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  1. Hey thanks, this was a good shout. Unfortunately though, the OPZ Elite skin uses "containers" rather than "records" to display the statistic. For example, Distance covered/90 uses container id="ds9V." I've seen these container IDs before, but I don't think they can be used in the Season Stats table...unless someone knows of a way to convert/hack the table to display it?
  2. Yeah that all makes sense. It's all about uncovering the right IDs; I've tried so many different permutations for distance covered... PSdg, PSDg, PSdr, PSDr... the thing is, some of these permutations actually exist in other files too, but for some reason just will not show up here. Wish we had a list of record IDs for easy reference!
  3. The season stats shown on the player profile are in player additional stats small.xml. Thanks for giving it a shot; I still haven't been able to make any headway.
  4. Hi there, I've managed to expand my Season Stats panel with a few more columns but am having trouble pulling the per 90 stats. I've tried the IDs in person properties.xml and elsewhere, but none of them seem to show up in this panel specifically. Is there any way at all of getting those stats to show? Dribbles/90 is a default column here, and the stats that I want (Chances Created/90, Interceptions/90, Distance Covered/90) are all tracked by the game on different stat screens, so I know they must be somewhere... FYI, the only new column I've successfully added is "HDR W" (for headers won ratio).
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