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  1. Season Review 2032/33 San Giovanni Competitions Another league title but sadly we lost our first league game in 3 seasons. We were beaten in the cup final 1-0 in a game we dominated but just couldn't score. We qualified for the Champions League proper but were outclassed and failed to progress past the league stage. Squad Papa 30a had his 2nd best season to date with 31 goals in all competitions, if he can stay injury free for a whole season, I reckon he could break the 40 mark. Hogben and Braga were terrific on the wings, Braga grabbing a brilliant 26 goals and 26 assists in 43 games. We have struck up a unofficial relationship with Brazilian side Flamengo and loaned Toda this year who was excellent in the number 10 role. It looks likely we will lose Hogben this summer as he doesn't want to sign a new deal so I am going to hunt this summer and see if we can sign 4 or 5 really good players to try and push us on in Europe. Youth Development With the lack of the option to upgrade the youth facilities it means we are currently stuck with average facilities, and this is really annoying. We developed the above 3 this season and all 3 look decent prospects. Lividini 33c has an awful personality but I am hoping we can bring this on somehow over the next few years. Finances and Facilities Financially we are in an extremely healthy position and we have really good facilities minus the youth side of things. I am praying the option to improve this opens up over the next season but feel its a bug and wont pop up. Other Bits. Having been in charge for 10 years now here are some other bits from the save Overall Best 11. The league has risen to 97th in the competition rankings and the club are now 65th in the European club rankings. We also continue to improve our average attendance year on year with the record now sitting at 3773.
  2. Season in Review 2031/32 Victor San Marino Competitions We continue to improve year on year, securing a save high of 6th in Serie A this season and a run to the Coppa Italia semi finals where was thumped by Napoli. The 6th placed finish means we enter European competition for the first ever time and its something I am really looking forward to. Youth Development Peruzzo 32a has the potential to be the best player we have produced so far, he is developing nicely as you will see from the screenshot. Its just a shame he is Italian and not eligible for San Marino. Facilities # A whole host of upgrades over the last 12 months mean the clubs infrastructure is looking extremely healthy and I am hopeful now we can start developing some good players for the national side. The issue is the majority of our intakes are Italian youngsters and this is limiting the national side hugely, does anyone know if there is a way to get mainly Sammarinese youngsters? If so please feel free to help me out.
  3. Season Review 2031/32 San Giovanni Competitions Back to back unbeaten league campaigns is a fantastic achievement and shows just how strong we are domestically, also winning the cup and super cup for the 2nd time in a row. In Europe we had our best ever season also, defeat in the Champions League qualifiers meant we entered the Europa League and we managed to get to the Quarter Finals. This included a stunning 5-3 aggregate victory over Spanish giants Valencia. We lost the first leg 2-1 at home and went to Spain for the return fixture expecting the same, only to turn round and win 4-1 in a performance that has to be classed as the clubs finest match in history. Unfortunately, our journey was ended by Sunderland in the next round. Youth Development Again its not the greatest intake, Valentini 32a could potentially be a decent back up striker to Papa 30a but minus that, nothing really to mention. Facilities I had forgotten to take the usual screenshots unfortunately but financially we are very comfortable and facilities wise this upgrade took our training facilities to superb. I believe we have a bug though sadly, I havent been able to upgrade the youth facilities for a year or 2 now and its worrying me. They currently sit at average and that is a major flaw as it stands. I am hoping the option to upgrade pops up soon.
  4. International Year in Review 2032 I was hoping to perform slightly better but we are still lacking any real quality in the national team and are a long way to reaching any major heights. We did manage to break into the top 200 sitting in 198th on the FIFA World Rankings. Finishing bottom of our Nations League C Group means we face Azerbaijan in a Play Off in 2034.
