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  1. So even though the calendar had the players down as on international duty on the day of the EC 2nd leg due to the nations league and all the team news emails etc all said id be without the players. As soon as it got to the day and the final nations league game was over all the players returned and i had them all available somehow, so think it may just be another slight glitch due to it being a custom competition, so I think leaving it at the current date is fine.
  2. Also just had an instance where the second leg of the first round of the European cup clashed with an international duty and wasn't rearranged when i had 26 players on international duty. Not even sure if it will let me play the game yet.
  3. Thanks. I'll test this out when I next reset. I know you wouldn't do this in your version of the file obviously, but is there a way of me allowing teams to compete in both the Champions Cup and Cup Winners Cup by editing the file slightly once I've downloaded it? I would love to have a save where I can try to win like 8/9 trophies a season lol.
  4. Loving this so far. My only issue is that its like the comps don't exist until the draw is done as they don't show up for board expectations or anything. How do I fix this?
  5. Saudi will definitely be on the next version now I would have thought.
  6. Is it possible to add both nation rules and continent rules at the same time as when I added nation rules adding continent rules was greyed out. I basically want to make changes to some of the nation's player/registration rules etc but then also want to bring back the European cup winners cup and potentially create a European/World super league too just for the fun of it.
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