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  1. Can't risk him dropping Kane to stop him eclipsing his goal record
  2. I enjoy Messi like most people but I have to admit the constant fawning by pundits/commentators over everything he does is really starting to grate. Rio Ferdinand (who might be the worst offender) said his assist for Alvarez the other day 'defied physics'. It was just a reverse ball, mate. Calm down
  3. Yeah that's fair enough, I highly doubt 86 was solely down to Maradona too. But let's face it we know what the narrative is going to be. 'Messi single handedly drags bang average Argentina to World Cup glory ' etc
  4. Security guard fell to his death at the Netherlands/Argentina game too
  5. If Argentina win on Sunday could you make an argument that Messi carried them more than Maradona did in '86? Impossible to say I guess without rewatching all their games from back then.
  6. Golden Ball definitely his now. Would need an Mbappe hattrick tonight to possibly challenge him but even then I can't see him not getting it.
  7. Can see Shaqiri scoring and doing the siu celebration, in front of the Portuguese bench preferably
  8. England performances seem to be following a good/bad pattern. Like the footballing equivalent of Star Trek movies.
  9. That arrow for Bale might be the most optimistic thing I've ever seen.
  10. I did pick up a slightly negative vibe I have to say.
  11. Gonna take a page out of @SouthCoastRed's book and blame it all on Jan Bednarek. And Aaron Ramsey.
  12. This is all set up now for Canada to manage beating Morocco and Belgium sneaking through isn't it
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