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  1. We absolutely did not end up in League One for 7 years because our fans ‘demanded entertaining football’ ffs We ended up in League One because we spent well outside our means, financially a mess from top to bottom, we had shady people within the club absorbing money and to top it off we even let a fake sheikh ‘buy’ the club who had no money but turned up to a few games with a Pompey cap on. Demanded entertaining football
  2. The body shape on the header is PERFECT! Almost a mid air splits to generate power.
  3. It’s no trouble - I usually scan the forum and add in any I come across that should be in here
  4. Club Links; Ajax Arsenal Athletic Club Bilbao Derby County Everton Liverpool Man United Marseille Nottingham Forest Real Betis Tottenham
  5. General Links; Rate My Regen (Regen show off) Free Transfers Tycoon Saves League Discussion Links; Italian Football Spanish Football Scottish Football German Football Nordic Football French Football
  6. Welcome to the Official forum links thread, find the threads you need! Please ensure that when YOU create a thread, YOU post the link in this thread so we can keep it up to date. Do you need general advice when making your squad? For tactical advice or player recommendation have a look at he following thread: How to assemble a good team, if you can questions about the guide, feel free to ask. Or you want advice how to make good player thread? Look at this. Can't find the club thread you want There might not be a thread for you team, so why not make one? If you need help, follow the ultimate guide to creating a good team thread and you should be able to create a good thread. Good luck
  7. unbelievable, I’m now starting to become surprised he actually gave the penalty.
  8. It should have just been a free kick immediately and then checked for a potential penalty no foul at all is just a joke.
  9. *Messi does his laces up* WHAT A WORLD CUP THIS GOD OF FOOTBALL IS HAVING!
  10. Has anyone got a weird noise on the game? It’s a background noise, kinda sounds like the wife is using a hairdryer upstairs. It’s really aggravating me but it’s definitely the TV.
  11. The BBC still haven’t realised it’s not Bounou, still saying his name whenever the GK touches the ball.
  12. What about Maguire being in a position for a second phase of play? He can’t now, he’s been fouled to the ground. You can’t two foot someone off the ball, why should you be able to foul in a different manner off the ball?
  13. Grappling someone to the ground off the ball with no intention of anything but to pull them down is fine. Touching someone’s shirt which had barely any effect on the situation but the person fell down like it did? THATS WRONG. PENALTY.
  14. Has Southgate ever had a plan B? If 5 at the back doesn’t work, he switches to 5 at the back with more misplaced passing, if that doesn’t work it’s 5 at the back with Kane dropping into central midfield when chasing a goal.
  15. Welcome to the Official FAQ and to the The Good Player & Team Guide This thread holds all the most asked questions in the Good Player and Team Guide, all in one place making things easier for you! Football Manager at times might have you confused, leave you bewildered or you just don't understand something... no worries, we look to answer everything you can think of in here. Don't spend ages scrolling for pages of threads just looking for answers or create new threads asking simple questions, just have a look through this thread and if you are still uncertain on something, ask in here and your question will be answered as soon as possible! Wether you have uncovered a rough diamond, think you've found an excellent player, built your dream XI, are looking for some advice on building a successful team or in need tips on the best players or staff for your team? No matter which it is, this is the forum for you to ask your questions. Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions to do with Good Players and Teams in Football Manager. To help you out finding what you need, here is what the thread contains; I. I want to create a thread, what do I need to do? II. How do I Post a Screenshot? III. What is the Official Data Editor? VI. What is an In-Game Editor? V. What is an In-Game Scout? VI. What is a patch? Why do we have them? Where can I find them? VII. What are some of the most frequently used Acronyms? VIII. What is a players Current Ability and/or Potential Ability how can it change? IX. What are the most important stats for various positions? X. What are Regens (Newgens, FREDs)? What date do they come into the game, and what are Greyed-Out Players? XI. How does tutoring improve young players? XII. Why do we have Work Permits, and how do they work? XIII. How is the English Premier League table ordered? XIV. How are the Italian Serie 'A' and the Spanish First Division tables ordered? XV. How is the German First Division table ordered? XVI. How is the French Ligue 1 Orange table ordered? XVII. Why can't I approach Player X even though his contract is over in six months? XIII. What are Affiliated Clubs, and how can I get them? XIX. Can I manage a club and a country at the same time? XX. How are fee's over a period of time paid? XXI. What are updated databases, where can I find them? I. I want to create a thread, what do I need