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  1. October 2020

    We have a job! I will take charge of Spennymoor Town FC in the English Vanarama National League North! They have given me a contract to the end of this season so I have 8 months to prove my worth at this level.


    Competition Expectations

    The board are looking for a fairly successful season from us. In the league we are expected to reach playoffs as a minimum and after a start of 3 wins from 3, prior to me taking over, it looks like I have a solid foundation to build on. As for the cups we are expected to make the first round proper of the FA cup and the second round of the FA trophy.



    The squad looks fairly decent however I feel it´s too small. First stop will be to look for some free transfers to bolster our ranks.



    This is what we will be playing with for the majority of the season. We will tweak it as and when required but I feel good with this.


  2. European Journeyman Save - A Scotsman lost in Europe

    I am going to have another bash at documenting a save. I am going on a journeyman tour of Europe with my manager starting with no experience or coaching badges and unemployed. I have loaded all the leagues in Europe and Mexico, Brazil and Argentina although I won´t manage in the latter 3, they are solely for international and scouting purposes. So without further ado lets meet our man of the moment:

    Here is Daniel Clouston, 28 years old and a normal guy who has been stuck in a boring 9-5 desk job for the last 7 years when he decides he´s going to pack a suitcase and venture out for some excitement in the footballing world. His dreams are to see his name top the managerial board with some prestigious trophies under his belt but, with no experience and no qualifications, he has a long way to go before that dream is anywhere close to a reality. Armed only with his suitcase and his ability to speak both English and German will our guy make it to the top?



    I´m leaning towards a couple of updates per season at the beginning, mid way point and end of season but I will also post an update at any time I move jobs.

  3. 15 hours ago, busngabb said:

    I think the issue with left backs earlier in the game's release was felt by everyone. I suspect the left winger and central midfield issue on the latest patch also is, given several have pointed it out on here and it's a topic of debate on other platforms as well. If the glaring issue and resulting fix with left backs hadn't happened I might be more inclined to believe it's not a bug/error in the engine. Do you have screenshots of the above as I've never seen anything like those on the latest patch, particularly for central midfielders? Are yours taking penalties, free kicks and corners to get them that high?

    I don't have a screenshot from the time I posted the original ratings but here is a screenshot from now. It is close season hence no appearances etc but I haven't played any friendlies yet, the last 5 games are competitive from last season. Don't bother with Donnarumma because I only just signed him, my keeper was Scherpen (S1).


  4. The only thing that frusrates me with the game is the disparity of transfer fees. Whenever I want to buy a player I have to pay over the odds from their value but my best players can't command a fee that's above their value because when you negotiate the fee the teams pull out and the player gets unsettled and wants transfer listed. It makes it so frustrating.


    Example: I bought Camavinga valued at £30mil had to pay £55mil, way over the valuation. Fine, he's totally worth it.


    PSG come in for my player Tete, just won European player of the year etc, valued at £40mil. Tried to negotiate to £60mil and they withdrew. Player unsettled, wants to leave Ajax for PSG which is understandable, can't get anything above £45mil.


    This happens with pretty much every transfer, to the point I don't actually want to make any transfers.

  5. 4 hours ago, Christmas said:

    Thank you. 

    I been offer every job not England so will keep trying 

    I found it was much harder to get the England job than say Spain, Germany or France because for 10 years in my save England were No 1 in the world and were always looking for the best managers. I didn't get the job until 2037 after I'd already won the WC and Euros with France and champions leagues with various teams in Europe.

  6. Just checked my other save with Hearts in the Scottish Premiership, season 3 in save sitting 7th out of 12 after 24 games (7 wins, 10 draws, 7 losses). Average ratings are:


    GK: 6.69 (not surprising when we've conceded 35 goals)


    RB: 7.04

    CB: 7.14

    CB: 6.76

    LB: 7.46


    DM: 7.13

    CM: 7.09

    CM: 7.28


    AMR: 7.44

    AML: 6.70


    ST: 7.76


  7. After 10 games (6 leagues wins 1 leage draw & 2 CL wins and 1 CL loss) here are my ratings with Ajax


    GK - 7.12


    RB: 7.20

    CB: 7.06

    CB: 7.04

    LB: 7.84


    MCR: 7.53

    MCL: 7.74


    AMR: 7.24

    AMC: 7.60

    AML: 7.22


    ST: 7.84


    In my experience the ratings are not broken. I don't know why yours are so low but it's not a problem of the core game otherwise we'd all experience it.

  8. 8 hours ago, alian62 said:

    I think this exclusive feature from a few years ago has now disappeared like many others 

    Definitely haven't disappeared. I have links on every save I currently have but they appear to be random. My CB's, in one save, have played together for 4 months and have a solid link while my RB and RW have played together for 2 and a half season and have no links at all.

  9. 10 hours ago, Maccer92 said:

    I use 4231 Gegenpress with Schalke and have for a couple seasons. Haven't changed much from the default tactic because I'll admit I'm not the best tactically. I'm certainly not steam rolling the league and haven't even won it. Do you have a picture of your 4231 gegenpress tactic? 

    I don't think gegenpress is so over powered this year that I'd call it broken. I've been playing since fm12.

    I'll send you it when I'm next on the game mate 👍


    It's not a preset one. I created it myself when playing with Pumas but I've used it with various teams (Hearts, Kaiser Cheifs, DL Pro, Lyon, Mexico,  Australia and Nigeria) with the same level of success. 

