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  1. Excellent thread. I do have a question. Early in the thread, you mention that you don't have to play a high line and press like crazy, but then every system has a high line and presses like crazy. I mean sure, labelling it as defensive is fine, but it's just a high line press like mad without counter-pressing. Or am I missing something?
  2. I am pretty bad at making a new tactic and often get bogged down tweaking every single match. This never lets anything settle and I get frustrated. This I am going to just run pre-sets with minor tweaking here and there. How are the pre-sets performing this year? Anyone used them?
  3. Oh for sure, different strokes for different folks. To be clear, I am not asking for better graphics, I am asking for a better representation of the match engine, so I can react as a manager. A good example is the bad defending that has plagued the series for a while now, its explained that the reason your top class Centerback runs to a ball, stops and looks at it while the opposing ST runs up, takes it and scores, is that there is something happening in the match engine, that the graphics engine cannot show. That is ridiculous to me. I don't need it to be pretty, just need it to be connected to the match engine.
  4. Until legitimate match engine improvement happens, I honestly do not care about a single thing here. Got burned by the tire fire that is 23, sticking with 22. The whole point of the game is matches, if they suck, I really can't be bothered to get excited about being able to slightly alter meeting agendas. The big question for me is are we still going to fall back on the "well the 3D engine can't show what's really happening in the match engine" excuse? If so, count me out. Remove the 3D if it cannot represent the match engine or redo the match engine in a manner that allows the 3d engine to show it. I still cannot fathom that there was a meeting somewhere that went "hey the graphics engine cannot show anything correctly" "eh, release it anyway"...it amazes me. Apologies for the ranting, I just love the game and to see it fall so hard so fast is painful.
  5. Holy hell. That is literally what I was missing. I wasn't pressing all the time, but had other high energy things on. Dribble more, get stuck in etc, all the time. I have removed those and used them situationally and it has made a massive difference to performances.
  6. Yeah, I have read the blogs, but this is so bad I have zero faith they can execute a new version of the game.
  7. I am a long time player, been around since FM08. I have finally found the time to sit down with FM23. There are some things that are solid, the agent interactions are cool, and the new data has made for some awesome skinning work for attributeless play. Other than that...oof. It is just...awful. More than that, it is arbitrary. Other than having good dynamics, very little of what you do matters. I know the game is not scripted, but this is the first version that has felt like it is, and that is a problem. It's almost like the ME was upgraded, but the tools we have to play were not. Football is a game of space and you simply don't have the tools to accurately exploit and protect it. Instructions are counterintuitive, usually doing the opposite of what they say they do. Instructions also have little bearing on what the players do, so eventually I just kind of stopped doing them. Click gegenpress and then click continue. You know the matches you will lose a few weeks before they happen, you know you will be awful in January, you know which highlight is a goal 2 seconds in, it is just kind of bad. Any who, apologies for the rant, super excited for 25 and who am I kidding, I'll buy and play the heck out of 24 too.
  8. Game changing skin for me. It is outstanding, thank you so much @_Ben_ so fun.
  9. I send my entire first team squad on holiday during it. Sim the matches. Cannot be bothered.
  10. It is for sure a me problem! I think I just don't have the patience or time to play like this. Want to move through a bit too much. Thanks!
  11. I love the idea of this thread, but it just does not work. At the end of the day, I always have better results playing a high press attacking tactic. I score more, concede less and win more. No matter what team, no matter what the squad strength. I like fiddling like this, but never got good results, it was consistently boring awful football. I do love the attacking role breakdown, that is awesome. Thanks for the detailed write up!
  12. My thought on this one is a bit odd, but I actually think after the last patches, FM22 is OK. The big issue is there is no change in style over time. For instance, high pressure Gegen Press is the IRL rage right now, but will it be in 15 years? On FM, it damn sure is. I am not a game designer, but having some variety in the en vogue tactics of the game world would be amazing. I have used the exact same tactic for three years now and that is just boring. Whack a 433 Gegen Press and win has to change.
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