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  1. After the market closed, I decided to check the relationship between the monthly expenses [wage + 4* appearance fee] of each player and their respective Rating (my metric BPR). I did a graph with both values normalized with z-score for every player with BPR over 63 [every player in the first team and loanees who might make it soon]: Older players are naturally over the line, I'm not worried about them. Since we have a lot of wage and transfer budget available, I'm keen on renewing with some guys on the lower end. Name Monthly Expenses ME^ Dif ME^,ME Vini 426 000,00 € 594 491,88 € 168 491,88 € Rainer Krüger 241 000,00 € 581 744,72 € 340 744,72 € Ivan Podstawski 154 000,00 € 448 810,09 € 294 810,09 € Fernando Vidal 82 200,00 € 403 284,54 € 321 084,54 € Killian Beaurain 262 000,00 € 390 537,38 € 128 537,38 € Peter Sebek 245 000,00 € 382 039,28 € 137 039,28 € Marco Manuzzi 86 500,00 € 328 622,62 € 242 122,62 € El Kerim Jokić 39 900,00 € 239 392,53 € 199 492,53 € Jacobo Rivas 58 800,00 € 202 543,61 € 143 743,61 € Zoran Petreski 28 100,00 € 150 162,44 € 122 062,44 € Vini (LB/LW/RCM) has some increases coming through his contract. Rainer Krüger (RCM) just arrived so I'll leave it like that for the time being. Ivan (ST) has been our starter ST so he's the priority. Then I'll check with Vidal (RB/RCM/ST). Beaurain (GK) just arrived. Sebek (CB) signed a new contract just 1 year ago and demanded an important player role. It's tricky because he's good and my first option from the bench but hasn't been good enough to be a starter. I'll probably try to offer a new contract after the winter transfer window. Manuzzi (CM) is on loan and although he has decent attributes, I don't see him as being part of the team in the future. Tried to sell him this season but couldn't find decent offers. Most likely won't get a contract. Rivas (CB) just arrived as he's a prospect. Maybe next season I'll offer him a new contract if he gets some game time. Petreski (CM/RW) was someone my scouts found for free and I'll eventually sell him for some profit. A bit later: Ivan accepted a 332k monthly wage until 2037 (5 years) with 15k in appearance fees and a 10% wage rise every year [Season +1: 365k; Season +2: 401k). Vidal has a new contract for 5 years as a squad player worth 221k/month with a 13k appearance fee and with a rise to 289k after 20 games and 378 after 30 games. He'll be around the expected monthly expenses after his 30th match. By the time both get to the target wage, they'll be better and likely deserving of more. In the meantime, Sebek developed some concerns over his contract, so I talked to the agent: Not very kind... Being among the most noteworthy is ok, although I hoped to revert that; playing him as BPD not so much as I need him as RB; and the demands are a bit over the expected unless he accepts on the lower end of the interval. The interaction isn't great either: I can accept; adjust wage; adjust playing time; or remove promises but increase wage. Not having a middle ground answer like: "Ok, I'll accept the wage, accept the status, but don't accept the position/role promise" or "You'll be regarded as a first-team player but need you to be versatile and we'll see about the wage" is making me feel a bit powerless about this negotiation. I stalled and I'll get back to this later.
