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  1. I see and thanks for the respond. I didn't read the new feature, etc. for fm24 my bad
  2. hi any planning soon to release the pack that you do for fm23? like copa ameria,qatar,baltic,etc
  3. at least post with the picture as well not just the file and title
  4. any chance for you to upload the link here? such as mediafire maybe? since I play with xbox game pass I'm not able to download from steam workshop
  5. few file missing from your steam work shop that you didnt upload here such as QPR and Juventus. Hope so you will able to upload here later
  6. somehow with this db it make my game crash. is that happen on your save?
  7. I like your file so maybe later you can upload all your work here?
  8. could you share the megapack league from riddle to me? since I do not own the game from steam because I bought the game from epic
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