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  1. Are you sure that it is FM that is spiking the CPU load and making the fans spin up?

    Do you have a second monitor or could you play FM in a window, then you can have Task Manager open along with Core Temp to see what is happening. If it is something in FM, then it's probably worth noting what the game is actually doing when the load\temps spike and report it on here.

    It could also just be your setup. FM has long period of idle CPU followed by intensive processing. Other games are generally more GPU dependant, it might just be that your fan configuration struggles to keep the CPU cool at full load and you would need to look into either the fan temperature curve or the overall cooling setup.

  2. You are playing with a target man with noone to support him, and you have also set your posssion to play out of defense and distribute centrebacks and and fullbacks. If you have a target man, target him. Hit the ball long to him from the back and get players in and around him to pickup the ball when it lands on him.

    You also have three defenders on defend, all your midfield on support, and one attacker on attack. Look up the 'pairs' thread that is a sticky on this forum, it explains why this is bad. In essence, all your defenders are hanging back, and your forward is moving forward. You should generally have one wide pair (fullback\winger) on support\attack and the other on attack\support.

    Play narrow to get your wide forward players near your target man.

    Playing wingbacks and wingers is somewhat redundant, they are trying to do the same role. Try setting on of your wide forwards to a wide playmaker support role, in a narrow formation. Set your other wide forward to attack. This way the pattern of play would be - hit it to your target man, he knocks it down to the play maker, who tries to find the attacking winger, who crosses it back into the box for the now advanced target man to score

  3. I would think that it is because you don't have a balanced formation. You have all of your attackers on attack, and all of your defenders on defend.

    You want to set your player mentalities to create angles, so on one side you have one attacking fullback and a supporting winger, and on the other, you have defending fullback and attacking midfielder or winger. Mix and match depending on which players you have, but basically don't set all your defenders to defend\support and all your attackers to support\attack. Create asymmetry through your player mentalities.

    Also, you have an advanced play maker and box to box midfielder as your centre pairing, this means that in a transition McDonald, your defensive midfielder will get caught alone as both the advanced playmaker and box to box midfield look to get forward, so your defensive midfielder will get caught by himself when the opposition get the ball. This is exacerbated by the fact that your two forward midfielders and wingers are on support or attack, and your DM is on defend. This will open up a big gap in the middle of the pitch as your front 5 players push forward and your back 5 hold back. You need the asymmetry.

    You also have wingbacks and wingers on both sides, so your wide players are all trying to do the same job.

    Your team instructions are also a little counter intuative - you have counter set, but also take short kicks. The goalkeeper is hardly going to start counter attacks if you tell him to play it short. And if you do want him to play it short, then you should have play out from the back set. If you want to play with counter press on, you need to move your team up the pitch, so have a higher defensive and engagement line, and let the keeper decide where he wants to kick it.

    Here are two tweaks, depending on whether you want to play on the counter or play out from the back. Both these suggestions retain your attacking intent, wing pla,y and your crosses to I assume a big centre forward. They would need adjusting to fit your specific players but hopefully indicate how to set the team up. There are some great sticky threads on the tactics forum that go into all of this in great depth.

    1) Counterpress and counter - attempt to win the ball high up the pitch, get it out wide quickly, and cross it for the centre forward.



    2) Play out from the back - Drop deep to defend, play the ball out from the back, get it to the wide players, and and cross it for the centre forward.



    Depending on which of your fullbacks is the best at attacking, you want to set them to attack and put your De central midfielder on the same side as them, as in the second tactic above.

    I generally try to think, on each side, does it add up to zero, and also across the pitch. You want it balanced but offset, like a sudoko. So on the second tactic above, on the left there is one attack, two support, and one defend, but not where you would expect them. On the other side it is reversed with one attack and three support. Across your front 5 players you now have two attack, two support, and one defend. Across you back five outfield players you two defend, two support, and one attack. This will create angles and support triangles all over the pitch, it's not all forward players run forward, all defenders run backwards, and leave a massive gap in the centre of the pitch and players isolated.

  4. We all know how Frank Lampard's career as Chelsea manager went. Started off well meaning, and lasted just over a year until it became clear that he wasn't going to bring immediate success demanded by the club.  His stats as Chelsea manager are summarised in the spoiler below. Basically he lasted 84 matches in total. Chelsea are also famous for chopping and changing their manager frequently in the Ambramovich era, and even proven top level pedgree managers with Champions League wins in their record get fired within 12 months if they don't bring immediate success.


    What was Lampard’s first game as Chelsea manager?

    Frank Lampard’s first match as Chelsea manager was a 4-0 loss against Manchester United at Old Trafford on August 11, 2019 (the first round of the 2019/20 Premier League season)

    Which was the last Chelsea game managed by Frank Lampard?

