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  1. when I search players on the player search filters. I selected AMR position and added preferred foot as left. this resulted in random players being found, wrong position and wrong foot.
  2. My first save with Arsenal, I signed Haaland, de Ligt, felix, and more top players I quickly got bored as it was too easy. So I started again and am trying a youth only save. I have allowed myself to try to sign/steal new youth prospects from other clubs but more often than not they're not interested. First season. We finished second , second season we won the league, third season we finished 3rd and won the fa cup. we are doing well, got some good youth coming through and £600m in the bank. Annoyingly a tycoon has just taken us over and wants me to sign high profile players 😡😡😡 First time I've ever had a tycoon take over any of my clubs on fm and it's on a youth only save 😂😂😂
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