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  1. CHAMPIONS LEAGUE DRAW Porto have been drawn with Napoli, Rangers and Panathinaikos for the Group Stages of the UCL
  2. LEAGUE UPDATE : 5 GAMES IN.. We have had a fantastic start to our league campaign so far. Dominant performances have seen us top the table. In particular the key match worth highlighting is the demolishing of Benfica at the Dragao. A convincing 6-0 win with champagne football saw Porto get one of their rivals. Our decision to pay 3-4-3 has really been very effective and getting us off to a great start. It also looks like is holding well against other formations
  3. SUPERTACA CHAMPIONS - FC PORTO 3 - 1 BENFICA In the season curtian raiser we saw ourselves beat Benfica. A beautiful dink over the keeper saw Porto take the lead. See it here : https://gyazo.com/3736205b3b3a99373a12c3daa85ccfbb With a strong first half performance and going into the break with a 2-1 lead, the team continued strength to closeout the game and add a 3rd.
  4. TEAM REGISTRATION We have settled on the following team registration. We have brought in Vasco Sousa from the U-23 who we turned down repeated bids from Man United, well below his £25m price tag.
  5. FORMATION SETUP We decided to strengthen our defence in support of a 3-4-3 setup we going to start off with. . We are drawing inspiration from Trequinho explanation of the Fabian Hurzlers 3-4-3 possession dominant tactic which I really like. See the video below. With this formation, we need to focus more attention on defence. With only Pepe and Fabio Cardoso as the only 2 recognized first choice defenders and with unproven incoming Otavio from Famalicao we decided to go good strong ball playing defender. Hence we decided on for Solet from RebBull Salzburg as our Libero and Nicolas Romero as an extra Ball Playing Defender or Wide Centre Back from Argentina TRANSFER ROUNDUP Notably before we arrived, there was a serious amount of transfer activity. We decided to loan out a fair amount of players to reduce the wage bill and without much transfer budget we weren't really able to strength further past Solet and Romero
  6. Our finances at the start is not really in good shape. Porto has been on a steady increase of debt year on year : https://companiesmarketcap.com/fc-porto/total-debt/ This sees the club at an unsustainable position With only around 3.5m in the transfer budget, we going to need to be smart about how do we go about our business
  7. One of our first focuses . We decided to carry out a significant backroom staff overhaul. We attracted a fair amount of experienced coaches, medical and scouting staff to give ourselves a stronger chance of keeping our Pts per game and win% high. ASSISTANT MANAGERS More notably, I have decided to take onboard 2 Assistant Managers. Argentian Miguel D'Agostino who worked alongside Pochettino and German Peter Krawietz who had huge successes with Klopp. A real brains trust.
  8. In setting up our managerial career, we need to recognize Jose indeed play as a local professional footballer as central midfielder. He never hit the heights in his playing career but made up for it in his managerial career, no doubt. Source: https://www.transfermarkt.co.za/jose-mourinho/profil/spieler/171701
  9. CLUB #1 - FC PORTO (PORTUGAL) We kicking off with Porto as the first destination. Mourinho had an amazing time at Porto, where he made his mark on European football by winning Europa League and Champions League back-to-back, aswell as picking up a league title and domestic cup trophies. Mourinho achievements see him boast a 72% win rate with 2.32 PPG (points per game). He won 6 silverware trophies in the space of two seasons effectively.
  10. Mourinho brings with him no shortage of silverware. This is well documented here: https://www.transfermarkt.co.za/jose-mourinho/erfolge/trainer/781 The key major hounours are as follows: Mourinho is the only football manager to win all of UEFA's European club competitions. Love or hate him, he gets results. Mourinho also holds really decent win % wherever he has gone to manage. Throughout his last 8 career jobs his managed an average a 64.6% win rate.
  11. Before we kickoff, lets examine some of his key achievements so far... Mourinho's first team managerial career stats see him taking control of his 10th club. He has managed in Portugal, Spain, England, Italy and now heading to Turkey. His career spans roughly 24 years in football management with over 1100 games with his last last 9 clubs giving him an average of 2.2 pts per game Source: https://www.transfermarkt.co.za/jose-mourinho/profil/trainer/781 However, Mourinho boasts around 2pts per game average across the bottom 8 clubs which he achieved most of his successes. We will be using these 8 clubs as the backbone of our career.
  12. With an illustrious football management career, I will be trying my best to emulate and better the career of Jose Mourinho. A challenge dedicated to walking in the footsteps of one of the worlds football most decorated and charismatic football manager.