  2. For the new season, I wanted to "frenchify" the team. We only had 2 French players (Opoku and Daoud) as permanent members of the first team and 2 youngsters (Kitoko and Sueur). Going through the outgoings first: Alexis McAllister (LCM) was a decent servent of the club, but I didn't value him enough to give him a new contract at 33. Quinten Timber (DM/CB/RB) was brought in last season for 30M, and although he can play multiple positions (so it's nice to have him as backup), we can do better. Luckily, Aston Villa was interested and offered 50M so we could still profit on a 31-year-old player. Then, it was the already expected selling of Rahbek (ST/RW). The best deal available was 150M with 30M in appearances and 25% on profit. It's a club record and he wanted to leave, so I took it. Then we had Kobel (GK). He's 34 and was brought in for 35M last season. I needed the create space for Bruno Luís to develop and also had a deal in place for a French backup GK, so he left for 19M. Still a decent fee for his age. Lastly, Thierry Correia (RB), 33. Also brought in last season, at least he was on a free. Decided to sell him for 11M to Porto. Sold 4 non-French players and released another one, 4 of them past their prime, and a big transfer. Also sold some players who had been on loan for the season for over an additional 30M. Regarding the transfers in: I've already written about a French backup and he already appeared in the previous post: Kyllian Beaurain (GK), 24 at the time of the signing. He was playing for Frankfurt, having come through the Toulouse ranks. A bit worse than Kobel, but good enough for a backup. Spent 14M on him. Then it was Krüger (RCM), 22. Metz got relegated so he had a relegation clause of 30M. Reports from my scouts suggested he had high potential with a valuation of 4,5 starts. My BPR metric pointed towards an already first-team quality player, so it was an easy decision. Cannot say he's a direct replacement for McAllister, but moved a few pieces and he now fits as the RCM in a Mezzala role where he will battle for a place with Casadei. You can see it was a good bet as his valuation has risen to 100M by October. This was it as far as transfers in, but I also added 3 players who had been on loan: homegrown Miath (ST), Edom-Miath (CB), El-Kerim Jokic (DM/CM) and Vidal (CM). Miath is a clear downgrade from Rahbek and he's not the type of player I look for in the ST position as his speed and physicality are quite below the level I need, but he has the potential and he scores so I'll give him a chance has a backup ST. He also counts for the homegrown quota which is relevant. Edom-Miath hasn't developed has much as I wanted, but has a 4th CB he's good enough, so I'll keep him around the team and move Sebek to RB to replace Thierry Correia. El-Kerim Jokic will be competing for a place in the DM position with Opoku, replacing Timber. He had a nasty injury late in the previous season which made him miss the preseason as well, so he'll be eased into the team. His low attribute for defending is a concern, but most of the time the team is dominant, I mostly need an attacking player rather than a defensive one in this position. Vidal is the last add-in to the team. He played as AF and AP last season on loan at Celta de Vigo but I think of him as an option for the RB position. Decent aerial, physical and defensive presence. Can make an impact on attack. Speaking of changing positions, I'm also retraining Vini to play as LB. He's one of my best players, but I can't find an offensive LB, so I'll try him there. Lukichev at the moment is our starting LB but I want to play him in his natural position (CB). Our second option is Tejeda who isn't good enough. Overall, that's 5 non-French players out and 4 in (Beaurain, Krüger, Miath and Edom-Miath). It's not massive but it's a step in the direction we want to go. For the next few years, I don't have many players ready to get into the team just yet, but the academy has been producing decent talents and we are poaching some players from other teams, so it'll come. In the meantime, I plan to integrate Sueur (RW) or Terrien (RW/ST) in the next season; Lassalle (ST) in 2/3 seasons; and Charron (GK) as well in 2/3 seasons. Jazouli (LW) is deemed 5-star potential by my AssMan, but he isn't developing as fast as expected. I'll try and find some defenders, but there aren't many quality defenders in the game. Maybe some are good enough for backup, but I don't see anyone near the level for my first team. All the 3,5+ potential French defenders in the game who are under 25: Mendes and Edom-Miath are my players; Thomas (RB/RW) has 4 for defending; Settineri (LB) has 9 for first touch and dribbling; Bâ (CB) has 5 for jumping...