to do? In the Good Player and Team Guide, we have two main types of threads. Player Thread If you have uncovered a new player, had a bit of experience with him and feel you want to share him with the community, then you can create a player thread. First thing to do is check in the links thread at the top of the page to see if somebody has already posted a thread on the player. If they have, you are free to post your experience with the player in that thread; there is no need to create a new one. When it comes to creating a player thread, don’t post player threads for the sake of being ‘first’ to do so, as they will probably end up locked by a moderator. Spend a bit of time with the player, find out the best way to play him and then this way, when people ask questions about him in your thread, you will be able to tell them all the right answers. It is always better to be able to show some statistics with your player, and if you are just creating the thread without experience, you won’t be able to show the community how well the player is doing. If you are having problems creating a thread, or not sure what you should be including when you create it, no worries. Thankfully TigerTime has spent the time to create a thread to help you with such problems. His thread includes a basic format which you can follow. You don’t have to follow it to the dot and creativity is what makes your thread unique. It is there to show you an outline of what needs to be included. Here is the link to his thread – Click. Here is the link to his downloadable thread template – Click. Team Guide Looking for somewhere to post about your achievements with a club? Looking for somewhere to talk about your save with other users? Looking for somewhere to get help about a certain team? This is the place. The main club threads are normally created on or around the release of the demo, and respected users are chosen by the moderators to do the job of creating them. If you want to be in the running for a popular club thread, then you need to post your interest in the thread that usually appears 2 weeks before the demo, from there the moderators will choose who they think will be up to the job. If you cannot find a thread for the team you are using, you can create it! If you are creating a club thread, you need to be active and stay active throughout the year in your club thread. The better the opening post, the more people you are most likely to get interested in starting a save with that club. So how do you create a club thread, what needs to be included? Luckily, arsenal_1111 has taken his time to create a thread showing you what you need to be including in your thread. Same with player threads, make them top quality and get to grips with the team before posting the thread. Assess the team, what needs to be improved, what future young stars are in the under-18’s, what are possible transfer targets? All this can be included. Here is the link to arsenal_2111’s “How to Make a Good Club Thread” – Click. Now, if anyone wants something to follow and have a template to work from, here is my Sampdoria thread from FM10. Now I am not saying you have to do exactly what I have or go into as much detail, but it is nice when a club thread looks like this. Here is the link to my Sampdoria thread – Click. Other threads Normally, anything else that is compulsory for FM is created by moderators, such as FM11: Good Defenders, Midfielders and Strikers, Should I Buy/Sell, Free Transfers and anything similar to this. That way, we all know that the threads will be created and will all be in the links sticky at the top. If you have a new idea for a thread, don’t hesitate to PM a moderator before you post it, just to be sure you a putting it in the correct place or there isn’t already a similar type of thread that could be used. You never know, your thread might become very popular and will be used in future FM’s. II. How do I Post a Screenshot? 1. Ensure that any version of Football Manager is open 2. Go to the screen you want to show 3. Press 'Prt Sc', normally next to or near F12 on your keyboard 4. Open Paint, or a similar program 5. Paste the image by either pressing 'Ctrl + V' or going to edit, then paste. 6. Save the file as a JPEG 7. Upload the image to an image hosting site, such as PhotoBucket or ImageShack 8. Post the Direct URL onto this site Or 1. Ensure that any version of Football Manager after Football Manager 2008 is open 2. Go to the screen you want to show 3. Press Alt+F9 4. A screenshot of what you want will be saved in My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager __\Screenshots 5. Upload the image to an image hosting site, such as PhotoBucket or ImageShack 6. Post the Direct URL onto this site Both of the above are for Windows (all versions) 1. Ensure that any version of Football Manager is open 2. Go to the screen you want to show 3. Press Apple key, Shift, and 3 keys all together to take a screenshot of the whole screen. 4. Save the file as a JPEG 5. Upload the image to an image hosting site, such as PhotoBucket or ImageShack 6. Post the Direct URL onto this site Or 1. Ensure that any version of Football Manager is open 2. Go to the screen you want to show 3. Press Apple key, Shift, and 4 keys all together to take a screenshot of part of the screen. 