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  1. Type: Desktop Model: Custom CPU Model: Intel I5-13400F CPU Base Frequency: 2.5 GHz CPU Turbo Frequency: 4.6 GHz RAM: 16GB RAM Clockspeed: 3600Mhz GPU: GeForce RTX 4060Ti Graphics Level in 3D: High Bench 1 (FM24): 00 min 43 Sec. Bench 2 (FM24): 01 min 54 Sec. Bench 3 (FM24): 03 min 45 Sec. Bench 4 (FM24): 16 min 27 Sec.
  2. I'm doing my usual challenge of starting at the 10th division in England, this time with Newcastle University because they can't have players older than 23 years... But the sense of community in this one might drag me in. I think i'm about to start a new carrer! Edit: as Romano would say... Here we go! Edit²: is it normal to have good players (certainly above the 12th level) wanting to sign with no bonus or salary?
  3. Will start it now. For me, this is the best challenge out there. Thanks for your DB!
  4. Will we have this challenge for the FM24? DanFM database was released a few days ago and i'm starting it now. Best way to play FM
  5. Starting this challenge now. It took us 14 days and a lot of rejections, but finally we have a club! La Luz Fútbol Club is a team from the second division of Uruguay, which was founded in 1929 in their capital, Montevidéu. The club ascended to this division in real life in 2022, after 13 years of playing in the "amateur" level (only the first and second divisions are considered professionals), and now plays at the highest national level against the likes of Nacional and Peñarol. Their home is the Estadio Municipal Parque Liebig's. As i said, Fran Vilani was named the manager of La Luz in 03/07/2022, and we already have a game in 09/07/2022, against "Villa Española". From the little a could see already, our three best players are Juan Quintana, Nicolás Royón and Nicolás Schiappacasse (yes, that one from Atlético Madrid and Sassuolo, still only 23 years old). I'll check the squad more later this day when work and social is done, and will update on the next step of the challenge. Lets go! Edit: please alert me if something is missing, and sorry for any bad english.
  6. Was looking for a new challenge after winning the UCL with Isle of Man... this seens like a (very) good one. Been searching for that FM urge again after a few weeks, lets try it. Any tips for new challengers?
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