  3. I've made some changes to the spreadsheet as I've said before. I added a new comment on the evolution tracking sheet to check for high-potential players (players with a higher-than-expected evolution in 1 season). I've added a column that shows every position the player is good enough to play in (over a threshold or above 98% of the best position rating) And since I find some roles are a mix of 2 positions, I also added a calculation for every role: This then allows me to check the depth in each position based on a minimum rating: (some transfers-in already included) I've also reviewed how the rating has evolved from season 6 to season 10 with some players and reworked the math behind the calculation and I also have a board for every role in potential and the depth in every role. The Potential check on the evaluation page is also calculated differently. All these updates were also done on the spreadsheet for scouting. This then leads to a sheet comparing my top 10 players in each position and the top 10 players in the scouting spreadsheet.
  4. Great goal. Love the patience on the build-up.
  5. Way better than expected. We were the best team in Europe. We had some problems in the Semi-Final of the UCL, but after beating AC Milan, it was between PSG (who we had beaten in the League, in the Cup and in the Supercup) and Real Madrid who played a 4-3-3 the formation we are most comfortable playing against. UCL: In the League, 14 wins and 3 losses and a monstrous month of February with 22 goals scored in 4 matches. Clearly the best season I had in any FM. The Danish monster I don't expect to keep him for next season. I'm thinking about changing things up a bit. The youth team also won the Youth League: And a few youngsters played their part on this season's success: Kitoko, Sueur and Gabriel have come through the academy. Next year, I'll add a few more homegrown players and French players so I have a more "domestic" team. And everybody with 800+ minutes. Noticeable that Vormer, Zvonarek and Daoud are expected starters but have suffered long injuries and we still managed to be this good without them. Credit to all the subs that came on for them, mainly Beier who played as LW, RW and ST throughout the season. Over 10g+10a: Max Beier and Rahbek. Was expecting Vormer to score more often and Daoud to assist more. Casadei was also near. And also the overall career stats: Season Year Club League Position Cup Stage CC Stage League PPG League Win % League GF League GA 01 2022/2023 Sertanense PT4 1st TdP First Round DNP - 2,27 69% 70 32 02 2023/2024 Sertanense PT3 3rd TdP Sixth Round DNP - 1,56 44% 33 26 03 2024/2025 Sertanense PT2 3rd TdP Third Round DNP - 1,76 50% 59 36 04 2025/2026 Sertanense PT1 9th TdP Third Round DNP - 1,29 35% 46 50 05 2026/2027 Marseille FR1 3rd CdF Third Round UEL SF 1,79 50% 70 37 06 2027/2028 Marseille FR1 3rd CdF Finalist UCL QF 2,06 62% 82 30 07 2028/2029 Marseille FR1 1st CdF 11th Round UCL R16 2,38 76% 84 19 08 2029/2030 Marseille FR1 1st CdF Winner UCL QF 2,41 74% 86 26 09 2030/2031 Liverpool EN1 6th FA Finalist UCL QF 1,74 50% 62 36 10 2031/2032 Marseille