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  1. What is it about Mainoo and Saka that makes them easier targets than Foden or Kane...
  2. Ten Hag had a point about how the English love to build people up just to watch them fall. Mainoo is going to be the scapegoat if things go wrong.
  3. Yeah Mainoo has more flair but Wharton would be like Owen Hargreaves was in 2006, the previously unfancied player who ends up holding everything together and pulling the strings.
  4. The Palace lot who've played definitely haven't hurt their cause for inclusion in the final 26. Guehi perhaps the weakest of the 3 but Eze was possibly the only bright spark in the first half and Wharton hasn't put a foot wrong in the second.
  5. He's not a central midfielder. A wide midfielder, possibly?
  6. How had no other teams come in for him before Palace got him?
  7. Wharton's helped remedy the midfield problem a lot
  8. Eze could be the secret weapon in this tournament. With all the talk being about Bellingham, Foden, Palmer etc. but along comes Eze just running the show today.
  9. 6 players missing for England tomorrow. So a chance for the fringe players in the team to stake a claim, especially at CB where both Maguire and Stones will be absent.
  10. England are obscenely stacked in attack right now but the lack of depth in the 6 role and LB in particular is a weak point. Defensively the Stones-Maguire partnership still has some legs (especially with Maguire's late season renaissance) with Guehi also an established backup, plus Quansah making a name for himself (there's also Tomori but Southgate doesn't seem to like him). Rico Lews will probably succeed Walker at RB in the near future and Livramento will be up there soon.
  11. Portugal dragging up the average age there
  12. Emi Martinez is definitely an example of a late bloomer, only making 15 appearances in 8 years at Arsenal before becoming a regular at Aston Villa at the age of 28, and only making his Argentina debut in 2021 at 29. Or did his 8 years going out on loan to various EFL clubs from Arsenal hold him back?
  13. The mudslinging is the most pathetic thing in this thread. Gman, oche, SCR all throwing around unprovoked insults and getting defensive. Who hurt you guys?
  14. If he retires from international duty he'll probably have a big send-off game in Buenos Aires during 2023 and retire to Miami afterwards. Give Scaloni the next 3 and a half years to tweak the system for the new players coming through.
  15. Will Messi still be part of the team though? Or should he retire from international football now, having reached the pinnacle at last?
  16. MLS now has a player that won the World Cup while registered at one of its clubs.
  17. Don't let him near the front of the open top bus parade, he'll do a Sergio Ramos and drop it under the bus.
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