  5. End of Season Review 2030/31 Victor San Marino Competitions Our highest league finish with 9th placed secured this season means we continue to progress year on year. We flirted with the Europa league stages at one stage but 4 losses in our last 8 league games meant we fell away from that. Still a good, solid season and with a good summer we can potentially push on again next season. Squad With not much money to spend we are having to really hunt to find bargains but we had a brilliant summer on that front. Chudy was signed for £750k and he and a really good debut season for us. Junyent we picked up on a free after he was released by Barcelona and he made a real difference for us whether he was played in the middle of the park or on the wing. Hummels we paid £2.4m for including add on's to make his 2 season loan permanent and he keeps improving, managing to score 10 league goals for us. Pereira we loaned in January and although he isn't interested in signing for us permanently, I feel he is going to be a real star and hope to convince him to stay long term. Youth Development Formisano may well be the best youth player we have developed so far. The intake was nothing special on a whole, but if we can keep getting the upgrades then hopefully we can start producing all round better players and help the national side start kicking on up the rankings. Although just 1 player from this intake is eligible for San Marino which is disappointing. Finances and Facilities By far our most productive year on this front with numerous upgrades to the clubs infrastructure, and with out new stadium ready in just over a years time its a great time for the club as we lay the foundations for what we hope is a bright next decade and more.
  6. End of Season Review 2030/31 San Giovanni Competitions Our most dominant season yet domestically as we managed to seal a treble of League, Cup and Super Cup. We also managed to complete the league season unbeaten for the first time in the save which is a huge achievement. On the European front we lost to Molde in the 4th and final qualifying round of the Champions League which meant we went into the Europa League. Here we managed to qualify for the Knock Out Play Off round where we were edged out by Dutch side AZ. Squad Our top 4 performers this were Carlos, Houben, Manso and homegrown breakout star Papa 30a. It was a brilliant first season from the youth product as he plundered in 32 goals in 42 games. I am expecting big things from him next season. The squad is excellent for this league but we need to push on a bit in Europe so I may splash some cash this summer to push the team forward a bit more. Youth Development Not our greatest intake and no one worth really getting too excited about. Finances and Facilities Our European adventures are boosting the clubs coffers every year. We did manage 2 training ground upgrades this season but I didn't take a screenshot of either somehow. You will see above one was completed in December and the second one is due for completion in July.
  7. San Marino Yearly Review 2030 A excellent year for the national team as we played 9 games, winning 8 and drawing 1. We topped our Nations League D group sealing promotion to League C. We have also managed to jump 7 positions in the world rankings and can hopefully break into the top 200 next year. Our 5 best players are shown above, annoyingly Bianchi has withdrawn from selection as he wants to play for Italy. Hopefully we can improve and convince him otherwise.
  8. It is definitely something I am considering but want to give him a season or 2 at San Giovanni in the first team first.
  9. Season 7 Review (2029/30) Victor San Marino Competitions Our first season in Serie A has been a successful one. Predicted to go down we was never really close to a relegation fight and finished in a very impressive 12th place. Next season will be more of the same I hope, if we can push on a bit that will be great but I would be happy with just staying up again. Squad We are still over reliant on loan players but its giving us the best chance of staying up as we only get £110k a week wage budget in total which is a hindrance. Vindahl was signed in the summer and was really impressive. Fabbri had a brilliant season and was name European Golden Boy for his performances. We have signed Scholt as his replacement incase we cant resign Fabbri. Hummels had another decent season as CB and I am hopeful of signing him to a permanent deal this summer. Youth Development Not much to mention here once again but we are finally improving the facilities so hoping we can start producing some half decent players in the near future. Finances and Facilities A season in the top division has left us with a healthy bank balance. We have made upgrades to the junior coaching budget, youth recruitment network and youth facilities this season and with some money in the bank, there will be more to come over the next few seasons.