FR1 1st CdF Winner UCL Winner 2,44 79% 104 32 The career top performers: Season Year Club Most Goals Most Assists Most POM Highest AvR 01 2022/2023 Sertanense Karamoko – 31 Quaresma – 9 Karamoko – 8 Kisley – 7,42 02 2023/2024 Sertanense Karamoko – 23 P Mendes – 10 Karamoko – 5 L Madeira – 7,26 03 2024/2025 Sertanense Karamoko – 21 Miccoli – 8 Karamoko – 7 Karamoko – 7,10 04 2025/2026 Sertanense Karamoko – 22 Costinha – 9 Costinha – 4 Karamoko – 7,02 05 2026/2027 Marseille Beier – 30 A Harit – 12 Beier – 10 Beier – 7,34 06 2027/2028 Marseille Beier – 41 A Güler – 17 Beier – 9 Beier – 7,38 07 2028/2029 Marseille Beier – 39 M Vormer – 18 Beier – 11 Beier – 7,53 08 2029/2030 Marseille Beier – 45 L Samardzic – 15 Beier – 14 Beier – 7,55 09 2030/2031 Liverpool Darwin – 19 Harvey Elliot – 9 Harvey Elliot – 4 Darwin – 7,19 10 2031/2032 Marseille Rahbek – 48 L Zvonarek – 21 Rahbek – 14 Rahbek – 7,66 And the financial/attendance situation: Season Year Club Income Expenditure Profit Avg Attendance 01 2022/2023 Sertanense 1 353 447,00 € 1 411 118,00 € -57 671,00 € 662 02 2023/2024 Sertanense 1 485 040,00 € 1 942 059,00 € -457 019,00 € 1266 03 2024/2025 Sertanense 9 730 336,00 € 11 047 343,00 € -1 317 007,00 € 1876 04 2025/2026 Sertanense 6 747 649,00 € 7 290 128,00 € -542 479,00 € 5296 05 2026/2027 Marseille 269 469 620,00 € 252 138 019,00 € 17 331 601,00 € 56937 06 2027/2028 Marseille 424 402 996,00 € 360 698 906,00 € 63 704 090,00 € 62557 07 2028/2029 Marseille 442 381 644,00 € 431 762 494,00 € 10 619 150,00 € 61342 08 2029/2030 Marseille 461 276 053,00 € 434 403 627,00 € 26 872 426,00 € 63857 09 2030/2031 Liverpool 628 881 818,00 € 862 201 336,00 € -233 319 518,00 € 59498 10 2031/2032 Marseille 607 322 846,00 € 555 843 675,00 € 51 479 171,00 € 64334 And a look at the most-used players over the 10 years of managing: Name Position Apps Goals Seasons Club Daniel Azevedo GK 78 0 23-26 Sertanense Tomás Jofré RB 86 0 29-30/31-32 Marseille Andrei Nagy CB 180 10 26-30/31-32 Marseille Luís Ferreira CB 121 11 22-26 Sertanense Giuseppe Pezzella LB 153 1 26-30 Marseille Kanya Fujimoto CM 135 21 26-30 Marseille Ludovit Reis DM 133 7 26-30 Marseille Lovro Zvonarek CM 126 12 28-30/31-32 Marseille Mettin Vormer RW 120 16 27-30/31-32 Marseille Karim Daoud LW 172 59 27-30/31-32 Marseille Maximilian Beier ST/LW 225 176 26-30/31-32 Marseille Now dominated by Marseille players, with Beier being the first to break the 200-game barrier. I'll leave the spreadsheet update to another post as this is getting too big.
  6. It's always the problem with youth-only saves, either you are lucky or there's no real workaround. In the save I'm playing (journeyman type), I'm slowly trying to go that way, forcing myself to have and play more youngsters but it's very tricky.
  7. The first time I've seen this message I don't need to add the season is going wonderful. I've also kept working on my spreadsheet and I'll soon write an update with the end of the season and all the changes.
  8. Pretty decent run in the league phase. The knockout phase is always tricky. The best players can always make a difference in every play.
