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  1. Thanks for the data however there is one problem : Too much money is distributed in those competitions. In 2022-23 , UEFA has generated 2.8 billion Euros from all of the competitions, and this doesn't fluctuate over year. After accounting for administrative costs and solidarities, UEFA distributes approximately 2.5 billion Euros of money, in which 2 billion of it going to Champions League. However, in this Editor file UEFA suddenly gives 4.5 billion Euros and UEFA Cup is distributing equally as European Cup. This is wrong. Instead it should be 2 billion Euros overall to make the game more realistic financially. I'd suggest that out of those 2 billion Euros, half should go to European Cup , 30% go to CWC and 20% to UEFA Cup. This means considerable adjustment to appearance money while keeping prize money same for all competitions : European Cup : 50 million appearance money => Should be reduced to 25 million per club. Cup Winners Cup : 30 million appearance money => Should be reduced to 15 million per club. UEFA Cup : 25 million appearance money => Should be reduced to 5 million (due to sharing with 64 clubs instead of 32) In this way, and maybe some reputation changes for cups, being a champion or cup champion should be much more important and overall,finances would be more realistic&closer between countries.
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