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  1. This is a carbon copy of the Skin I made and used in FM22 which was a mashup between the TSC and OPZ Elite Skins. I have just updated it to FM23. Credit to Both TSC and OPZ Elite for there Hard work and Inspiration. That's the Opening line in my OP, What more credit could i give to them, I have literally spend Hours on last years FM and on this one trying to get things the way I wanted them because this isn't a 'New' Skin I made this mashup last year (there is a topic I can link). i just updated it so it can be allowed in this years FM. It's not a case of 'Copy and Paste' I have no idea at all about Skinning I've learned as i go by Trial and Error and process of Elimination, What I mean by that is take for example the issue with the contract stuff when you couldn't offer a player a contract, I had no idea how to fix that so i just tried this and it worked like it has in the past there's about 20 Different folders in the 'Panels' Sub menu, How I see what changes need to be made is taking one of those folders out reloading the skin seeing if the change I want take effect if not put it back and do the next one, It's a painstaking process because I literally don't know what I'm doing. I liked the OPZ skin and i like the TCS one i took elements from both and mashed them together I've gave Credit in the OP and I'm trying to help the Community by uploading it. What have I done wrong?
  2. What are you talking about, "Are you allowing him to keep it online" who are you like the Skin Police - Idiot. I made this last year like i said and updated it for this years, If you don't want to use it don't if you do use it.
  3. I'm updating the OP to 1.2 I've managed to fix a couple of things but in the meantime the Background selector does not work now I don't know why this has happened and i spent a couple of hours to try and fix it yesterday, I will look into it over time but as it is now it's fine. <link removed>
  4. Yeah i've fixed both issues now, Just running a test and i'll update the link in 5 minutes
  5. I've fixed the Contract Offer issue, I'll look into this one now.
  6. Yeah i can see the Issue now, I'll look into Fixing it
  7. From what you have posted i think you are wanting to change player attributes colour, I've to a step by step guide on how to do it to make it easy for you. Go to Preference's and the Click on Advanced as shown below. Then click on Skin Colours as shown below. From there you want to click Show advanced settings. From here you can use the R - G - B and A to change the colours to what you require. Hope this helps you out, If you need anymore help let me know.
  8. I Don't understand what you mean, Can you Screen Shot the issue to highlight it better.
  9. Can you Screen shot what you mean mate, It's an easy fix if its what i'm thinking of
  10. No yeah I completely agree, This Skin is a Mashup Between TCS and OPZ Elite because i made a Topic last year on it and just found it.
  11. Yes your quite right I've edited the OP to include credentials to OPZ Elite. I have made quite a few changes of my own as well though that's why I have made a Topic of my own
  12. *Skin has been updated to V1.1 after finding a few UI Bugs that was stopping Pop Ups in the Recruitment Focus Area.* Hello Ladies and Gents, This is a carbon copy of the Skin I made and used in FM22 which was a mashup between the TSC and OPZ Elite Skins. I have just updated it to FM23. Credit to Both TSC and OPZ Elite for there Hard work and Inspiration. I absolutely love this Skin and it gives me personally everything I want to see in the game clearly which when your looking at a computer screen for long periods of time you want it to be nice clean and attractive which I think this skin is. It has all the Goodies Included *Background Images Friendly *Custom Transparency so you can choose how light/dark you want your Background images to be *Instant Result Button. *Supports a Range of Resolutions *Player Faces on Tactics Screens. Here are a Selection of Screenshots i have Taken - More available on Request.
  13. Here is my New tactic for FM12.2. formation is a 4-1-2-2-1 with advanced wingers and a lone striker. When i was making this tactic i had various problems with defence and the DM position. What i found was that the DM was going to high in his position when all i want him to do is sit in front of the back 4 and protect that area just in front. What he was doing was venturing too far forward and leaving a big space in between the midfield and defence. I mainly seen the problems when the opposition plays with an AMC. I found that the AMC had loads of space and my central defenders where closing him down as opposed to the DM closing him down which was not good as then the central defenders stepped up to close the AMC the lone opposition ST had loads and loads of space and i was getting killed by through balls. I managed to fix that though and he now protects the defence how i want him too now. I have found playing a high defensive line with no tight marking the best too go on this patch, What tended to happen when i was playing tight marking was that my defenders where getting too close to the opposition and they where just getting out ran all the time. With no tight marking and a high Defence line the opposition will still look for the long ball but because my defence is a few yards off the opposition ST it gives the defender time to get the ball and recycle possession to my team. Great tactic. I like the play of the tactic and this particular formation is pleasing on watch, Great attacking because it's hard for the Opposition defenders to pick up the 1 attacker so i find that he has alot of space, If you are using a great striker i can imagine it being devastating and goal records will be rewritten. The way the Striker plays is very clever in my opinion, He plays like a target man and an advanced ST all in one. Target man Receiving the ball early and laying off to the supporting midfielders or playing it wide to the wingers to advance onto goal. Advanced forward looking to break the offside trap and running at goal. The 3 midfielders are key to the tactic though. The DM has to be a DM. That is important to the tactic. The CM's on the other hand can be attacking defensive or a mixture of both. I suppose it depends on your team and how you want to play. Although the wingers play more like inside forwards you can use natural out and out wingers there, I played Bale in my tottenham test and he scored 15 goals in 15 games and also had 15 assists so again it depends what you have on your side and who you want to bring into that position. Fullbacks are also key, They support the wingers and you will find alot that if the wingers run out of space they will often pass the ball back to the fullbacks who are approaching the 30 yard mark, This is a good and bad thing, Good for support but bad for the opposition counter, Try and get pace in these areas Pace and Positioning is KEY here. All in all though i am very happy with this tactic. It is my first on the new patch and although i think this is good i am hoping my next one is better. As always feel free to comment and leave any remarks about the tactic you like. Have Fun. http://www.gamefront.com/files/21478118/Cena+Vs+The+Rock+-+Cena+Wins%21%21%21+WM28+-+Mr+Hough+FM12.2.tac http://www65.zippyshare.com/v/26538147/file.html http://www.sendspace.com/file/4ozsst Match Information. Match Prep has been set to Defensive Positioning with the Workload being Average - You can change this however i prefer it to be Defensive. Maximum Pitch Size. Team Talks - Use whatever you feel work the best for you. Training again same as team talks Use the best that you have found for you. No Opposition Instructions. if you get a man sent off take off one of the outer strikers to replace him Remember that al tactics need a period of 3-4 games for the players to gel, This one is no different, I would suggest about 10 games for a proper evaluation of the tactic ************************************************************************************ 19/4/2012 NEW TACTIC UPDATE Here is my new tactic it's a 4-1-1-2-2 tactic and Use all the same information as above. Make sure DM is a DM and not a daft playmaker. CM position can be attacking defensive or neutral depending on how tight you want your defence. Defensive Positioning is a MUST this needs to be on Match Prep. Thats about it really. I will be playing with this tactic for a while and if i come across any tweaks that i find better i'll update. http://www2.zippyshare.com/v/20369923/file.html http://www.sendspace.com/file/q30yc5 Enjoy
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