  10. image.png.f427d84aaa09db872419a44cbfe8f001.png

    La Roda CF

    Season 2 (22/23) Spanish Segunda Division Pro B

    Facilities | Transfers | Season Preview | Board Expectations

    As you can see from the season preview and board expectations, we are fully expected to go down again this season and to be honest I am inclined to agree. Our squad is not particularly great in comparison to the rest of the league. Hopefully we are able to pull of remaining in the league though. I do worry about the longevity viability of this save though. We are burning through cash something awful and with no regular income and very low attendances I am worried about our ability to upgrade our facilities and make progress for the team.


    We have changed system to a 433 this season, I feel we need to have that holding midfielder in there to steady our ship. I have chosen to give a starting berth to both our full backs from the intake last year in the hope they can make some progression because the alternatives are also not great.

    Pre-Season Friendlies

    I was a little concerned after the first 3 games. Yes, they were 2 wins and a draw but we played teams who are currently in unplayable leagues and should have been far more comfortable than we actually were. After a small tweak in our tactic the performances and results became better and our friendlies ended with a win of LaLiga2 side Almeria.

    National Coaching B

    Despite our current financial situation the board did allow me to start studying for my next coaching badge, at least something.


    Wish me luck, I think we need a huge dose of it to remain in the league!

  11. @Blackwolfmy laptop has 8gb RAM and 2.1ghz processor clock and I have zero performance issues. I don't think its unfair for @Smurfto tell you it is a problem with your computer and not the game. And just before you decide to tell me i am sheep and only defending SI, this is the first FM I have played for 6 years. SI will test the game on various machines with varying specs, they're not going to test the game on something that doesn't meet the minimum spec requirements though because that is am utterly pointless waste of time.

  12. 6 hours ago, aaronmorris91 said:

    Hi all,


    I need help I’m currently starting a save with Borussia Dortmund based around youth. On the previous FM they was load of info regarding staff but I’m struggling to find any this year. 

    I’m looking for the best u19 manager?? 

    please help 


    As the game goes on, newly generated staff will appear so you won't get a comprehensive list. Besides, whats the point in using a list to always hire the best? Surely if you like FM part of the fun is to do the leg work and find the best staff for yourself?

  13. 14 hours ago, thisisneeds said:

    I've decided I'm going to try this challenge. Does anyone have any advice setting up the save? Which countries would be best? Just want to make sure eveything is right is before I start. 

    I went Canada, Mexico, South Africa, China and now in France, although I've not played the save for a while because I got bored 😂


    Started with all the Americas and South Africa loaded, then removed North America when I was in SA and loaded China, South Korea and Australia. Then removed Asia and all of South America except Brazil and Argentina and loaded a bunch from Europe.


    When you set up the game though I would force load all international players in Asia so you get a good selection of Asian international teams to manage for the Asian Cup.

  14. image.png.9703ca6a1bdabdd35eabf87998290825.png

    La Roda CF

    Season 1 2021/2022 Spanish Segunda Division B Grupo 3 - End of Season Review

    Fixtures 1 | Fixtures 2 | League Table | Finances | Transfers

    What a season we had in the league. We were very good for large parts of the season and we got lucky that we had no major injury issues considering we have a very small squad. We got all the way to April before we lost a game in the league but a dip in form that seen us draw 2 and lose 1 meant we nearly threw away our spot at the top. Winning the league put us into the promotion play off semi finals where we drew Quintanar Del Rey, a 2-1 away defeat followed by a 1-0 home victory seen us progress on to the final with away goals. We were up against UCAM Murcia, a solid 3-1 first leg win was thankfully enough as we were defeated 2-1 in the final and we are promoted to Spanish Segunda Division Pro. In the Copa Del Rey we beat Gernika 5-2 after ET before being hammered 2-1 by LaLiga side Cadiz.


    Off the field things are not quite so great. We are losing money, fast and there is no sign of any decent investment coming my way any time soon. With that in mind, we are unable to undergo any upgrades this season. Hopefully we can start to bring in some money because the Youth Preview indicated it would a semi ok Intake but we are littered with bad personalities. Too many balanced and unambitious players in there. I have set up some mentoring in the hope that I can change some personalities but it does not look good for our first intake. Best of the bunch are Abel 1ASeydou Sene 1B and Alberto Alonso 1C


    I am not confident for our chances of survival next season but, to tell you the truth, I am unsure how big a step up in quality the Segunda Pro will be. Let´s see what the summer brings, I suppose.



  15. 1 hour ago, Smurf said:

    @Blackwolf @d d  I also have to say the same thing happened to me on FM12 and FM13, FM13 was unplayable on my laptop where FM12 worked fine.

    Sometimes, things are out of your control. For the majority it works, but sometimes it happens.

    I had the same thing with FM15 and FM16. FM15 ran no problem at all, bought FM16 and it was pretty much unplayable.

  16. image.png.9e0d24e3505342d741c2660d4e147d53.png

    La Roda CF

    Season 1 (2021/2022) Spanish Segunda Division B Grupo 3 - Pre-season Report

    Facilities | Transfers | Season Preview | Finances | Board Expectations


    We are going to set up with a 442 this season, in the hope of retaining possession and working the ball into the box.


    Here is our squad for this season, it is severely lacking in depth and with one or two injuries and/or suspensions then I may need to use greyed out players at some point within the season.

    Pre-season Friendlies

    Nothing spectacular here, beat the teams we were expected to and lost to the ones we were expected to.

    National C Course

    The board have already agreed to send me on a coaching course.


    I will come back with the youth intake preview when it is time. For now, lets see what we can do!


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