  10. Season 7 Review (2029/30) San Giovanni Competitions Another successful season domestically as we managed to bag our 4th league title in a row and our 2nd league and cup double of the save. We again qualified for the Champions League but sadly lost all 8 league games and broke the record for goals conceded. I have sadly noticed a glitch in the database I'm using with the winners of the league not being updated on the past winners screen. Annoying but it does not seem to be effecting anything else like our club ranking etc. So, I am going to continue rather than start over again. Squad We had an GK injury crisis during the season so brought in Vickers who has been a solid signing, Manso has had offers from Bolton and Watford, I rejected both and although he originally kicked up a fuss about leaving, he has since said he wants to stay. Either way I think we will be losing him at some point. Vullinghs and Houben were signed in January and have both been solid signings and Belmont had another good season leading the line. Youth Development 7 seasons in and we have finally produced what looks a bit of a gem. Determination is not very good but for this standard he should be able to make a big impact. He scored 7 in 3 games for the San Marino u18s national team recently and I plan on giving him some gametime next season to see how he can handle it and hopefully he develops into our main striker over the next couple of years. Finances and Facilities Another good year financially meant more upgrades to the clubs infrastructure. Youth recruitment and Junior coaching now sits at "exceptional" and with training and youth facilities upgrades currently ongoing we should hopefully start producing a better standard of player more regularly. Other News We have jumped another 64 places up to 205th in the European club rankings which is excellent progress. The league is up to 122nd in the European league rankings.
  11. International Football Adventure Starts San Marino's manager left his role and although I doubt we can have much of an instant impact I took the plunge and applied for the job. A couple of days later the position was mine. Ranked 210th when I took over, I forgot to take this screenshot then but we have jumped 1 ranking place so far. Our first game was the away tie against France and as expected we got a beating. We did however manage to pick up a win in the thrilling 4-3 victory over Armenia, before reverting to normal and getting a hiding in our remaining games. Our top three players are above. Guerra we signed in the summer for Victor San Marino but he isn't getting enough game time so will be looking to loan him out in January.
  12. Season 6 Review (2028/29) San Giovanni Competitions Another solid performance in the league as we retained our title to make it 3 in a row. We got knocked out the cup in the first round sadly and then struggled in the Champions League but we did play some brilliant sides who realistically we was never going to compete against, just avoiding finishing bottom was the aim, and we achieved that at least. Squad Getting stronger every year as the quality of players interested in signing for us improves. Manso is attracting interest from Spal and im praying we can keep him as he is our best player. New signing Barone had an excellent first season. Buttarazzi started the season slowly so was dropped but came back into the fold and performed really well. Youth Development After a few really bad intakes we may have finally produced a player or 2 who could impact the first team. Stefanelli 29a is the best player we have produced so far and I am confident we can make something out of him. Finances and Facilities Our first Champions League experience banked us a cool £12m and we have managed to get a few upgrades due to that income. We are also moving into a new 4894 capacity stadium this summer which should see attendances rise and in turn our match day income rise. The club is going through some real positive growth at the moment and long may it continue. Victor San Marino Competitions After the inconsistent season we had last year, I am not quite sure how we have ended up as league champions. We started well and just kept improving as the games went by and ended up going 15 unbeaten at the end of the season. We are not ready for Serie A and it is going to be a real struggle to stay up next season. Squad On paper its not even as good as last years side who finished 13th but it just clicked and kept on clicking as the games ticked away. Main man Fabbri was again brilliant leading the line and with summer signing Banjaqui behind him they caused teams a real issue. Wrobel came in as a back up RW on loan but soon took the shirt and was also really good for us, playing a key role in the title win. Lemke had been on loan with us but signed for Roma in the summer, and with him not getting games there, we managed to get him back on loan in January and he really helped us push on in the 2nd half of the season. Hummels was a rock at CB and I am going to try to sign him in the summer if we can afford it. Youth Development Not amazing and I am doubtful any will feature for us but these were the best 3 who came through. Finances and Facilities Promotion has meant we are finally out of the red. And with the money from being in Serie A next season we should finally get some upgrades going on our facilities. Due to the leagues rules on stadiums we have been forced to build another new one, just a year after moving into a new stadium. The loan may see us not have much to spend for a few seasons but if we can keep ourselves in the top division for a few years this should be sustainable.