4. Save the file as a JPEG 5. Upload the image to an image hosting site, such as PhotoBucket or ImageShack 6. Post the Direct URL onto this site Both of the above are for Apple Macs. III. What is the Official Data Editor? The Official Editor is, obviously, an official program that comes with the game (both boxed and Steam). It is accessible from the start menu. If the icon for the Data Editor cannot be seen, right click on the Football Manager icon, and there should be an option to 'Run Data Editor'. Click on this, and it should open. Load a database, and edit things such as player's PA and CA, stadiums, make new clubs, make new players, change clubs history and edit competition names. This program can be used to make new databases which will be able to be used for new games. It is most commonly used to check and/or edit PA and to make player transfers. VI. What is an In-Game Editor? An in-game editor is an unofficial program that allows you to edit your save games. Some in-game editors allow you to alter players current ability or potential ability as well as attributes, others allow you to alter finances, stadiums, kit colours, and more. If you are using an in-game editor, don’t come into the GPTG and start to ‘brag’. It is your game, you bought it and it is yours to play how you like. Just don’t start posting about your cheating. That is all. The most popular in-game editor amongst the forum is FMRTE (Football Manager Real Time Editor). Remember, editing your game can often cause problems to your save and worst case scenario it could corrupt it. To find FMRTE or any other editing tool, look in the Editors Hideaway. V. What is an In-Game Scout? An in-game scout is again an unofficial program, but doesnt allow you to edit your save games. It allows you to see more information about players, such as their Sale Value, Current Ability and Potential Ability. This program can not only allow you to see real players in more detail, but Newgens too. Popular in-game scouts are GenieScout and MiniScout. Often people say, after using these tools they find their game boring as it takes all the fun away. So be warned when using them, you might just get hooked. To find these tools, have a look in the Editors Hideaway. VI. What is a patch? Why do we have them? Where can I find them? No game is perfect, every game has its bugs and every game needs fixing. Luckily for us, Sports Interactive brings out three patches a year. A patch is a downloaded file that fixes your game. Once downloaded, you double click the file and it gets to work fixing your game. It is very simple and easy. The patches are normally released like this; The first is usually xx.1 – This fixes all the release day bugs and is brought out soon after the games release. The second is usually xx.2 – This is released sometime before Christmas, and fixes all the problems that people have been having from patch xx.1 to present. The third is usually xx.3 – This is the last patch SI brings out. This fixes all the previous problems from xx.2 onwards and also updates all the transfers that happened over Christmas. You can choose to use the transfers or not. The latest patches are normally found on the main Football Manager website, at the top of the forums (easily found on GPTG and GD) and on other fan sites. VII. What are some of the most frequently used Acronyms? Here are some acronyms that you may find useful during your time in the Good Team and Player Guide: SI - Sports Interactive FM - Football Manager Forums GQ - General Questions GPTG - Good Player and Team Guide Football Manager Terminology PA - Potential Ability CA - Current Ability DB - Database FMM - Football Manager Modifier ME - Match Engine Ass Man - Assistant Manager LLM - Lower League Management OI - Opposition Instructions FMRTE – Football Manager Real Time Editor Positions GK - Goalkeeper SW - Sweeper DR - Right Back DL - Left Back DC - Centre Back DMC - Defensive Centre Midfielder MC - Centre Midfielder MCa – Centre Midfielder (Attack) MCd – Centre Midfielder (Defence) MR - Right Midfielder ML - Left Midfielder AMR - Attacking Right Midfielder AML - Attacking Left Midfielder AMC - Attacking Centre Midfielder FC - Centre Forward ST - Striker -------------------- FS - Fast Striker (normally a FC) TM - Target Man (normally a ST) Conversation Terminology IMO - In My Opinion IMHO - In My Honest Opinion IRL - In Real Life IIRC - If I Remember Correctly KUTGW - Keep Up The Good Work BTW - By The Way TBH - To Be Honest CBA - Can't Be Arsed TBF - To Be Fair FTW - For The Win TY - Thank You FWIW - For what its worth OFC - Of Course AFAIK - As Far As I Know WTH - What The Hell? AKA - Also Known As ASAP - As Soon As Possible OP - Original Poster VIII. What is a players Current Ability and/or Potential Ability how can it change? Every single player on Football Manager has a Current Ability, also known as CA. This is a number ranging from 1-200, 1 being a very low ability, 200 being the highest. A players current ability changes throughout the game, depending on training, game time, and injuries. A player's current ability can also naturally go up, as a player gets older. A players Current Ability CAN change throughout the game. Every player also has a Potential Ability, commonly known as PA. Player Ability is a number that players are assigned to before the save game starts, and a players potential ability is the same on everyone’s game. This