  9. Mid-Season Update Competitions: Ligue 1 Massive contribution from one of the best players I ever had in FM: Niclas Rahbek. UCL: Particularly interesting that are youngsters are thriving in the UCL: Podstawski, 18, 4 goals + 2 assists; Kitoko, 16, 2g + 1a; Sueur, 17, 1g+1a. Winter Transfer Window Quite busy, but we managed to make some interesting deals: OUT A bunch of reserves with limited potential; Lucas Pires was our reserve LB and Tozé was our rotating DM and RW, but not exactly the first choice. IN Machuca, Triki and Hubery are U17 players. Petreski is a 21-year-old who can still develop and either be a backup or at least be sold for profit. The same goes for Johansen. Vini is the replacement for Tozé. He can play both as MEZ-A and LW. Tejeda is a winger turned LB. He isn't top quality but with the lack of attacking WBs, I decided to try him out. Dionisi is a piece of business. He has english nationality, has decent potential and was available for just 2M. Got him in, loaned him to Toulouse, and expect to profit a lot from his sale to a Premier League team. Tactics I have settled with my 4-3-3 DM Wide. In possession is a 2-1-3-4. I've also created the inverted version to cause different types to problems, but haven't used much. Regarding my spreadsheet, I've changed a few things: Added a calculated Potential Rating: a very simple formula just based on a linear evolution until a players is 23 (as expected doesn't work very well for GKs, but it's a work in progress). Added a personality check and a potential check. On the Squad Analytics Tab, I've changed the Ability and Potential to the BPR values from the table above (instead of the scout assessment). This way it's calculated automatically once I upload my squad. I've also created an Evolution screen to track my players' development from the beginning of the season (or when they got in the squad):
  10. Quick Update: I got back to Marseille. Initially, I was thinking about waiting for a different type of job, maybe in Italy or Spain, but clearly, Marseille was the best job available and already had a squad built with my ideas. 2 new visuals to study my squad: The first one is based on "Talent Analytics". Based on ability and potential, I set my players into categories. Then with the risk/impact binomial, I can check if I need to be looking at someone to cover an eventual exit. [Risk: 2 for players with someone interested; 3 for players who already have an offer or said they want out] | [Impact: this is more on feeling - 2 if I feel I have a sub, but I'm not 100% sure he can replace him; 3 - 2nd best is nowhere near in quality ] The second one is an overview of all the players with a contract. [Monthly Expenses: Monthly Wage + 4* Appearance Fee] [Wage Group Limit: Based on the 30+30+30+10 division of wages] [Best Rating: I have a calculation for each position based on the octagon attributes] [Total Rating: All octagon attributes added] [Prob Columns: Checks for potential issues with players - Age if they are equal or over 31; Wage if they are over their wage group limit; Rate if they are below 72 in best and 60 in total - then they add to the 4th column]
  11. An interesting turn of events... After the post-season meeting with the board, I was called for another post-season meeting with the board and they decided to sack me. Oh well...
  12. One more update as another season has gone by. Left Marseille as intended and soon I got some interviews. Managing at Anfield after Klopp left was an honor so I took the challenge. Quite an offer as well. They ended last season in 5th with 67 points; R16 on UCL; FA 3rd Round; and Carabao 4th Round. There was a vision I was required to meet: Work within budget is my usual; reputation is always tricky. Don't plan on having signing aging players so not important those 1/2-year contract rules. Sign youngsters fits me; play defensive is not usually my cup of tea; play possession is also a nice fit. The squad I inherited had some challenges. Plenty of players 31+ and many wanting out. Also, quite a decent size of players who weren't developed properly and I could see there was some potential there, but difficult to predict if they'll ever be the players needed to play for Liverpool. First, the outs: Didn't want to sell Konaté, but I'm not one to fight players to stay so, I sold him. He was 30 already, so this was probably the last chance to make some money on him. Vanderson was kept in the team until January but his performances weren't great and I had Trent and Saelemaekers to play RB. The rest were mostly backups or 21/22-year-olds who were not good enough. IN: Kelleher wanted out and Allison was 37, so I needed to take care of the goal for the next few years and I went for Dinis Baldé who I brought to Marseille and was on loan at Braga. Quite expensive but couldn't find any other decent youngster. He's only 20 so he'll be around for long. Konaté left so I needed another CB. Louis Costa (a regen) was on my shortlist from my time at Marseille and he wanted to leave so I chose him. 23 years old, 193cm. Another one for the long run. I needed a fast player upfront so got Alex from Grêmio. 