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  1. Hello, anyone quite Expert with the average points table? In Bolivia from 2023 the Group stage of the cup Will count on the average table of the actual league. I set up everything else but this option seems really difficult. I tried to add Stages from other comp. But get the error the League not finishing in time for season update. I tried to fiddle with other options and rules but can t find and it is so weird irl, i don t even know If possible. Just If someone is kind to look at the file.. In 2022 this rule is not applied as there is no cup. Also there are 16 teams in 2022,17 in 2023 and again 16 from 2024. All this is there and working apart from the average table option explained above bolivia3.2.fmf
  2. Yes i thought of that but i don t want the two stages. U have the chance to get groups playing each other so there must be an option to select an order for sure
  3. Hello, I created a fantasy league and im in the Advanced rules The main division has 28 teams and each Group has 14 teams. I created the fixtures and each Group has 40 fixtures in Total (13x2=26 against teams in same Group +14 playing one single time against the teams from the other Group) The 40 fixtures are there the file is verified. The issue is.. What is the way to set up that teams play First against in their own Group ALL the matches and only after they play against the other Group?(so from 1 to 26 each Group stay separate and then from 27 to 40 teams play against teams of the other Group) All My fixtures are mixed. I ve tried to set up start and end index but i can t find a Solution.
  4. Thank you all resolved i actually fiddled with resource archiver!
  5. Yes yes thanks i studied yours i know now What to do. Hopefully Will work! This Dual citizenship worry me especially if they have it.
  6. Thanks Will try and maybe keep u posted about. What u have done there with qatar is simply impressing!
  7. How would u approach If a country was allowing Dual citizenship? Ive tried this in new Zealand as there is a rule 4+1 foreigners where the 1 is from a member of oceanic football federation. It works..ish.. Player with a second citizenship are still seen as foreigners.. Do u think putting the residenti nationality as "born in nation" would solve the issue?
  8. Hi ive done step 1 and 4 (i did not have the step 2 so i skipped as u Said) but i can t see anything regarding u17 competitions. I ve looked for the competition type or on a reserve team to see If i could set up u17 but nothing.. Am i doing something wrong?
  9. Hi. It s a standard file that everybody has. So unless u have changed it before, u just copy and paste on top of the original one. Does not go in conflict with any other file. Have not changed anything else but names of the competition that did not change just with the editor because hardcoded.
  10. I've realized this Asian pack with 26 playable nations with real rules and formats, even youth leagues - as much as I could find The other file with the leagues goes here:C: > X86 > STEAM > STEAMAPPS > COMMON > FM23 > DATA > DATABASE > DB > 2300 > INC it's needed to bypass some names of competitions:NATIONS:Saudi (Saudi Pro League -number of team decreasing over 2 years as in real life) Salman League, 2nd Division,3rd Division, Cup, 4 teams Supercup, U19 PL +1D ,U17 PL + 1D, Reserve League)Bahrain (PL, 2nd division, his majesty's cup, federation cup, Supercup, U21L) Bangladesh (first 2 divisions, federation cup, Indipendence cup, 6-teams supercup,U18L) Bhutan (Bank of Bhutan PL, Cup)Myanmar (National League, L2, Myanmar Cup, SC, u21 +u18 league)Brunei (Liga - not starting until 2023 as in real life, FA Cup -2022 enlarged in 2022 to replace league, normal version from 2023, SC, U18PL+1div.)Cambodia (Metfone C League, A1 division - there are no promotions and relegations between the leagues, Samdech Cup, King Cup, SC)Emirates (Arabian Gulf League,1st,2nd,3rd division, President Cup, Arab cup, Super Cup, Pro League U21, U18League)Philippines (Qatar PFL, Copa Paulino Alcantara) Jordan (Pro League, 1D, Jordan Cup, Shield Cup, Supercup) Iran (Persian League, Azadegan L, 2nd Div, HAZFI cup, supercup, U21 Premier League, U19 Youth League+1D)Iraq ( Asia Cell team decreasing over 3 years as in real life, 1D, FA cup, supercup, U21 Premier League)Kyrghizistan (Shoro Liga, National League, Cup, supercup, Reserve league and cup)Kuwait (Premier, 1st Div, Kass El Ameer Cup, Crown Cup, Federation Cup, Supercup, U21 Youth League)Laos (PL, L2,federation cup)Lebanon (1,2,3 div, Fa cup, SC, elite cup, challenge cup, u20PL)Macau (1,2,3 div, taca macau, lower division cup, u19PL)Maldives (dhivari league, div2,president cup, fa cup, charity shield)Mongolia (1,2,3 div, cup, SC)Oman (Pro League, 1st Div, Majesty Cup, Mazda Cup, supercup, League U20)Syria (Premier, 2nd Div, Cup, supercup, PL U19)Sri Lanka/Ceylon (Dialog CH, dialog SL, - no promotionsor relegations for 1 year,then rules are changing, FA CUP)Tajikistan (Coca Cola Ligasi, 1st Div, Cup, supercup, U21 PL+1D)Thailand (Revo League, M150 Championship, Kongsalakplus League, Chang Cup, Revo cup, Supercup)Turkmenistan ( Yokary Ligasi, Cup, Supercup, U21 L, Kubok Federatsii)Uzbekistan (Coca Cola Ligasi, Pro League, Birinchi Liga, Cup, supercup, U21PL, U19PL) FOR 23.0 Link has been removed by the moderator team FOR 23.3 Link has been removed by the moderator team FOR 23.4 Link has been removed by the moderator team Please let me know If any problems or bugs occur!