number also ranges from 1-200. A potential ability of 1 means the player is more than likely to be awful, a potential ability of 200 has the potential to be one of the world’s best. Although most players have set potential abilities, some players have varying potential abilities. These potential abilities are negative potentials. At the start of new game, players with negative potentials are assigned potentials, ranging from one number to another. The different negative abilities and what they mean are shown below: -10 = PA 170-200 -9 = 150-180 -8 = 130-160 -7 = 110-140 -6 = 90-120 -5 = 70-100 -4 = 50-80 -3 = 30-60 -2 = 10-40 -1 = 1-20 In addition, having a PA of 0 means that a player will get a random PA between 1 and 200. This figure has to be above his starting CA. A players Potential Ability CAN NOT change throughout the game. IX. What are the most important stats for various positions? In Football Manager, all players have attributes, rated from 1-20. Some of these attributes are more important than others for certain positions. For example, for a centre back, finishing isn't normally very important, wheras tackling is. Of course, there are some other attributes that could be important for a player, but the following are the main attributes needed to be a very good player. *Notice, this has been moved. I have put this in the next post due to the length/detail of it* X. What are Regens (Newgens, FREDs)? What date do they come into the game, and what are Greyed-Out Players? Back in the days when Football Manager was known as 'Championship Manager', there was a player development system whereby players that retired would come back as another young player. This young player would turn out to have the same attributes & position as the retired player, but would come back under a different name. Basically, the player was regenerated by the game - hence the term 'regen'. A new player development system was introduced a few years ago, where players were no longer regenerated. Under this system, when a player retired, he was replaced by a new player that was completely different to the retiring player. Then, the system was changed again so that generation of players was not linked to retirement. After this alteration, the database size could fluctuate a lot more. Because of this, 'regens' is no longer the appropriate name for these players. Instead, they are called FREDs. They gained this name when, when the new feature was being introduced, a member of the Sports Interactive team was asked what the new players were to be referred as. It became apparent that there was no official name, so he suggested the term 'FREDs' to be used. Nonetheless, they are still commonly referred to as regens despite this not being the accurate term. Regens come into the game at different times, depending on the country. For instance, all the English teams get completely new regens on the 25th of June. Here is the full list of when regens are put into the game; Argentina 1st August Barbados 19th September Belarus 10th February Belgium 29th June Brazil 2nd January Bulgaria 29th June Chile 1st January Colombia 10th January Croatia 18th June Czech Republic 28th June Denmark 5th July England 25th June Finland 7th January France 20th June Germany 20th June Greece 19th June Holland 7th July Hungary 19th June Iceland 5th January Ireland 5th January Israel Date Needed Italy 30th June Mexico 20th July N. Ireland 29th April Norway 18th January Peru 29th January Poland 28th June Portugal 20th June Romania Date Needed Russia 26th December Serbia 9th July Slovakia 28th June Slovenia 28th June Spain 10th July Sweden 25th December Switzerland 18th June Trinidad & Tobago 19th September Turkey 19th June Ukraine 18th June USA 26th December Uraguay 1st August Wales 18th June Greyed-Out players are basically gap-fillers. These are players that are put into your team whilst you don't have enough players, to ensure that every match can be played. You can offer contracts to your own greyed-out players, but not to other teams. As soon as you have enough players to field a full team the grey players will disapear, never to be seen again. XI. How does tutoring improve young players? Tutoring *CAN* help a youngster a lot. And I mean a lot. First thing to keep in mind about tutoring is that it doesn't ALWAYS work. And sometimes, it can be negative too because if the two players don't get along, it'll mean a rift between the two of them which could possibly disrupt the harmony in the squad. And in many cases, the only answer is to sell one of them. But that's not as bad as it sounds. It doesn't happen always, just sometimes. The positives of tutoring are plenty. The two biggest ones are; 1. Learning new moves 2. Improving mental attributes Tutoring allows your youngster to learn some new moves off the tutor. You can of course also do this through the interaction button and ask the youngster to learn a new move. But you can only ask him to learn 1 at a time. In tutoring, if you tutor has say 4 PPM's, the youngster can potentially pick up ALL of them in the 6 months time he's being tutored. Secondly, mental attributes. Many youngsters have extremely poor mental attributes. I don't mean only the ones you see on the screen, but also hidden ones. Tutoring can affect these very positively. For example, if a youngster has all the potential in