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  1. 6 hours ago, themodelcitizen said:

    Didn't they take care of the new Copa format? I could see getting the urge to give that (and the Gold Cups) all its proper stadia and kickoff times etc. Doubt I'll do much other stuff to be honest, I thought I'd port more stuff over but eventually realized that once I've done a really extended version of something (like all those FM22 and FM23 files) it's hard to pick it up again in a future version

    I see and thanks for the respond. I didn't read the new feature, etc. for fm24 my bad 

  2. On 29/11/2022 at 09:25, phnompenhandy said:

    Actually, I have been pointed towards more accurate leagues, and I've downloaded them from Steam Workshop and restarted the save. The creators are Reinalda (the main one I'm using), Riddler, Bartholomous and Tenshi.

    could you share the megapack league from riddle to me? since I do not own the game from steam because I bought the game from epic

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