  13. Champions League Here We Come Not entirely sure how we have managed it, but we have qualified for the Champions League. I genuinely didn't even expect to get past Qarabag and after the 0-0 draw at home expected to be sent on our way. W beat them and then managed to thump Maccabi Tel Aviv, beat Cluj comfortably and then sent Luzern packing. The fixtures have not been kind to us, with huge ties at Ajax, Chelsea. Inter, Juventus, Man City and Benfica awaiting us. The ties against Sparta Prague and Aris are the ones we can hopefully get a couple of points from. Even if we lose all our games, we have still bagged a cool £12m from qualifying which is a huge amount of money and should see us get a few upgrades to our facilities sorted. I am also interested to see what qualifying does for the leagues standing in Europe. Below is the league ranking and coefficients from the start of the save.
  14. Season 5 Review 2027/28 San Giovanni Competitions A very successful season as we managed to retain our league title and also win the cup for the first time. Even though we finished 10 points clear of 2nd it was a tight race with San Marino Academy for most of the season, they dropped off after we beat them in game 27 to go 4 points clear. Playing Squad Its a good squad for this level but with going professional next season it is going to get improved as now we can pay wages, we should be able to attract some better quality of players. Manso is by the best player we have stats wise but I need to work out how to get more out of him as he should be creating more from his AMC role. Youth Development Another really poor intake. Finances and Facilities I asked the board at the start of the season after we almost qualified for the Europa Conference League group stages to turn pro and they agreed, I didnt however expect to make the jump from amateur to full time pro. On previous versions I am sure we have turned semi pro and then professional, however I am not complaining.. The board have also announced a new stadium which has seen our finances take a hit but hopefully we can perform as we did last year in the European Qualifiers and get the balance up a fair bit this coming season. We also upgraded the youth facilities this season. Victor San Marino Competitions A really poor and frustrating season as we could only muster a 13th placed finish, only 3 points clear of the play offs. We started well but then just got worse as the season went on. We managed to pick up wins against Spal, Lecce and Perugia over the season so can compete with the better sides in the league, we just isn't consistent enough. I need to move away from so many loan players as I don't think it is working as well as previous versions. Playing Squad Our first 11 and most of our bench are loanees and it just isn't working, but they are better players than those that want to join permanently. I need to delve deep into the market this summer and find some gems for cheap money as we are really struggling financially. Youth Development Literally no one worth showing, another rubbish intake. Finances and Facilities The only reason we have a positive balance is the takeover, we was £2m in the red beforehand. No upgrades to anything as we cant afford anything although we are due to move into our new stadium this summer which will see us save £30k a year in rent....YAY.
  15. So Close To The Group Stages. We unfortunately haven't made the Europa Conference League group stages this year, but we couldn't have come any closer. After losing to Levski Sofia in the Champions League Qualifiers 1st round, we then managed to see off Flora Talinn and Buducnost Podgorica before facing Dinamo Minsk in the 4th and final qualifying round. A 1-0 win at home meant we went into the away leg full of confidence. We were leading 2-0 in the away tie (3-0 on aggregate) with just 10 mins remaining before a horrendous collapse as we conceded 5 goals and exited the competition. It is remarkable really and I cant quite explain it. The positive side has seen us bank £2m from our heroics and I will be asking the board to turn pro in the not too distant future.
  16. Season 4 Review (2026/27) San Giovanni Competitions A first league title of the save and it was well deserved. We flew out of the traps and never looked back, winning our first 10 league games on the spin and holding 1st in the league for the duration of the season. In the cup we lost in the QF's but the league was our main focus anyway. Playing Squad Our first 11 is really strong for this league now and we have a few back ups who could easily be playing in the first 11. The above 4 players were key to this season, RB Marchetti was instrumental chipping in with 13 assists. Youth Intake Another poor intake and I doubt anyone is going to make it into the first team but we will see how they develop. Finances Ticking along nicely and with at least one 2 legged tie in the Champions League qualifiers this will only boost our balance this coming season. Other News At the end of the season the board have decided we need a bigger stadium, so have started looking into this. Victor San Marino Competitions Tipped to go straight back down, we had a solid first season at this level. We picked up some huge results against some of the top 5 but struggled to play to that standard consistently. Another decent summer in the transfer market, which will be free transfers or loan signings due to our lack of funds is needed and hopefully we can push on a bit and compete for the play offs. Playing Squad Its heavily made up of loan players but its all we can afford atm, and we have managed to extend most of the loans for nest season which will be key to trying to challenge for the play offs. Fabri, Mosconi and Lenke have been amazing this season and hopefully will be even better next season. Youth Intake Another poor intake which is becoming the norm, we really need to get into Serie A and get our facilities improved. Finances We in dire need of some money but we have moved to the 5500 seater San Marino stadium ahead of our move into our new stadium next summer so hopefully this helps slightly towards the money we lose each month.