20-year-old, 17 ACC, 15 PAC, 17 DRI, left-footed and can play both RW or ST. Also one for the future. Quite cheap for his quality. Bauer, Guzmán, Edison, Iribarren were all brought in as prospects. In January, needed to reinforce the CB position as my 4th CB wasn't good enough and Louis Costa is always in need of a rest (don't know why as he has 14 Natural Fitness). So I loaned in Badiashile who wasn't playing at Marseille and I knew how good he was. For the LB position, I had Tsimikas, who was 34 and was steadily declining and a regen who wasn't doing very well so I decided to try Prince Aning. Both these loans came with option-to-buy clauses in case I won the league. And I learned that money was kept out of the balance until the end of the season... The season was going quite well until I had a very poor run. 3 points out of 12 in the league; eliminated from UCL; and barely got through in the FA Cup. I had been trying to play a 4-2-3-1 to move away from the 4-3-3 and try and be a more defensively solid side as it was asked by the board, but it wasn't working. In that match against Everton, I decided to go back to my Marseille 4-3-3 and ended the season playing very well and only allowing 2 goals in the last 4 games. However, it wasn't enough and we could only get to 6th place with 1 less point than last season. So it was 6th in PL; QF in UCL; Runner-Up in FA Cup; 4th Round in Carabao. Similar to last season, but I need to do much better next time. I ended the season meeting with the board as they were considering my future at the club. Besides all actual football, I don't like how the finances are. Next season I'll keep getting rid of deadwood and try and lower the wages. A season for learning. Let's see if I'm up to the task next season.
  13. Sorry for going back so much. Something caught my attention: have you set your new HOYD to be responsible for the youth intake? I'm asking this because it was your DOF presenting the info, which might suggest it's him responsible for it. The change in the affiliate link is great for your purposes. Getting those Mexican youngsters from teams with such high reputation in their countries will certainly help you a lot.
  14. Quick Update on the Season. I don't have much time to play, but kept going with Marseille. Almost a perfect season. In the league, a draw in the last game left me nervous as we needed at least one point to secure the title. We also won the Cup and "Trophée des Champions" (Supercup). We only got to the QF in the UCL. We undeservedly lost the first leg 3-0 and couldn't get back in the tie for the 2nd leg. Regarding the squad: before this season started we got some offer for Turati and Siquet. They wanted to leave, so I let them. Got Casadei in as Nottm Forest were relegated and he had a 10M relegation release clause. This season we also made some changes. Most important: Lazar Samardzic on a heavy salary, but was worth it. Switched backup LB (Max Paul for Kerim), got a new GK (Gorter), and a new backup RB (Arnau Martínez). In the winter transfer window, Charier (regen, CAM) wanted me to accept the Real Madrid bid and so I did and brought in Opoku (regen, CAM) and Paquetá as backup. All the others are youngsters. Individual Stats (sorted by minutes played) Beier with 1,10 gls/90 was once again our standout performer. Badiashile was a great help with some corner goals and a lot of possession won (Thorarinsson as well); Daoud, Vormer, Tozé, Samardzic, Zvonarek, Casadei had phenomenal seasons. Our loanees have also performed well (sorted by recommendation). I expect a lot from Rahbek; Dinis will certainly be our starting GK; Kündig and Castelli will soon be part of the squad; Nordh will also be a part but he might need some time. We got here on 26/27 and we broke some records Financially the team is in a much better position (with a lot of money still to be received this season) I want to win the UCL, but I'm a bit tired of the French League, so I will leave Marseille and see where I can find a spot.
  15. You should see the movie. It's brilliant (IMO)
  16. Sorry, but I couldn't help having the sound in my head: "Dags... Do you like dags?" Good luck with the new challenge!
  17. Good luck for the end of the season! Vivar seems like a great prospect. Even if he doesn't develop to be a star, with those technical attributes he can always be an asset in the first team
  18. I haven't spent much time here as work and study are using most of my time, so I hadn't noticed you had already started a new journey. It's a great read as always, and the skin is getting better with each iteration. Just a question I was dealing with the last time I played: can you somehow filter by position played instead of "natural/accomplished" position? I could never find the option, but on the development screen and on the form screen, players have the statistics distributed by playing position (and even role), so the game is tracking that.
