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  1. Relegated, Staring a new career with the rivals across the street:
  2. Season 4, second in the 8th level, finished 6th after losing the final game to the 5th in the standings. Out of the Cups at the first game. Nine new starters helped the team to be competitive in the league, good defense, average attack in GD/GA. Next season the team must compete for the league title.
  3. Season 3 with Clapton Community, predicted 19th and finishing 15th (Level 8, Isthmian League South East). Out of the cups soon. We added four players at the beginning of the season but that did not make a difference. Next season's hope: Mid-table team.
  4. Season 2: promoted to level 8 after winning the Play-Off.
  5. For the first question: Try to assign more coaches (or better coaches) to that column in the Training-Coaches-Edit Coach Assignments screen.
  6. Saludos, We won the league only losing the last game. Out of the cups in penalties.
  7. Perhaps your Director of Football/General Manager can suggest some Loans or Free transfers that are interested in joining your team.
  8. Thank you, Messi. I start with Clapton Community. Trying to reach level 6 for the first time,
  9. Thank you both for the explanations. Should I wait until FM25 comes out to buy a better laptop? (I apologize for the off-topic questions).
  10. May I ask if my laptops can handle a database with 100k -150k players? I have a hard time improving my squad after promotions. I wonder if I need to have more leagues/players loaded. Laptop 1: Dell L- 1366 x 768 - Intel Core i5 13th Gen i5-1335U Deca-core (10 Core) Laptop 2: HP - AMD Athlon Silver 3050U (2.3GHz up to 3.2GHz, Dual-Core, 4 MB L3 Cache)
  11. Saludos, I have a question: How many players would you use? I usually have 50,000 (UK and Ireland).
  12. https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/579464-fm24-england-level-10-wip/page/3/#comment-14239205
  13. Saludos, What is the position used when the team is compared with other teams: Natural, both?
  14. Good evening, I am still struggling to get out of Level 8. My summer transfers are not helping either after five seasons. What players do scout / offer contracts? What is a good way to compare players? What attributes do you value the most: Pace, Jumping Reach, …? Do you try to get loans to match your tactics? How do you tweak your tactics/find weaknesses and strengths? How important are Opposition Instruction? I only play LL and I would appreciate some advice. ¡Gracias, thank you!
  15. I have a question: How many players do you load? What regions? Thanks, gracias!
  16. Saludos, I loaded an England Level 10 Database Save and it is working. The database was made by the user Messi. The Set Piece induction appeared too.
  17. Similar problem here: After three promotions, I cannot leave the relegation positions at this 7th level. I am going to try 442 Route One with a tall TM. What tactic can anybody recommend at this level? I also struggle with scouting. How do you get good loans?
  18. Saludos, Is it possible to use Messi's Database with the last update (23.3.0) ?
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