  17. New Stadium Announced Due to our promotion to Serie B the board have just announced a new stadium due to the leagues stadium requirements, got a feeling this may not play in to our hands in the short term as the bank loan is more than likely going to really hit us hard.
  18. Season 3 Review (2025/26) San Giovanni I have to be honest, I didnt expect us to be this poor 3 seasons in to the challenge. We look a really good side some days and then go on horrendous spells of just forgetting how to play football which means we cant challenge for the league. A 6th placed finish is still an improvement on the previous 2 seasons but we really need to push on now. We also failed to win the Play offs like last season, throwing away a 3-1 first leg lead in the 2nd leg by getting walloped 6-3. We lost in the Coppa Titano QFs and also went out in the 2nd qualifying round of the UEFA Conference League. Youth Intake Nothing really too exciting in this years crop of youth players. Mariotti 26c has played for the first team due to us losing both our left backs to Serie D clubs half way through the season but will revert back to being a youth/back up player this coming season. Finances Our games in Europe netted us around £600k which put us close to the £1m mark, but with no sign of us competing for the league I decided I wanted to upgrade some of facilities rather than just hold out for another couple of years. We got quite a few upgrades over the season. Hopefully this can help us improve our intakes and push us up the league a little bit. We did manage to win a first U19s title but the intakes are still not good enough. Victor San Marino Another promising season has ended with us securing promotion to Serie B. We couldn't get anywhere near Perugia who didn't lose a single league game until week 22 of the season. I knew it was the Play offs or another year in this league from pretty early on but we have a tendency to play really well towards the end of the season and we took that form into the Play Offs and managed to seal promotion. The 2 games against Spal in the final were end to end games and a 2-1 first leg win was enough as we secured a 3-3 draw in the return game, although they battered us and really should have won. In the cup we got to the SF's but Perugia were just too good for us. Youth Intake Again its nothing special and I doubt anyone is going to make it at our club. Finances Its not pretty, and I am not sure what the money in Serie B is like. I am hoping a season or 2 can get us moving in the right direction as its not effected us atm but if we keep losing money that will soon change. We have moved back into our expanded stadium and are selling it out for home games which is bringing in £20k a game and easily covering the £10k a month bank loan, but we need more income.
  19. Season 2 Review (2024/25) San Giovanni Our form was up and down all season, at some points we looked like a really good side but others we looked awful, we managed to scrape into the play offs and from then we looked unstoppable, beating semi pro side Tre Penne in the QFs before thumping Folgore/Falciano 5-1 in the final to secure a place in next season Europa Conference League Qualifiers. We didn't perform well in the cup as we exited in the QFs. Youth Intake Its better than lasts seasons and in Rosano 25a we look like we have a player who can make an impact pretty quickly, that personality just adds to his appeal. Facilities We managed to get upgrades to out Junior Coaching and Youth Recruitment this season which is a key part of what we are trying to do here. Finances Finances are looking healthy and with at least the one 2 legged tie in the Europa Conference League to come should look even better next season. I am debating whether to just save it all to turn professional as soon as possible or to ask for an upgrade to the training/youth training facilities. Other Finally convinced the board to let me take my first coaching badge after numerous attempts over the past 2 seasons were flat out refused. Victor San Marino We have had a really promising first season at this level and was bang in the race for the title for 30 games until a 5 game blip let Pescara open up a 12 point gap and ended our title hopes. We still managed to get into the play offs where we lost in the 3rd round and lost a thrilling tie 8-6 to Mantova. We will be back next season to try again. We also lost in the 2nd round of the cup. Youth Intake Another average intake but what can you realistically expect with the standard of facilities we have. Facilities I didn't ask for this, the board have decided on it by themselves and with the loan costing us only £10k a month it shouldn't effect our poor finances too much. Finances Its not great but it could be a a lot worse. We have about 8 players out of contract this summer who I am releasing which will free up about £5k in wages. Other We started the season with an injury crisis with 7 players all out so had to throw Zenoni 24d in the deep end and he came out shining, scoring twice and becoming the clubs and leagues youngest ever goal scorer in the process.
