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  1. Folkestone Invicta Season 2 Really strange year, we started really poorly, then went on something crazy like a 22 game unbeaten run, got all the way to 6th in the table, to fall apart at the end. Getting closer though! I really expect to get promoted next season, getting a hang of what is working in lower league FM24. 3rd in the XG table, 9th in the table that matters so we really underperformed our XG! 2nd Rd of FA Cup was nice.
  2. I just want season 2 over, its been a nightmare! Game seems a bit harder than previous years, been having trouble finding good loans, also board won't give me a senior affliate in Season 2 even. I wonder if bugged, that has happened to me before, two years ago, with the board just saying no to everything without reason. Anyone been having issues like that? Seems like teams accept my loans but players always turn it down. Although we had our first famous win, Swindon got FM'ed here lol.
  3. I think its ok. I've always looked at it as players the DOF 'knows' about, but you still have to trial them or scout them to get the full picture, its just names given to you.
  4. Folkestone Invictia 23/24 We had an ok first season. Predicted 22nd, finished 11th easily midtable. Simmed the last couple months as I was pretty stuck into that spot. I made alot of mistakes with finances and signings. Ran into an issue where I missed 3 loans only being for 3 months instead of the full season, which killed my depth and caused me to not have any real promotion hopes, maybe next year though. Hopefully with a full offseason I can mold this team in the way I would like too. Fun start so far, always good to keep a team like this up first year.
  5. Nice! I remember Marine playing Tottenham that would have been a fun one to takeover.
  6. Found a fun one to start with! Hopefully with the full release I won't have the problems with saves that I did with the beta
  7. I think I'm going to have to restart this once the full release comes out, I'm having technical issues with the Beta. Deleting my previous posts of my starting.
  8. Thanks! I thought it strange I'm instantly getting shut down for trying to improve salaries at this level of a club currently. Never get a chance to negoatate more when they deny request, just instantly saying don't bother us again made me feel a bug
  9. 4Hi all, about 12 seasons into my save, I can only offer extremely low wages to staff, the main one being my scouts. 15/15 Judging Current/Potential Ability scouts are asking for $600k/yr *(USD/yr) and I can only offer $112k (about 20% of what they ask.) Whenever I ask to improve wages, I instantly get shot down and told to not bother them again. Is this a bug? I am uploading save to look at. Here are some screenshots. Could be fixed with in game editor maybe? I don't have but I would get
  10. Giving this one more try. Time to stop picking an ultra challenge, I'm not as good at FM23 as I was F21 and 22. Probably pick the strongest team that gets promoted based on the above rankings.
  11. I had to reinstall game lost save, luckily only a couople months in. Hopefully I remake and get Marine again but I won't try 20 times. I think the idea Daz had for holiday 2 years and pick a team promoted twice sounds fun so I'll try that, I'll update this post. Took a while but I found one, although this club had previously been at tier 6 before, should be a decent challenge, probably wont' be hitting the premier league in 8 seasons here like some of you!
  12. Hi all, restarting my Marine save. Quite the season we had @DazRTaylorLions future too bright!
  13. Nuneaton Boro 23/24 Not my best manager job. First round proper of the FA cup was nice. Finished the season 4th, playoffs. Lost badly in the first round of playoffs. Looking forward to rebuilding and letting some players go.
  14. Hello good luck! in 7th in league first season, but did make first round proper after tier 5 team got an early red card. Payday!
  15. Finally, this save should be the one, its set up right and saved to cloud
  16. I had to start the save new, I didn't have it saved to the cloud and my PC went blue screen of death and I lost my save I was about mid table about 1/3 in the league with Marine first time around will put a new post with new save shortly
  17. You all have great looking season recaps and I just snip some things lol
  18. Preseason Odds, im not great with tactics this year so far so just went w/ a preset sorry im american lol, hence salary per yr
  19. I actually downloaded the save from the guy above who posted a bunch f saves to gett them. I remember their FA cup run. Ya! Used to think we'd be drafting #1 which a horrible season but probably more middle of the pack if we are on a winning streak
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