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  1. December 2023 The bad form has started to come. And we're sliding down the table.
  2. November 2022 We take our first loss of the season against high flying Lincoln, but otherwise the good form continues. We remain very much in contention. Streaming I now stream this save on Twitch at https://www.twitch.tv/lenzar120813010617. You are more than welcome to come and watch!
  3. October 2023 We continue to play well, even if it's not the most enjoyable football to watch. Against Fleetwood for example we had only 35% possession. Still a couple of bad results would be enough to allow the rest to catch us up. League One is in my opinion one of the most ruthless in terms of competition.
  4. September 2023 Another unbeaten month, with poor defending costing us wins against Portsmouth and Burton. We've become the pace setters, but the chasing pack is large and dangerous.
  5. August 2023 A very solid start to the season, although we were shockingly poor against Bristol Rovers, only scoring through a fluke of an own goal. We are among the early leaders, but it's very early doors. New Signings James Furlong - LWB - Loan (Brighton) Igor Yurganov - CB - £25k (Sochi) T Tommy Leigh - CM - £185k (Accrington Stanley) Todd Kane - RWB - Free transfer Andy Lonergan - GK - £2.4k Tomás Vaclik - GK - Free transfer Jack Colback - DM - Free transfer Kyle Joseph - ST - Loan (Swansea) I was quite busy in the transfer market. It is the first time ever in all my years of playing FM that I have signed multiple goalkeepers, but the squad lacked any depth in that department. I also didn't think I was still going to sign players that are older than me, but Lonners is the ideal backup option. The money for the transfers came in part from clubs coming in and buying two of my better players. Both of them started to get upset when I refused initial offers, so I had little choice but to let them leave.
  6. Yorkshire. The biggest of the 39 historical counties of England. It is also probably the most proud. I have only been living here since last year but the locals quickly accepted me as one of them and I already love the way of life up here. I have after some debate downloaded FM24 and decided that my save will be a journeyman with one simple rule : I can only manage clubs located in historical Yorkshire. That still gives me quite a few! I used the 'pick a team for me' button until a Yorkshire club came up. I will be starting at Barnsley. This happens to also be the closest playable team to my real location. I wouldn't even need to move house!
  7. Not sure how far I'll take this, given I've fallen out of love with FM, but we'll give it a try...
  8. I've always used my real info. I remember a time when the game changed it because I was too young.
  9. With the news that FM24 will allow saves from FM23 to continue, what is the stance from Dafuge on if that can be done with this challenge?
  10. Vague reference to 'some gameplay changes' without telling us what they are....
  11. Feels like the end of an era without the man himself but glad to see it's still going. I checked and dafuge first posted this on here in FM08. I may do dafuge for FM23, but we shall see.
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