the world, but unfortunately his "ambition" attribute (hidden) is very low, it's very unlikely he'll ever achieve his true potential. However, with tutoring, that attributes could go up a lot if the two players get along and the youngster might suddenly turn out to be a world beater. Maybe the youngster is not very determined. This will affect how he reacts during a match. If your team goes a goal down, his shoulders are likely to drop. But a determined guy will probably be charged up and go all out to pull the game back for his team (Steven Gerrard anyone?!). There are a whole host of other attributes which are affected as well. So yes, tutoring is a great, great help. These mental attributes have NO OTHER WAY of going up except by tutoring. They can experience the odd increase here and there but it won't be substantial. All this culminates in one thing - choose your tutors VERY carefully. Because although good tutors can improve your youngster immensely, a bad tutor can have an adverse effect on him as well. Guys like Xavi & Fabregas are great tutors. Guys like Mertesacker & Recoba are not. Having said that, if you notice, there are 3 different options when you want to get a player tutored: 1. Ideal role model 2. Approach to the game 3. Can learn from The short answer is that they all three options have the same outcome. The difference between the three options is now main the tutor will react to the request. For example, if you use the middle option with a tutor who sees themselves as a key player then they might react badly as you are undermining his role (as the tutor thinks he'll be that player’s ideal role model). XII. Why do we have Work Permits, and how do they work? Work Permits are only used in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. They are necessary for someone to be allowed to work in the countries mentioned, including playing as a footballer. Only certain players will need to get work permits, and others may receive them easier than others. Players from the following countries do not need work permits: Austria - 5 Belgium - 3 Cyprus - 5 Czech Republic - 5 Denmark - 7 Estonia - 5 Finland - 5 France, including French Guyana - 5 Germany - 5 Greece - 10 Guadeloupe - 5 Holland - 4 Hungary - 5 Iceland - 5 Ireland - 7 Italy - 5 Latvia - 5 Lithuania - 5 Luxembourg - 5 Malta - 5 Martinique - 5 Norway - 5 Poland - 3 Portugal - 5 Reunion - 5 Slovakia - 5 Slovenia - 7 Spain - 4 Sweden - 5 Switzerland - 5 United Kingdom - 7 If the player you are looking to sign isn’t from one of these countries, you will need to gain a work-permit before he is able to play. If a player needs a work-permit, then various things will be taken into account. One of these is the calibre of the player. If a player is very talented, or has played for his country, he is likely to gain a work permit. If the work permit is turned down the it is likely to be granted on appeal. When a work permit is turned down, it is the government who make the decision. The government normally turn down work-permits to protect people who are from their country. Their aim is to make sure that there are always jobs available from people from their country, and may turn down a work permit if they see no reason that an English player is not available. This gives all people from their country the chance to work, in various jobs. However there are ways to get past this. One of the ways is to send a player to a European feeder club. The numbers of years it takes to gain nationality are above. When a player has been in that country for the number of years needed, they normally apply for that nationality. This means that they are now part-European, so they automatically gain a work-permit. If a player has been in a country for an amount of time you can offer them a new contract, which also re-applies for a work permit for them. If you are lucky the player will be granted a permit. It is sensible to, when buying players you feel may not receive a work permit, tie them down to a 5 year contract, in case it does take 3+ years to gain a permit. XIII. How is the English Premier League table ordered? Obviously, the Premier League table is ordered firstly on the amount of points gained during the season. After the points tallied, the goal difference is taken into account. Goal difference is worked out by minusing the amount of goals conceded from the amount of goals scored. If teams are still tied after points and goal difference, then the amount of goals scored is used. Finally, if teams are still tied for a position, then one of two things will happen. If something is at stake, such as a place in Europe, then a play-off game takes place at a neutral venue. The winner of this game receives whatever is at stake. If there is nothing depending on the positions of the teams, then the teams will tie for the position. XIV. How are the Italian Serie 'A' and the Spanish First Division tables ordered? Like the Premier League, the Italian Serie 'A' and the Spanish First Division are ordered primarily on the amount of points gained in a season. But different to the Premier League, Serie 'A' iand the First Division aren't then decided on goal difference. It is instead decided on head-to-head records. This means that the team that has the better record in that season’s game between the two teams will finish higher. After the head-to-head