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  1. 18 hours ago, XaW said:

    I think it will work, and this is why. If you start a save with a lot of different files, extra leagues, etc, and you upload that save to someone else and they load it up, everything works, even if they don't have the files or leagues. So it seems to me that this is all located in the save-file itself. And if that's true, then I think it should work transferring it to FM24, after all, everything is in there.

    I do suspect that the league rules from creation time will be kept, so if there are any league changes in FM24, I suspect those won't be available, but that would be the same as starting a save on vanilla FM23, vs the update database 23.3 or something.

    This is just my guess for it, though, as I don't think any deep breakdown has been given by SI yet.

    All league rules are also stored in the game save file.

    That's why you can add/remove league during the game without keeping those editor files.

  2. On 09/03/2023 at 17:47, MRC said:

    Mind sharing how just in case someone stumbles across the same issue?
    With how counter-intuitive the PGE can be at times, information from experience like this can prove invaluable in this small community of database creators.


    I setup mulltiple stages in the higher division to decide whether a pro/rel playoff is needed and which team will be involved.

    Then use the league fate to set the pro/rel status.

    If anyone is interesed, can take a look at my file attached.


  3. V5 has been updated to accomodate to DB version 23.4.0. Do let me know if you have spot any error.

    I have also uploaded a copy of the latest real name fix from Sortitoutsi with some competition name updates.

    As there isn't any news for the reserve leagues or youth leagues, I just fixed the promotion/relegation between J3 and JFL in this update. No other new changes.

  4. On 16/03/2023 at 15:20, kenkaN said:

    Hey just wondering, is it normal when I make a new save with Kashima Antlers It says i'm in 4 competitions (J. Elite League being the odd one)


    How can I remove it in order to just play the real competitions? Thank you




    I don't see any problem here. Are you playing with my DB?

    The elite league is for the reserve team. In my DB Kashima doesn't have reserve team to play.



  5. V4 has been updated to accomodate to DB version 23.3.0. Do let me know if you have spot any error.

    I have also updated the competition names on top of the latest real name fix from Sortitoutsi.

    Thanks to @themodelcitizen I managed to correct the 2023 format of Levain Cup.

    There is still some issue with the promotion/relegation between J3 and JFL and I'm trying to correct it as much as possible.

    New anouncement for Youth Championship & Elite League  shall come soon. I will try to release another update to include the latest changes by end of the month.

  6. I'm trying to setup the promotion/relegation rules to prevent certain teams being promoted but faced some problem. I hope someone can give me any advice on it.


    some background settings

    higher division: Japan J3

    lower division: Japan JFL, maximum two promotion spots, 1 direct promotion + 1 playoff place






    As shown in the above screenshots, I have setup four teams as non-promoted in JFL and they are not allowed to play in the top playoff either.

    The problem is that when none of the teams in JFL are allowed to be promoted the last team in J3 will still be relegated.

    If I tried to change the "number of relegation places" in J3 to 0, it will fail the validation saying that the relegated teams from J3 does not match with the promoted teams from JFL.


  7. On 05/01/2023 at 06:55, themodelcitizen said:

    under league settings/qualification rules I assume you have the 1st place teams advancing?

    Then under "group settings" (for the whole stage, not an individual group), at the bottom there's "extra fate places." Add the number you want (3), original league place "other", new league place "promoted" (doesn't make sense but it works).

    "Max teams in group to check" should be set at 1, otherwise it will also check to see if a 3rd place team has enough points to advance over other group runner-ups (rare, but it happens if you have at least 2 best runners up and forgot to set this to 1).

    It works well. Thanks for the advice.

  8. Thanks for all your valuable feedback and testing.

    I have updated the V2 for 2023 version and my future plan as well.

    Let me know if you have any thoughts.


    For ACL qualification, here are the two scenarios as per my test.

    1) Start from Jan 2023 (I have updated the game start date and it is displayed as 2023 season now)

    ACL 2022 will not be played/simulated (as expected).

    ACL 2023 will be scheduled and the correct Japanese teams are drawn as below.



