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  1. I have had several (4-5) crashes to desktop during teamtalks. Frustratingly, it usually happens when I've just had an important win. The game locks up when I select a player to give a teamtalk to.
  2. yes, but they will be exhausted towards the end of each one.
  3. it seems the OP is underestimating how exhausting playing a football match is. It's like any good workout - if you aren't pushing gassed at the end, you could have worked harder. In a football match, especially at pro levels, everything comes back to physical work over 90+ minutes.
  4. But this happens to a degree in real life. Season before last, Leicester loaned a player from Birmingham with a clause to buy him if he played 10 league matches. He didn't play for the last few games of the season because Leicester didn't want him and he was on 9 games.
  5. Are you sure that it is FM that is spiking the CPU load and making the fans spin up? Do you have a second monitor or could you play FM in a window, then you can have Task Manager open along with Core Temp to see what is happening. If it is something in FM, then it's probably worth noting what the game is actually doing when the load\temps spike and report it on here. It could also just be your setup. FM has long period of idle CPU followed by intensive processing. Other games are generally more GPU dependant, it might just be that your fan configuration struggles to keep the CPU cool at full load and you would need to look into either the fan temperature curve or the overall cooling setup.
  6. Seems to be a problem with assistant manager teamtalks. I've just started my save, and set the assistant manager to manage all of my friendlies. Half the squad have now fallen out with me and moral has taken a big hit, as they are upset with how I have handled a half-time team talk - which I didn't give.
  7. I have this exact same problem. I am not happy with my manager avatar, and I can't find any button to edit. I got prompted to create the avatar on first load, but can't find anyway to change him now.
  8. When you start FM2023 for the first time you are prompted to create your manager profile and avatar. Apart from all of the options available looking like chavs, there is a bug where once you get to the page which you 'build your head', if you use a photo to set the shape of your head (using the 11 point markers), it immediately sets the skin tone of the avatar to dark and will not let you change it to any other skin tone. The only way to change it is to quit out of the game and start the process again. The change to skin tone happens as soon as you click 'generate 3d model of your head'
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