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  1. i would like the premier league to have 24 teams but i can't find it in the editor, could you help me?
  2. I've always played with the base 23.3.0 of the game but when entering the game it always enters as version 23.4.0 and practically all the fmf files don't take what could I do?
  3. I would like to answer a general question, I use the adboards of the championships and I know how to edit the config article and so on. the game is much more immersive. but i don't know how to make the IVF files which are the video advertising boards. could someone send me here? or send a tutorial on how to do it yourself?
  4. IThat's right, it seems like a difficult file to make.
  5. Hello friends, in the 90's here in South America there was a very cool championship called Supercopa Libertadores where annually the champions of Libertadores played to find out who would be the super champion of the continent. Would a recreation of this championship be possible? For libertadores or even UEFA?
  6. Could someone create a mini tournament where the 8 champions of the 8 best European leagues would play?
  7. Amigo, tu poderia fazer uma database da Alemanha com todas as divisões jogáveis?
  8. Could you do this?? I don't have the editor
  9. Could someone create a database of England with the lower divisions? but with the departure of Welsh teams such as Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, Wrexham and Merthyr Town. Because I have an archive of Wales that these teams already play in the Welsh league.
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