  19. Congratulations! I'll be waiting for your save in FM24.
  20. That 4-2 against Liverpool looks solid. The away trip is always difficult, well every game is difficult at that stage of UCL... Good luck! Edit: 4-3, Messed it up.
  21. Thanks! Don't know if I'll get FM24 or keep playing FM23. I don't usually buy every version. I'll decide by Christmas.
  22. I was! Couldn't write anything. We had some opportunities but couldn't score; Beier was always on offside; that Endrick disallowed goal... Way too stressful way to end the season. I made a mess in the winter transfer window. But you live and you learn. When fighting for a league, keep the best. When I sold Maxi, Harit and Soumaré I lost the chance to have a more peaceful second half, and maybe we could have fought for a better Coupe de France run and a better UCL run as well as not losing so many points in the league. I don't know if I'll keep playing and if I do, I don't know if I'll have the time to post as I will start a post-graduation course next week, but I'm sure I learned a lot about squad building for big goals.
  23. May [Ligue 1] vs PSG (H) The game that defines the season. Saka is probably out of the game on their side. Beier rallying the troops! Their expected line-up It’s odd seeing Mbappé on the right. He only played 2 games there this season. However, in their last game (Coupe de France final vs Monaco) he played there. Marquinhos is also outside the expected line-up. His physical has declined a lot but he’s still the second-most-used CB in the squad (after Kimpembe). Clearly their right side is way better than their left, so we’ll try to focus there. Late news: Reis is injured and can’t play. Kündig, the backup DM is also out with an injury. Nagy will play as DM and Carboni as RCB. 15 minutes in, we are marginally better, but it’s very balanced and quiet. Vormer already had some attention from the physios but he can keep going. In the 21st minute ESR scores on a rebound. We were a bit careless inside the box. Around the 30-minute mark we are not doing bad, but we need to find the equalizing goal. Mbappé scores in the 49th minute. After a great team play, Beier scores. 1-2 we are back in the game. It’s halftime! Very balanced game. We had a good reaction, especially after their second goal. We need to keep going! Right after the second half started, Bellingham puts the ball past his own goal. 2-2! Mbappé scored again. This time a header. 2-3. Vormer is hurt and needs to be taken off. ASM comes in as well as Castelli for Fujimoto. They are creating better chances and are completing a lot of passes, but I believe we can do it! 3-3! Beier! As crazy as the second half of this season. They are starting to make substitutions: Milinkovic-Savic and Marquinhos for Mudryk and Tanganga. Gouiri moves to LW. Hakimi, Mbappé and ESR are on poor fitness levels. On our side it’s only Daoud feeling tired. Hakimi for Pavard follows. I responded with Hojlund for Daoud with Beier moving to LW. Çalhanoglu and Charier for Pezzella and Zvonarek. Final Whistle! We couldn’t stop them from creating many chances, but we also created some for ourselves. It’s a draw, everything to be decided in the last game. [Ligue 1] vs Lorient (A) Lorient has secured UCL qualification but they are still fighting for 3rd place. We got Reis back, but Vormer is injured so ASM starts and Nagy goes back to RCB. Sorry about not having many words written and many screenshots but I was quite nervous and focused. Endrick scored for them 8 minutes in but it was disallowed for offside. In the 51st minute, Beier scored after a through ball from Fujimoto. The game went on without much happening until the 86th minute were Nagy was sent off when he was already playing as DM. We then ended the game without a striker. But WE WON! WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!
  24. It's way more challenging than that. You'll see why in a moment. Sorting Rules: As you said, I have a clear advantage, but my remaining games are: And PSG's remaining games. I play PSG and 3rd-placed Lorient. If we win against them, we are the champions. If we draw, I need to match their result - and that's most likely a win against Nantes (they are in the relegation play-off). If I lose, they have to lose against Nantes and I have to win against Lorient. It would be crazy to win the league at home against PSG. One can only dream!
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