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  1. In FM22 you were able to change the name of created Reserve teams as well, unfortunately in both 23 and 24 you haven't been able to
  2. Just to second this, I can load my England Lower league file fine on its own in game, make another nation playable and the custom database is greyed out when you select what team to be
  3. You don't purchase the pre-game editor, on the top of your games library list should say both games and tools, the pre-game editor is in tools
  4. As it says in the description, the game crash dumps when it reaches the select league page when using a custom database e8802974-3da6-4860-bf45-1b9257064932.dmp E20 - From Scratch.fmf
  5. Just to update this, you can put any first team into the list of clubs that cannot get promoted, if they win their league they will also go up automatically
  6. Any update on this? It might be that its not just reserve teams but any team
  7. Have you got games + tools box ticked at the top of your games list in your library?
  8. Thank you! I've never had this problems with other FM games!
  9. its "England Level 10 TEST 3.fmf" in ownCloud Have reverted back to the original way and setting up reserve teams within the club screen and in Level 10 in general the B/C/Reserve team cannot be promoted boxes are ticked. Dorking Wanderers would be the best one to check out at the end of the season as they storm the league.
  10. Just an update, if the reserve team wins the league they get promoted, if they finish in a Play-Off spot they won't play in them which is correct, the error only happens when they win a league, it seems to skip over any other rules set
  11. In the league/division rules you can tick a box so B/C/Reserve teams don't gain promotion out a certain league/level also listed in the teams that cannot get promoted column, however, this is broken, done a test save and 2 of the reserve teams won their division and went up ahead of a playoff winner, I have a savegame file of after the season update and also the database.
  12. Yes, the largest database on Football Manager will be back for another instalment, I must like putting myself through this stress every year! I'm hoping this one will be slightly larger that the FM19 one, watch this space on post #2 of leagues being added
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