  20. Season 2 (2024/25) Preview San Giovanni According to this we are predicted to be the 2nd worse side in the league but I fancy our chances of improving on last seasons 9th placed finish. We have had a reasonably busy summer, bringing in 9 players and we are not quite finished yet. Victor San Marino. Tipped to finish 18th which would see us relegated or at least in the relegation play offs depending on the points gap from 17th to 18th. We have had a very busy summer of trialing and signing players, and I think we will have enough to keep ourselves away from the relegation picture. I have managed to keep back £7k a week of wage budget in order to improve the team further in the January transfer window.
  21. Just adds a different challenge, one building a club in an established league and the other building a club and a league up.
  22. End Of Season Review. San Giovanni It was a very weird season, we was predicted to finish 13th and started the season well, but after losing just 1 of our first 7 games we just stopped picking up results. We had a barren spell of 1 win in the next 14 games which meant any hopes of challenging higher up the league were done. We did manage to pick up some enough wins to seal 9th which meant we qualified for the play offs. Here we got through the 1st round before losing to Tre Fiori in the QFs. In the cup we also lost in the QF. I will be hoping for better next season as we look forward to a busy summer of reshaping the squad. We have some decent players for this league and have already signed 2 players ahead of next season, if we can get some more in that should see us better this seasons performance. Youth Intake. Its not the best intake but hopefully a couple can develop into squad options. Finances As an amateur club we don't really have any expenses so this side is looking pretty healthy, hopefully we can get an improvement to some facilities this year. Victor San Marino We was predicted to finish 13th but we made some really good loan signings which meant I was confident of giving promotion a run for, and it was a tight race all season with ourselves, Aglianese and Forli all holding 1st position at some point of the season. We managed to wrap the title up with 1 game remaining and can look forward to next season in Serie C. We didn't manage to replicate this form in the cup sadly as we went out in the 1st round. We will also be a professional club next season, as soon as promotion was secured the board announced the change from semi-pro, money is tight so we are going to have to abuse the loan market once again to try and stay up next season. Youth Intake Not the best intake but that is to be expected for the foreseeable future. Hopefully one can develop into a squad option but I am not holding out too much hope. Finances There is not much money floating about in the Italian lower leagues so this side of the save is going to be extremely difficult and we need to make sure we think about every penny we spend in regards to wages and staff. We have a budget of £16k a week next season which is a huge jump from the £6k we had this year but is also going to see us lose a lot more money than this year. I am hoping to get some loanees who we pay no wages for who can see us through the season and keep trying to jump up the divisions as quickly as possible.
  23. I am not managing internationally at the moment, one manager is in charge of Victor San Marino (club based in the Italian football pyramid) and the other is in charge of San Giovanni (club based in the Sammarinese football league).
  24. Youth Intake Previews San Giovanni Victor San Marino Both previews are disappointing although I didn't really expect too much. Its going to be a while before we are capable of producing any quality.
  25. The Set Up 2.0 Victor San Marino The Manager No badges and no experience again, I am also going to wait before taking charge of the national side for a bit. The Club Poor facilities that need upgrading to make this challenge even remotely possible but starting the save off the back of the clubs promotion to Serie D last year. Its a brand new club almost so not much history but onwards and upwards hopefully. Season Expectations Predicted to finish 13th out of 18 which I am surprised with considering this is our first season at this level. I will be abusing the loan and free transfer market to strengthen the side as we have very little room financially for any permanent signings. As long as we can avoid a relegation battle I will be happy. I will be doing seasonal updates and may well go into things more in depth as the save progresses.
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