    Lampard’s last game as Chelsea manager was their 3-0 win over Luton Town in the FA Cup on January 24, 2021. His last league game as CFC manager was their 2-0 loss to Leicester City on January 19, 2021.

    What was Lampard’s overall record as Chelsea manager

    Managed 84- Won 44, Drawn 17, Lost 23, Win percentage 52.39%

    Goals scored 163, Goals conceded 106

    Source - http://www.soccer-blogger.com/2021/01/25/frank-lampard-chelsea-manager-stats-list-of-games-lampard-cfc-managerial-record/

    In every game of FM2020 and FM2021 that I have started, Frank Lampard has brought continued success to Chelsea for 5-10 years, depending on the length of the game I have played. In every game, Chelsea become the top team in Europe and are always challenging for the Premier League title and Champions League, and it's always Frank at the helm.

    Frank is also 'incredibly nice' in the game.

    It's the biggest bugbear of mine with the current FM iterations. Not even Ole survives more than a couple of seasons at Man Utd.



    Please come in and share your stories of the the unreasonably successful career of Frank Lampard as simulated by FM2020 and FM2021. How long has he lasted in your game?


  5. For anyone interested in the future, I fixed it. I had to use tab to seperate the values, and the quotation marks were somehow in the wrong font. Once I changed the quotes from to " it worked. I think because it is an lnc file, not plain text, it lets your store italic fonts.

  6. I have found the correct folder for editing things, apparently it has to be the save that the game was started in, not the current version, however the string

    “STADIUM_NAME_CHANGE” 2000066574 “New maidstone stadium name” “english”

    just will not take :-(

  7. After getting Maidstone promoted to the Premier League, the club decided to build a new stadium. I was very excited, until I found out it would be called the 'Bill Williams Stadium'. I have no idea who Bill Williams is, and would like to name the stadium more befittting of the manager that has taken the club from the Vanarama South to the Premier League. Our first season in the new stadium will feature Champions League football!

    I have followed the various instructions online but I can't seem to get the stadium name to change. Can anyone direct me to which folder I should put the .lnc file into, and whether I have the contents correct? The stadium ID is 2000066574

    Stadium ID



    DB folders




    LNC file location - I have tried this in each of the DB folders




    File contents of Stadium_name.lnc

    “STADIUM_NAME_CHANGE” 2000066574 “new stadium name” “”


  8. Posted the following in the general feedback channel:


    Why can you not dispute with a player when they say that you haven't fulfilled your promise when you have?

    Key examples being:

    1. You promised my match time wouldn't change when I returned from injury
    2. You promised me more match time.

    You play these players in pretty much every match, and when they come complaining that you have broken your promise your options are

    1. Sorry pal, I promise I'll play you more
    2. Tough luck, do you want to leave
    3. I'm the manager, suck it up

    Why is there no option that says 'I have played you in 90% of matches that you have been available for since the promise was made, your complaint is not upheld'??

    Other examples being 'You said you would improve the coaching team', when you have, and 'you said you would reinforce the midfield, when you have.

    I have paraphrased slightly on the chat options, but the main gist of it is there. It's really irratating to have to pander to them, or admit you have broken promises when you clearly haven't.


    Response was

    11 minutes ago, FrazT said:

    This is definitely a module in the game that does need some tuning- if you have a save from just before any of these instances please upload it to the Bugs forum and let the guys have a  look at it


    Here is a save file (hopefully saved at the right time). The forward in the team, 29. Oumar Traore, is about to kick off because his playing time on return from injury has not been fulfilled, despite the fact he has started pretty much every game since he returned, and has been subbed on on the few occasions he didn't make it. Also, 20. Marvin Kokos, has been kicking off about not getting enough promised gametime, despite the fact he has been started or subbed on for pretty much every match he has been available since he complained.

    Save file - https://gofile.io/d/sa5Una



  9. As per the thread title, another UI bug.

    When you have a player suspended or injured. If you replace that player in the tactics screen with a non-injured or non-suspended player the screen shows the replacement as injured or suspended until you exit the screen and re-enter it.

    See video of this in action - Steam Version 21.2


  10. Three times in the last couple of days, I've been watching a match and thinking 'this is going on a bit longer than usual' and noticing no breaks in play while the match advances to the next highlight. On each occasion, after 5mins or so, i've clicked the match settings button and found that the highlights mode have for some reason changed from 'Extended highlights' to 'Full match', without me changing it. I never change this setting manually.

    It caused a real problem the first time it happened as it was 3am, I needed to go to bed, I needed to goto the loo, there was 80mins on the clock and I thought I'll just nip and do my business and the match will be finished by then. I returned and the match clock was on 82 minutes. I watched another 3 minutes before I realised the match settings had changed.

    Has anyone else experienced this bug? I've only noticed it in the past week. Playing the Steam version, running the latest Steam patch.

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