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  1. I have staff at my team right now I want to keep in a list so that when I leave for a new team I can find them all and sign them. Whats the best way to keep a list of your own current staff?
  2. its not possible to buy real players from outside the usa unfortunately. i tried to buy danny drinkwater and even he was ineligible for a visa/permit. if he is denied one i dont see how any other play will get one
  3. no worries mate looking good. i was curious as to why its necessary to shake things up. for example no oregon state or arizona in pac12. SEC seems to be missing some teams as well and replaced with FSU. ACC has ole miss, kentucky and south carolina. boston college and cincy in big 10. etc etc
  4. been playing for some hours and im having a ton of fun with this. ive been looking for this kinda mod for the last few years and finally its here. kudos to you mate, did a superb job could you just clarify further, why you have done the realignments you have done? some of them seem a bit odd.
  5. nice stuff, will you do level 12? aside, i was wondering how many people actually play with teams from these lowest levels? because teams from level 10 are going to be full of fake newgen players, was just wondering if people find it fun to play like that, , given the quality of players is so low, and the game will take ages to process...
  6. this is not what im talking about. if you go on your profile, on your recently played games on your steam social profile, it will not show you have recently played fm23 beta. just look at mine if youre confused about my OP. its not showing up
  7. im looking at the pages of people playing this game, its not showing up on their pages as recently played
  8. i purchased from steam...for people on my friends list its also not showing up?
  9. that makes sense, because after the match is complete you can watch the entire thing after, cant you?
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