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  1. I agree with this. I can't add more defenders and my assistant continually says we don't have enough back on free kicks which continually leads to counter attack goals for the AI. We need more options to defend in these situations.
  2. Season 3 - Wakefield Amazing season and run in the cups. Non-League Double!! FA cup really bolster the balance sheet.
  3. Season 2 Wakefield: Back to back promotions! On to tier 8. Also, a Harry Gardiner appreciation post. He joined 10/16/2024 and went on tear the rest of season scoring 30 in 27 appearances. Great photo and looks like he would be having an amazing time in Wakefield after this season.
  4. Season 1 Update - Wakefield AFC: Great season in the league but unfortunately no cup run.
  5. Very excited for the FM24 database. Thanks for the hard work you put into this! I started this challenge late in FM23's cycle and didn't get to finish it, but I'm look forward to the challenge again
  6. I think I found the issue isn't an error in the game but seems this player is on the II squad instead. Don't recall him being there but I got it sorted out.
  7. The squad planner shows a ? for by DR position. However, I have players in the planner at that position. Also I don't seem to be able to add a player who is on my team to this position. He currently plays as FB on the right but isn't in the options to add to squad planner. Currently FB is Shammer Aziq who I don't see a way to add to the planner. Also, not a bug but would it be possible to add a way to clear the entire squad planner / prevent shortlisted players from being automatically added? I would even be open to an option to add a player to the planner for ranking when joining and locking the planner on certain scheduled instances. I usually play as relatively small / low ranked teams so the squad planner feature isn't something I engage with often and honestly tend to just completely ignore it. Tough to plan when most of my team is one year contracts. I would like to try it to help with advice from staff as they usually say a player does or doesn't feature prominently in the planner. If I could clear it and set it once without it updating automatically then I would be more interested in this feature
  8. lenny0417

    Set Pieces

    Also, I don't see a way to add multiple routines. Understand its the beta so not sure if that will be something we can do in the full release but is a feature I'd like to see. Looks like there is a way due to the "Modify Frequency" but not sure how to make another one
  9. lenny0417

    Set Pieces

    I could get through the game but now it seems I can't take back control of set pieces for this team
  10. lenny0417

    Set Pieces

    As a test, I went to the responsibilities and delegated the entire set piece to the NZ Assistant Manager. This at least let me advance to get into a game but seems I couldn't select otherwise
  11. lenny0417

    Set Pieces

    I'm playing as U20's New Zealand. When going to play the first match, I receive an notification that the set pieces need to be set up. It seems it may be coming from Throw-Ins. I could set up Attacking Third but not Middle or Defensive Third. As a note, it seems I don't have an assistant or set piece coach in the U20's set up so I went through them myself. At the screen though, I can click "Retain Possession" or "Work the Line" but I can't advance to screen like I can for corners or attacking third. I'm not sure what is causing the issue as I can't seem to advance past some of those screens
  12. Season 6 Penzance This season was a slog. Took multiple breaks as we were dropping points in the second half. This year was a struggle from a recruitment perspective. Barely finding players of quality or if we did they wanted more than the board would allow. I'm hoping we can at least build our reputation a little for next season to make some progress in season 7. We oddly made the final in the FA Trophy after winning 3 games on penalties but ultimately lost to Barrow. Although the shoreline was 2-1, we didn't play particularly well and a lucky goal from my CB on a set indirect free kick and gave away a penalty solidified the scoreline.
  13. Season 5 Penzance This season came down to the wire. We were in 1st for a number of months but lost 1st in February and didn't get it back until the final day. It took a win from fellow Cornish outfit Truro over Gosport on the penultimate game to really give us a chance. As we had superior goal difference, if we won they could only secure the title via a win. We took care of things on our side hammering AFC Totton 4-0. It was 0-0 in the Gosport game until Hendon scored in the 75 and that was it. Did not feel like promotion was in the cards this year after the February slump but some of the most enjoyable FM season I've had in awhile! Not a bad run in the cups too but we are started to bleed money so will be an interesting offseason going up to Vanarama National South next season
  14. Season 4 Penzance Good season and continuing to make progress up the leagues. Went up as champions! Decent run in the cups but not as long of a run in FA Cup as last year. Hopefully we can get a little further to help out with finances. Thankfully last year's run helped pad the balance going into this season. Also, got the board to agree to another coaching course. I was surprised they approved given the financial position but I figured I'd try as I kept getting questions in the media about other jobs and rejecting.
  15. Season 3 Update: Penzance Team seemed to struggle to stay consistent throughout the year. Seems we may have move too quickly to continue to attract players interested in joining our team who can make an impact. Had a great run in the FA Cup for a team in Tier 8. Also made the playoffs but didn't seem to stand a chance as we limped into them and were quickly beaten 0-2. I get to use some of the FA Cup money to go on a few courses. Let's see how season 4 goes! Hope we can find some players to take us to the next level.
  16. Penzance Season 2 Update Back to back promotions! Great result in the league but unfortunately we couldn't make much headway in the cups. Hopefully next year we can do a bit more there as any prize money would be helpful as finances aren't looking great. Also it was interesting to see that manager attributes increased even though I wasn't able to get the coaching courses. I've not noticed that before although I don't usually have screenshots to look back at. Let's see how next season goes.
  17. Season 1 Update: Penzance Good first season overall. Won the league on the last day although with goal difference it was over going into the day. Decent run in the cups especially in the FA Vase which helped a bit on the finances. Tough to keep the players together and to get a staff in place. Thankfully a staff positions accepted no payment for their services. Although my Ass Man makes more than me but he does have significantly better stats and can actually provide reports for my players. Pirates wouldn't be a bad nickname for this year as best way to get players was to raid non-contract players within the league. Bodmin Town stole a few from me so I targetted them especially taking several players. Jason Vincent was huge for us and he was an early pick up from them. Also the board let me take the National C License. Let's see how Season 2 goes!
  18. I've been looking forward to a new long-term save to get stuck into and I've been getting some inspiration from you all on the Tier 10 Challenge. Decided to get started. Created my manager Michael Hammersmith and began as an unemployed coach. Not that you get many points to start with but I leaned into determination and motivating I suppose. Applied for pretty much any club that had a good name, crest, or city photo from the skin I'm using. Main interests were Penzance, Cheddar, Wick, Elmore, Molesly, CB Hounslow United, and London Samurai. Got a few job offers from clubs I wasn't as interested in but as soon as Penzance offer came through I accepted. Club has pretty low ambitions to become established and be competitive in the cups so at least season 1 won't be too stressful from the start. Had a look around the staff and seems that's the main priority as I'm currently the only staff member. Also seems we have 0 in the scouting budget so once we get some scouts it'll be trial day in perpetuity to get some players in here. Let's see how this goes!
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