    2) Start from Jul 2022 (the major European leagues start date)

    ACL 2022 will be played/simulated.

    ACL 2023 will be scheduled but incorrect Japanese teams will be drawn. I think it has to do with the default ACL rule and unfortunately I cannot do anything more with my file.

    ACL 2024 will draw the correct japanese teams (as expected).


  9. 31 minutes ago, rusty217 said:

    Are you running any other files? It worked fine in my tests. An extra team should be able to qualify if a Japanese team wins the ACL too (the AFC Cup as well, although countries with 4 ACL teams don't usually play in the AFC Cup), so it's not always just 4.

    It also looks like your ACL there hasn't got a single team from China or Iran. If something has gone wrong with the qualification for those it could be drawing more teams from elsewhere to compensate. Looks like Hong Kong has got 5 teams too, so it's not just Japan with extra.

    Yes, I was testing with the 2 files I created only.

    It looks like the game start date is also playing a role here.

    I will run some more tests at least to get a consistence result.

  10. 2 hours ago, rusty217 said:

    This is the issue:



    Remove them both and ACL qualification should work correctly. It should also correctly show the colour coding for qualification places once you do that. Generally you shouldn't add anything to do with continental cup qualification to league rules. It's all done automatically by the continental cup itself and interfering with that could break things. From what I can tell this setup got in the way of qualification so no teams qualified, the ACL then when trying to setup the group stages saw it only had 1 Japanese team (the cup winner), panicked and just grabbed the best teams at the current moment to fill the gaps. Without these instructions, teams should correctly qualify at the end of the season and will already be on the ACL Teams page before and stages set up.

    The Other Stage Rules Continental Cup Rules are only required if you've got a continental cup playoff to determine the final place or something. Even then this setup wouldn't work, and you also have to be very careful to account for a change in qualification places due to coefficients. The leagues that have continental playoffs typically have multiple league setups depending on how many places they get. The top X teams + the cup winner is the default setup for the ACL anyway though, so no need to try and change that here.

    As for Set Continental Cup, that's an instruction that should only ever be used in Continental Cups themselves. It's to flag a team as currently competing in a continental competition. It should be set when they join the competition, and removed when they're knocked out or win it. It's not a qualifier.

    Had a quick look at Robbles' file too and it's guilty of the first problem, probably why the error exists in that file as well, but not the second problem. Season update day may well be an issue as well, continental cups can be temperamental about that, although that should only affect the colour coding, not the actual qualification itself. Your file's 1st Jan date seems to be fine, not sure about Robble's 20th Jan though, so if removing the Continental Cup Rules set in that file doesn't fix it, a change in date might. For reference I use the 27th Dec for my update day.

    I have tested it by removing those settings.

    But it is drawing more teams than expected. The correct rule shall be 3 group spots and 1 playoff spot.


  11. 1 hour ago, Foxy Hippo said:

    Champions League spots in Japan dont go by last season's results, they take a screenshot of the current table when the cup creation date is
    so in my save last season frontale, yokohama, and sanfrecce finished 1-3
    yet niigata, kashima, and kyoto are in the ACL because they are the current top 3
    however winning the cup does indeed qualify you
    since the ACL creation date in the database is in July, it takes the current table as of July and gives them spots.
    For the other nations in Asia, everything works correctly so I think it is something with the Japan db
    this happened on my 22 save as well but it wasnt noticable because the end of season table was always before the ACL was created. Now in 23 it's a summer to spring schedule for ACL so the bug is noticeable.

    -This is a problem in Robbles db and may be hardcoded. Is there any way around it that you found?

    It sounds like a bug in the default ACL rules.

    I haven't tried to create any continental competition. If anyone can guide me how to export the default ACL rule, I may take a look at it.

  12. Updated a new file with new format for 2023 and 2024.

    Altought start date has been set to 2023, it has no issue to start with the European leagues in Jun/July 2022.

    Had some issue with YBC Levain Cup 2023 format so I updated it to 2024 format which including all 60 J League clubs.

    May spend some time later to see if I can revise the Emperor's Cup to the real format.

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