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  1. If anyone wants to join this one, you're more than welcome Linky Code: Ejeu9R
  2. Any thoughts on why I got these two? I couldn't move unless I holidayed for a few weeks. I hope to try and fix it for next time
  3. You know most online games that have servers could we have a star to click so we won't have to search for it each time we're coming online?
  4. I was at Houston in the MLS where I got this page and now I'm at Kyoto Sanga thoughts on why I get this? never had this before or this new?
  5. I know I've already posted something like this, so delete if you want: So currently in two online leagues and both clubs (Brentford and Southampton) I've got one of them relegated and both in administration as I try and "rebuild them" but then I forgot they've changed the way transfer fees are in FM24 so now I did have a transfer embargo at the Saints, thoughts on how not to keep making the same mistakes?. I do tend to remove one or two bounses, should I put a lock on negotiation for the actual wage and then discuss the rest of how much I'll pay such a player?.
  6. It's a little bit better but registering is a little complicated still
  7. I'm in a new league now with 1 or 2 of the guys from the other one I'm in anyways kind of messed up my team as there are a few players unregistered and such Got bit of money too Thoughts?
  8. Question can I have multiple panels via the mod section of the files?
  9. Do you go by current and potential > player ranking e.g A, B, C?
  10. I've got a new save but the limit is there a way of playing it if I save the game with just one file and then cloud save it from pc to laptop and then just play as usual with 5 game save files as I've got a big storage on my PC?
  11. But obviously Ben Hinchliffe has been immense irl but obviously that's a lot of pressure in-game
  12. I've created a new save with Stockport (regretted removing my first save on FM24) won promotion again and am currently 22nd October in my second season and now 21st thoughts on how to save my season?
  13. Had a question about formations I see most streamers and some post their formations and most are mirror-like for example I'll show you one of mine or is there a better way of doing things like you could have a striker on support and one attacking?
  14. Is that in the interface screen to fix the continue button?
  15. Continue button isn't working after the match I have to click on a goalscorer to move forward
  16. So I've got one or two players on 13k wages and that's why I've run out of money to get one or two goalkeepers as Ben Hinchliffe wanted to be my U21 goalkeeping coach but I don't want to be sacked yet as I won promotion with County thoughts? I really need to stop overpaying players but I've managed to cut down the bonuses and not give into letting them have the bonuses maybe that's my downfall
  17. Will there be player pros and cons in the future of this skin?
  18. As much as I don't want the OG's to go I had one second day as I was playing Wimbledon and I was 1-0 up till one of their midfielders tackled Sarcevic and then scored an OG from 50 yards anyone else getting these kind of OGs?
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