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  1. I'm managing Newcastle (my team) and now in the 3rd season but I'm noticing that the CA on players doesn't seem to increase. NO editor use just stars in game. Take Lewis Miley as an example. He's now 19 years old and still only rated 2 star. 1st Season he only made 3 starts but came off the bench 26 times. 2nd season he started 18 games and came off the bench 22 times, he was also voted 2nd best youngster in the world (XGN i think?). He's attributes haven't massively increased either, i know he's still young but surely he should be increasing? Having the same problems with Anderson, Livramento etc. Is this down to it being the Assistant managers opinion? As mine has 15 player ability and 13 potential. Should I be looking at an Assistant with higher stats? What can I do to increase players ratings and attributes?
  2. I know that we would be able to play on the same account but would me and my son able to play a network game using the same Gamepass account? I would be using my laptop and he would use he's PC to play or would we both need to own the game? He's 10 and been watching me play recently and seems to enjoy it so thinking of introducing him to the world of FM
  3. Does anyone know how many loan players you can have in your staring 11/ squad when managing lower leagues? I'm in the National League North and signed 3 players from higher division clubs English clubs, will i be able to have all 3 in the squad or will it be a case of 2 in the squad at anyone time? Thanks
  4. Macclesfield Season 2026/27: National League North: 4th FA Cup: 4th Qualifying Round against Hartlepool FA Trophy: Fourth Round against South Shields Well for the 3rd season running we made the playoff's and for the 3rd season running we have not been promoted. Hopefully next season we can finally break free of the North and make it to the National League but who knows... Looking at our squad we need to bring in better players, namely a new RB, LB & LM. I've also just completed my Continental A License and just started on the Pro License which will take another 12 months. Our finances are looking healthy with £1.1m in the bank, and our 2 CM's are now part of the clubs Favourite personnel. Hopefully we will be able to keep hold of our better players which are attracting bigger clubs.
  5. Macclesfield Season 2025/26: National League North: 3rd FA Cup: 3rd Qualifying Round against Kettering FA Trophy: Second Round against King's Lynn Well we finished the season in 3rd place, offered the Wigan job in December which we turned down as we have a project going at Macclesfield. We made it to the Playoff Finals only to be smashed by 2nd place Kidderminster 4 - 1. We worked our way through 3 formations this season, I think we need to new formation for season 3 we again signed players released from Academy's. I think season 3 we need to try and bring in 1 or 2 better rated players to help us with our fight for promotion. Also we need to look at the loan market and maybe signing a player who has better set piece stats to turn these chances into goals. I've also now bagged my Continental B Licence and just started work on the A License which i should have by the end of Season 3. League Table Player Stats
  6. Currently just entered December in the second season and the below has just happened...
  7. First season complete! We managed to clinch a top 5 finish which was fantastic after being predicated 22nd, after a tricky start to the season, we accidentally stumbled onto a formation that set us on our way. We lost in the Semi’s to Oxford who fully deserved to be promoted! We managed to sign some good players from the released Prem youth players who all completed successful trials with us before being offered a contract. Best players by far being Curley and Moorhouse. Moorhouse scoring 28 goals in total, with Rodwell-Grant grabbing 24 goals. Currently about to start Season 2 and we have the EFL clubs after Curley & Moorhouse. Deal agreed for Curley £80k with 35% sell on fee, we were then kindly offered him back on loan for the following season which we snapped up. We have also just reluctantly accepted a massive £100k bid for Moorhouse who wants to step up to the championship. We are currently recruiting young players again and have offered some contracts in the hope of another promotion push.
  8. Not played FM properly for years but getting fed up of playing the same "football game" so thought today is the day I restart the FM journey, never properly done this challenge but fancy starting this instead of taking over Newcastle. I was between Macclesfield and FC United as wanted to continue living up north ;-). Wish me luck!
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