  13. Source: https://www.uefa.com/nationalassociations/uefarankings/country/?year=2024 With the top 30 European Association club coefficients on offer (excluding Azerbaijan as they not in game): Climb the Ranks of European Club Football using the European ranking charts Objective #1: Climb through 5 tiers of ranking by unlocking each tier by winning a Domestic Title, Domestic Cup and European Title with 1 team in that Tier. Objective #2: Tier 6, win treble (title, cup and European trophy) with each of the top 4 leagues in a single season. Objective #3: Win a UEFA Euro championship with one the nations you have managed in. Rules: Starting manager stats: Continental Pro ; Professional Footballer. Start unemployed. Applying for a Euro Nation international job at any time is allowed however has to be a nation that is from an unlocked tier you have completed. Moving clubs to a higher(next) tier can only be done in the summer (end of season). Avoid the sack to move back a tier and climb again. No jumping over tiers is allowed. Each tier must be played Tier 1: Sweden, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Slovenia Tier 2:Croatia,Poland,Russia,Cyprus, Hungary Tier 3: Denmark, Greece, Israel, Ukraine, Serbia Tier 4: Czech Republic, Scotland, Switzerland, Austria, Norway Tier 5: France, Netherlands, Portugal, Belgium, Turkey Tier 6: England, Italy, Spain, Germany
  14. Hi There, How do i go about clearing the game setup cache for recent under advanced game setup. The files are no longer in the game_setup directory, but the cache of the recent on game setup is still showing all my saved recents. How do I clear the recent so its empty
  15. CHALLENGE INTERPRETATION Decided to work out a strategy to tackle this intriguing challenge. There is also only a finite amount of tournaments left till 2043 across major club and international tournaments for the next 20 seasons. This is broken down. So timing of being a true continental manager requires us to ensure we are timing things in line with major tournaments Knowing domestic Top 5 League Titles and Domestic Cups, together with the european UEFA Champions League and European UEFA Europa League are on offer every season. Analyzing and interpreting the challenges on offer I decided to model the challenges to see how they flow and what routes to take. In principle there is achievements across club management and international management....with a world domination piece (hexagon)...which is only achieved if you conquer Confederation and Association cups outside Europe. Database Setup Given the top 5 leagues are is effectively the main focus I decided to load the FM save with the top 25 leagues as per UEFA website https://www.uefa.com/nationalassociations/uefarankings/country/#/yr/2024 Config & Setup Hence we decided with making the Top 5 leagues playable with the other 20 are view only for now. This takes the database to an initial count of 132430 players. We will be playing the attribute masking ON and we will not be enabling any in-game editor. We are also playing the default clean with 24.3.0 database with no custom additions or addons (I do typically play with a new mods in my own saves)
  16. Sounds like a nice and long challenge. Will be giving this a go
  17. @BouFitty how can we just append it to the headings/text on the news item so it always shows.... Like want to bring it next to or below the time, where it can show the ID and DOB
  18. We are interested and committed to building a meaningful clan centered on good values and sportsmanship as well as fostering long term relationships to have fun
  19. Clan Name: Euro FM Clan Game: FM24 - PC only Times: Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays Leagues: Top 8/10 European Leagues Additional Info: We looking to start an FM online european clan with the top european leagues. We looking to bring monthly prizes into the fold and other goodies through securing a sponsorship. We seeking players who indeed would be committed to playing on weekends (Saturdays/Sundays) and maybe one other day in the week. We have an application process in place. Teams will be drawn and not selected. Unfortunately no under 17s allowed. PC only applicants. Looking to kickoff in a week or so. DM if interested or reply on this thread
  20. Season 1 [23/24] - Preston Manager And so it begins. We get the Preston job. Peter Risdale looks in a joyous mood.
  21. Season 1 [23/24] - Preston Job Offer It looks like we have been a successful applicant. Now down to negotiations. Wage and transfer budget was increased slightly as per our interview. Avoiding relegation is the order of the day. We tried to negotiate for 13k a week, but had to settle for 12k. 2 year deal on the table.
  22. Season 1 [23/24] - Preston Job Interview We finally received an interview request in early November. Since then Preston has picked up 4 points but still sit bottom. Lets tackle this interview. In other news: Arsenal sack Artera!! We accepted the vision below We did ask for slightly more transfer and wage budget. Hoping the board agrees
  23. Season 1 [23/24] - Preston Job Applied With the exception of Aston Villa (who are under performing), we have decided to start off with Preston who need a turn around. The other founder clubs need to continue as they are and hopefully we can get Preston out of relegation and into middle table as an early milestone. For this reason, we have made our decision and we have applied for the Job. We await further feedback for a possible interview.
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