  11. I don t think the guy that normally does it did it this year. Anyway to answer to your question, if the teams are not re arranged every year u can create in the database Group 1 and Group 2 and put them under same parent competition. Or If the groups change but u want for the First year to stick to real ones u set up the league as Group in the Advanced rules and and on the Group settings u have the option to add which teams are gonna be where (If you do this it s gonna be only for First year)
  12. Thanks Will try these suggestions! I have unlocked nearly every country in Asia so squad selection never been an issue. Also i did What u put there but will give it another try maybe i forgot something. I put 2001 as i thought second transfer window comes anyway following february which is anyway the year after. Rankings are selected because i have it a try but couldn t work them.. But they were very different from mine so Will fix them for sure. I used them few Times in cups but never in a league. Thanks for looking at the file so rapidly!
  13. @rusty217 I tried but it's not going well. first year with team pools is fine (apart from the fact that the 4 teams starting later in stage1 do not have a valid squad selection so at present I have eliminated that to solve everything else. PLEASE SEE BHUTAN 1.2 I tried to get to second year however it's giving me ranking levels error and I believe others as well with this league system.. PLEASE SEE BHUTAN 1.3 If you could have a look when you have time Id be very grateful. Bhutan1.2.fmf Bhutan1.3.fmf
  14. Thanks Will give it a go. Yes for First season i used anyway a team pool to assign teams! Could you explain to me this last part of storying the qualifying league using secondary division? I think it s actually a good idea to get stages Like this. Ideally If i want to add regional divisions that would become a problem by i can try this First.
  15. Hi all, I am just checking If someone has any idea on the best way to work My league. Im currently doing Bhutan with their real rules and their league system works in this way: 10 teams play a qualifying league (which is sort a second division) from june to end of july. First 6 qualify for main league in the same year that goes from august to january. These 6 teams are added to the top 5 from preavious year and together the 11 teams play the premier league. The First 4 Will qualify for the main premier league next year and The last 6 in premier league Will play automatically the qualifying league the next year with the 4 teams that did not qualify year before (possibly there are relegations here too with regionals divisions that works same way and starts in March and regionale teams qualify for the qualifying league but im doing one thing at time so no relegations at present) So i can 't set up the qualifying league as a division because i need the teams to go in premier league in the same year. So, i set it up as a Cup. But the problem is that i don t think there is a way to qualify teams for a division. My other option thought before sleep was to set up the main division as a Cup too. I Will upload My file this evening but just trying to see If anyone has any ideas or thoughts. I was having a ranking levels problem in My last check and im more familiar with them in cups rather then league.
  16. Have u done a test in the editor itself to see which stage does not finish? Either the league itself or the playoff? Best way to find it put is this. Because from the index u Will see What s not starting.
  17. Probably for some reason it s not playing games or playoff when u r telling. A good thing would be adding on league schedule, under dates the real dates for fixtures. That should solve the issue.
  18. That s Great! Well some of it maybe can be done in Basic. But u are already on Advanced so worthy continuing there.. It is quite complicated but i can have a look when i have some time. This year I have unlocked around 20 asian nations with real rules so i have a good training.. Hopefully it Will be useful for this! It s difficult to give u hints as the whole promotion relegation system needs to be done and alongside with it, playoffs set up.
  19. I mean nothing is really set up..as I said it is in the qualification rules which are not set even basic.. there are no relegations even from top division...it's a lot more complicated than what i thought because i have no idea about the relegation system that needs to be put in place from every single league from top. Is it on purpose or did you not know? I am happy to fix it but need to know exactly relegations/promotions for every single division. A playoff would be pointless because first you need to create everything that comes first
  20. Well definetly in the league qualifications settings there is something wrong. For the special final you would need to set either an alternate league fate or a league fate. Not familiar with NZ so don t know If the special final is played on the season after these Comp or the year after (it changes the management) Creating a playoff to determine the Champion of the parent competition should be easy too, also in the league settings and adding fate. Not sure what is the error without seeing. Probably easier If you upload Your file.
  21. Hi. Thanks for this post. Lot of things are a lot clearer. I wanted to ask you something on the base of that.. I am recreating palestinian system. 2 top division (Gaza strip league and West bank premier) each has 2 relegation and they are not dynamic. Relegated teams from Gaza strip league go to Gaza div 1 and West bank prem relegated teams go to West bank div 1. 2 First division (Gaza div 1 and West bank div 1) as above promoted teams go straight to their own division.. Gaza/Gaza and West/West. So the system stay always on 2 up 2 down for both. No bottom playoff required. I am not unlocking further down because i Like realism and don t have much info. To put the two top and the two first div on same level i put them under parent Comp. Now, doing this, the game needs to know this rule about not mixing them.. Do i need to make two secondary division? For example a Gaza secondary div and set for all teams from Gaza leagues (premier, 1 div, 2 div) secondary div as this division and same for West bank? And then in database on the teams section in both levels i put the ignore teams from the other division?
  22. Ok so you created the qatari resident one from there.. From the exctint nation for this purpose.. Got it.. Interesting.. I think it would be much easier If it was possible same mechanism for cups.. Creating country pools / select specific nationalities just for that database in that moment without changing all these things..
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