediction - Sitting 5 points from the playoff, I was wrong on all accounts. 3rd Season goal: - Top 7 finish. Earn another 100k or more in a FA cup run, and be competitive in the Trophy once more. 3rd Season prediction - 4th in the league, losing a final in the FA Trophy.
  9. How do we feel about DoF - Transfer targets suggestions? Technically it is often players outside the scoutable area in none league, though I guess the staff from a "role-playing," perspective, do know the player, as they would otherwise not be able to suggest them, making it sort of a grey area, and not specified in the rules.
  10. Hornchurch Season 1 | 2024/25 Season recap: Predicted 19th in the league by the media, we successfully & unexpectedly placed 3rd in the league, leading to a loss in the playoff final against Dulwich Hamlet. Vanarama National League South: 3rd in the league, knocked out in the final playoff. FA Cup: Knocked out in third qualifier by Dulwich Hamlet. FA Trophy: Knocked out in second round by Matlock Town. Squad Overview: Fan's Player of the Season: Tyler Blackwood Signing of the Season: Tyler Blackwood Other Key players: 1. George Quantrell 2. George Saunders 3. Bailey Smith Tactics (top 3 starts) 4-1-4-1 TheSpursyHorn (Asy) - 32 starts 3-3-3-1 TheWideHorn - 7 starts 4-5-1 LowHoldingHorn (Asy) - 5 starts Manager profile: We managed to secure the first coaching badge for license C. Finances: Are looking like a problem, and we might need to find some wage cuts in the second season, to stabilize. Hornchurch overview: 1st season goal - was a massive success, by not getting sacked. 1st season prediction - Thankfully, very wrong. 2nd Season goal: Stabilize the club financially by lowering wages on both players and staff, while still pushing for a top 2 position in the league, with better quality & suited players for the tactical approach. 2nd Season prediction: Finishing 3rd in the league, losing in semifinal playoff to a team coming down from the national league.
  11. First ever attempt. Goal for the 1st season - Don't get sacked. Prediction - I'll get sacked.
  12. Well, how you intend it, and how it used by many, seems to be sort of different. Opposition instruction, is not different to anything else when we make tactics. With your logic, this could be applied to any of the tactical stuff in the game. The amount of micromanagement would be significantly reduced, if we have pre sets for specific saved tactics, much like how set-pieces currently work. I have a hard time seeing, how this is not an reasonable request.
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