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  1. Hi guys, Yesterday i subscribed to several things to add to the game, but now i see that several things are missing. Example: i subscribed to 7 training schedules, but only 2 appear in game. This was also the problem with several tactics and set pieces. They won't appear in the files where they should drop after subscribing. Is there another place where these files are placed? Maybe i can find them there.
  2. How do I load / save free kick / corner kick routines? i can't seem to find it in FM24.
  3. After finishing pre season, it all works fine, It took about 30h to proceed to the start of the season and it all works fine now. No idea why it was so hard to process in the pre season.
  4. But in my other save, i have 20 levels of English football active, but still that save is much faster than my Dutch save with only the 10 levels of the dutch league. Surely the English league is much bigger than the Dutch league? So for now, the only option is to promote to 3rd class and dismiss 4th class?
  5. Hi, I have some troubles with long loading screens in a custom Dutch database (down to level 10). It seems to take ages to go to september. Yesterday, it took about 70 minutes to process 1 day. It is a very small database with about 11.000 players. Is this easy to fix or not? On the other hand, i have my England save with 17 levels active, including Eredivisie, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, Serie A and La Liga. In that save, I have short loading screens. The only difference is, that this is an FM23 save. My question is: Can the difference really be this big, of is the Dutch database the gamebreaker? It's this database: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3092124767 where i have the long loading screens.
  6. I still can't play my Netherlands save (10 leagues), i still have loading screens longer than 30 mins. In my England save (20 leagues), the loading screens are 3 minutes tops.
  7. I started a new save with the club where I play football, and they were expected to finish 9th (out of 12) Currently, they are placed 9th after the half of the season. (in game and in real life). Very realistic
  8. I have the same issue, clicked yesterday at 20:00 on the button to advance, at 23:00, still processing...
  9. comment on their training effort as well, they will get more positive towards you
  10. So competitions that are licensed (like eredivisie and Champions League) should have them?
  11. How do i get these unique score boards per competition, like this? Is this standard or do i need to use a skin or something?
  12. Hi guys, maybe a bit off topic, but is there a place on this forum where we can post logos so the creators (example: TCM Logos) can pick them up and put them in the logopacks?
  13. Hi Guys, It finally worked. Now I only need a hero who can remove the white corners of the logo
  14. Like this one? https://www.fmscout.com/a-kitbasher-kit-making-tool-for-football-manager.html Googled it and this was the top result.
  15. This is what i see in the bar in FM: Is this the correct ID or am I looking at the wrong place? I use Dan's database for level 20, it is not a team created by me.
  16. Sorry guys, I can't test if the logo pack works in FM23. The database file from steam won't work. Anyone found a non steam file of the level 20 database? Cheers!
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