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  1. Unbeaten streak has moved to 30 games. Slowed down a bit with the addition of a newborn in the household!
  2. Unbeaten for the entire season, with a single draw being the only blemish on an otherwise 'all-win' campaign:
  3. Champions and automatically promoted with six games to spare:
  4. Almost halfway through the season and Feckenham are sitting pretty at the top of the table: Easiest part about Amateur contracts is that there are more than enough replacement players to push out troublemakers. Got an issue with playing time? Threatening to tell the other players? How's no playing time sound - released.
  5. Greetings! Just started up my first career in FM2023 with the following database that tracks down to lvl 11 in the English football pyramid: https://www.passion4fm.com/english-lower-leagues-database/ Six games in and Feckenham are undefeated, on top with 16pts. The hardest part has definitely been signing on staff who don't care about being at such a low-level team.
  6. Just started with Feckenham in Hellenic Football League Division Two West. Boy this is annoying getting staffing into order lol.
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