record, the table goes down to goal difference. XV. How is the German First Division table ordered? The way the German league is ordered is perhaps the most confusing of the top European leagues. Like always, the league is firstly ordered on the amount of points gained. After, the table is ordered on the amount of goals scored throughout the season. Then the table is ordered on head-to-head results, with the team with the better record finishing higher. If the teams are still level, then the table is sorted by head-to-head goal difference. If, amazingly, the teams are still equal, then the table goes down to another head-to-head, this time the amount of away goals scored against each other. After that, the amount of away goals scored throughout the whole league season, no matter who against, is depended on. Like other leagues, if nothing previous separates the teams, a match is played at a neutral venue, with the winner receiving whatever is one stake. The league table has never gone down as far as the deciding match. XVI. How is the French Ligue 1 Orange table ordered? The French Ligue 1 table is ordered very simply. Firstly, the table is decided on the amount of points gained. After that, the table is ordered on the amount of goals scored, which was supposed to encourage attacking play. If teams are still tied, then the table goes down to goal difference. XVII. Why is Player X so Under-Rated on Football Manager? If you see something that you think should be different, then please post it in the Data Issues Forum. In there, there are threads for most teams for you to post your advice on issues to do with that respective club. Of course, everyone has different views on certain things, so it isn't certain that your advice will be taken into action. If it isn't acted upon, do not feel offended. Like I said before, no-one has the same views so the researchers cannot make everyone happy. XVII. Why can't I approach Player X even though his contract is over in six months? When you're managing a team from, say, England, you are unable to approach to sign players from the same country until 1 month before their contract ends. As an example, if you are managing Liverpool are trying to approach Yakubu from Everton, you will not be able to until one month before his contract ends. You can still approach any players from outside the country you are managing in 6 months before their contract ends. XIII. What are Affiliated Clubs, and how can I get them? Most clubs have other clubs that they are affiliated with. Some smaller clubs have Parent Clubs, teams who can loan them players, play an annual friendly, and pay a yearly fee, amongst other things. Having a parent club can be very helpful, as you get to loan players without paying any of their wages. On the other hand, larger clubs may have feeder clubs. These can be clubs who they have the option to have an exact bid as another one accepted. Players can also be sent on loan to feeder clubs, whether it is for work-permit purposes or for experience. You can ask your board for another affiliated club, be it a feeder or parent, via the board requests. Your board will either produce a list of teams for you to chose from or reject your request. If your board trust you enough then they may ask for a preference as to the type of feeder club you get. These range from work permit clubs to financial support clubs. I wouldn't recommend using this feature however, as it is more than likely that they will not find a club of the type you specified. XIX. Can I manage a club and a country at the same time? Yes, you can. If you are manager of either a club or a country you can accept an offer to manage to other. The same manager cannot manager two clubs or two countries at the same time, but you can add another user into the game which allows you to play as two teams, club or nation, on one save file. XX. How are fee's over a period of time paid? When you sign a player for a fee over 24 months, 18 months, 12 months, or 6 months, half the fee is immediately taken from your transfer budget. The rest of the fee is taken out over the said time. Due to this, you must have at least half of the fee paid over a time, as well as everything else included in the transfer. An example is signing Ever Banega for £2mil upfront, £10mil over 24 months, and 25% sell-on. You must have the £2mil upfront and half of the £10mil (£5mil) that you agreed to pay over 24 months. The other £5mil will be paid over 24 months. XXI. What are updated databases, where can I find them? An updated database is an unofficial database that is available to download in the Editors Hideaway . We now have a few users that create them, and they are not hard to find. They often release them at the start of a transfer window and constantly update them weekly to keep up to date with the latest transfers as they happen. People often use these when they are awaiting a new release of FM or if they are waiting for third patch which updates the winter transfers. -- Don't be afraid to ask any questions in this thread! Right, now a thanks must go out to all these people, as they was all involved somewhere along the line; aaberdeenn Wicked Wilson DiscoStu94 ThE bOmBeR canvey!! HoPeY theincrediblehulk Jolanthustrel arsenal_2111 - as a lot of this is still his work!
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